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Entry Submitted by Ron Giles at 3:57 AM EDT on May 14, 2021

Notice and clarification Concerning Charlie Ward (5-13-21)

I am responding to Dr. Charlie’s comments from Wednesday’s Insider’s Club Show stating that there will be no #800 and no Redemption Centers. This information is accurate. The Alliance is preparing a better more secure way for us to redeem using Divine Consciousness Technology. The details will come out when it is safe with NO dates predicted. For those who know not of Divine Consciousness, this will be a great time of learning for us All. “God works in mysterious ways, His labors to perform.”

This article below was posted to on 5-7-21

There is a man in the chain of Intel sources above Charlie Ward by the name of Steven Leonard. Mr. Leonard has taken one of my QFS articles posted on this site and which was also Posted on Intel Dinar Chronicles, and has copied it and sent it to Charlie Ward as his own.

Charlies latest reading of the Steven Leonard’s letter

This Steven Leonard person claims to be the Chief Scientist for the QFS as well as the number two man of those who control the QFS. While his original letter to Charlie had some word changes, it was almost word for word the same as my post. The changes he made reflects his understanding of the QFS. I do not agree. First of all, I was honored that a person that is supposedly far up the ladder of QFS intel, would use my knowledge of the QFS as his own. The document that Charlie has read on some of his Videos is morphing into some claims that are not accurate from my standpoint of the QFS. Though I was honored, I seek only the truth. Here is the link to my Document posted on my It was confirmed true when I wrote the post, but the changes made by Mr. Leonard have made it inaccurate.

The QFS is the new Gold Standard, by Ron Giles 2-27-21 blog.

It was also Posted on IDC:
on 2-27-21

Let me be very clear, I am not disparaging Charlie Ward, he is a man of integrity and a real Truth Seeker. A Truth Seeker is only as good as his resources. It is because of the untrue intel that he receives from Mr. Leonard, that I even bring this up.

Here are my concerns:

1. Quantum Consciousness (inaccurately called a computer) is Divine Consciousness and needs no Scientist or a team of Scientists to be involved in the QFS nor its creation. (How do Scientists improve on Divine Consciousness?) His claim of being the Chief Scientist infers that the QFS was created by scientists, which is not true. God does not need man to be involved in His creations as Mr. Leonard has alluded to. To infer that Scientists created the QFS is similar to his claims as being the Author of my post. A person of light would never claim such an obvious untruth. It would seem that Charlie needs to confront the obvious corruption in his chain of intel providers or abandon them. Mr Leonard is not of the light in my opinion, and that leaves the other intel providers in that chain of intel providers for Charlie, to be very suspect as well.The question I ask of the Alliance, is this team overseeing the implementation of the QFS the best you can find?

2. Mr. Leonard inserted the term “Asset-Backed” along with Gold-Backed. The QFS does not use Assets to back currencies, it uses Gold Bullion with identifying serial numbers in ascending order. Yes, Gold bullion is an asset but not all assets are gold bullion. Gold coins do not have a serial number, therefore they can not support a digital Gold Certificate in the QFS. This disqualifies gold coins from being used as gold-backing QFS currencies. They must be melted down into kilo bricks and assigned serial numbers to support digital gold certificates in the QFS. Those who use the term “Asset-Backed” are sowing the seeds of distrust of the QFS in the future. The media could report that a large portion of gold coins used for gold-backing of the currency were stolen and so now the QFS is questionable. The purity of the QFS does not include Assets to Back currencies for this purpose. This is one of the major points of my Post that Mr. Leonard has tainted with his Cabal point of view. What Nixon did is proof against backing a currency with “Assets.” That was the point of my original post that Mr. Leonard changed for his purposes. The Alliance knows of this “Asset Backed” Cabal trap from the Nixon era blunder, and has eliminated the possibility of that corruption from happening again in the future.

The gold found in the Vatican tunnel has/had to be melted down into Kilo bricks and given ascending serial numbers that correspond to a library-type accounting system used in the storage facilities. This is proof that the serial number accounting system had to be maintained as the gold-backing was expanded with more gold. With this library type accounting system, one can take a digital gold certificate and trace it back to where the specific kilo of gold that is backing that certificate can be found. It is genius.
3. I question Charlie’s use of this source as a source of truth. Putting Serial numbers on a spreadsheet does not conform to the Alliance redemption plan. Alliance Agents are the only ones authorized to redeem Zim Bonds. There is only one way that the Alliance Agents will redeem Zim Bonds, and that is by a Face-to-Face redemption appointment at an authorized Alliance sponsored location. (it may be at a “sterilized” Bank location. This is new information 4-13-21) There is no other way Zim will be redeemed.

This appointment requirement is for the Alliance Agent to ascertain the intent of the person’s heart that claims to be a Humanitarian. The Redemption of Zim Bonds or other historical bonds is not meant for individuals that are not Humanitarians. So the Vetting process is essential. The reality is that the interviewer already knows who you are and the intent of your heart. They will know virtually everything about you. The Alliance Agent is an extension of the Alliance (The Divine) and is no slouch. They are also the final say of what you will get. You will get no Zim redemption funds without going through this process. The vetting process is mainly for you to show up, sign your Appointment NDA, and receive your funds for your Humanitarian work. An NDA must be signed in person at the Appointment. Signing a Blank NDA form without the appointment information is null and void. The interviewer will witness your signature on the NDA and you will witness their signature – this makes it legally binding. If you don’t go through this redemption process on your own and sign your personal NDA, you will not receive funds from the redemption of Zim Bonds. The funds will be blocked for non-NDA signers. How the appointment goes will depend on how truthful you have been and how aware you are of your intent to do good.

One more level of vetting is this: if you have others that have given you Zim with an agreement to give them funds to do their Humanitarian work and they do not show up for their own redemption appointment, both parties will have problems getting humanitarian funds. If you were to tell that person the rate you received so that person knows what he should get, you would have to break your own NDA. Don’t mess with the NDA. This activity may be seen as money laundering or receiving the funds under false pretenses, and is therefore inappropriate. Again, each person who is to receive money from the redemption of Zim or historic Bonds, must have a face-to-face interview before funds can be released to you. This process is mandated by the Alliance, any attempts to work around this procedure will be met with a possible disqualification of that person(s) from receiving these Humanitarian Funds.

4. I have emailed all of this information to Charlie’s people and left it up to them to contact Charlie with this information including the Plagiarizing of my writings. I do not know if Charlie is fully aware of what has taken place and that the info he has obtained from what I feel is a tainted source, is not of the light and the intel does not Sync with the Alliance way of Redeeming Zim Bonds. I do not judge Charlie, nor will I try and tell Charlie what to do. It is none of my business. I trust Charlie’s inner guidance that is assisting him in his calling as a Truth Seeker. However, for this issue to be fully resolved, I require a public apology from Steven Leonard, and a letter from him, indicating that the changes he made from my Post about “Asset Backed” was his attempt to misinform those who have heard his letter read by Charlie. This is an egregious and disrespectful attempt to discredit me and My Truth as he Plagiarized my writing and gave out disinformation contrary to my intent for writing the post.

5. My intent of writing this Notice comes from the many who read my posts and have noticed that Mr. Leonard copied my post and put his signature at the bottom as the Chief Scientist of the QFS. The incorrect intel he is spreading, is a source of irritation to those who read my post and think that I might go along with what has been put out using my post as the basis of the intel. I stand on everything I have written over the years. It reflects my knowledge at that time of writing, and, as with everything that changes with further light and knowledge, I have adjusted to the new information as best I can. I will continue to do that.

What is right is more important than who is right.

Ron Giles

PS, I do not have anyone giving me intel. What I write are my own thoughts and knowing. I do, however, get confirmation of accuracy from my sources within the Alliance before I publish it, including this article. I am not under an NDA, so If there is something I should not post, I am told not to post it, otherwise I am free to post what I feel is my truth, and that is what I do.


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