“Alliance Plan is the Best” by Ron Giles – 5.22.22


Entry Submitted by Ron Giles at 2:51 AM ET on May 22, 2022

The Alliance does not give dates or estimated time ranges for things to happen – if they do it is Military Deception. People want to know why the Alliance lets the guru family continue to deceive. It is part of the Movie and creates chaos. Things fall apart that need to be destroyed and then put back together. That is what is happening now. Chaos is being created by those who know no difference. In the clean-up scenes, there is the resolution of the chaos where one finds reason for the chaos. The end result presents a clean, clear, and factual resolution that has meaning. There is a reason why such events are allowed to take place.

EXAMPLE; There has been a lot of action as the banks are taking a dive. The heads of the Central Banking System have been removed. It has looked as if the banks will fail and some eventually will, but there is a resolution in the plan that will repurpose what is left of the banks to create the Financial Service Industry that will provide all the necessary essential services that we will need to function with our own financial needs.

The banks have distorted Banks’ services in the past and have made it a cash cow for themselves. That had to be changed for a free financial system that serves people instead of enslaving them. Can you see this taking place with the Banks repurposed as Financial Service Centers? You can see a functional reality of what is left from the banks withdrawing from their profit structures to make things free to the public? This is what the Banks and the Quantum Financial System are doing by working together. This is why the Pundits are saying that the banks are now connected to the QFS and are working together. This is true but the way it is said gives the impression that the Banks will be taking over the QFS instead of the other way around. This is the master plan of the whole process. This won’t be seen until we see the transition to the new QFS and the way the bankrupt banks will turn into the Financial Service Centers (FSC). The banks have no money to support the Financial Service Center, so Certain Humanitarians will financially assist in the transition and then continue to fund the whole system as the Financial Service Centers serve the people’s financial interests. Does the Alliance have a plan in place and do they know how to implement the plan to achieve what is intended for mankind? The answer is yes.

The GCR is the Global Currency Reset. This is where all currencies will become par value with each other. That means they are equal. This is a major process that will take some smooth maneuverings to accomplish, but without the GCR the QFS will not work.

There are several factors involved.

The first is that the difference between currency values makes the exchange of currencies by the QFS a mathematical nightmare. How do you calculate the difference in currencies during a transaction in the QFS? The solutions have very few electronically digital means to calculate the changes and add to or take from one currency to the next. That calculation is based on a continual change as currencies in the Foreign Exchange Industry take place from one moment to another moment. It is dynamic and the changes can make a major difference in the funds to be transferred. The QFS does not take into consideration those changes in the currencies on a moment-to-moment basis, so the currencies must be on par value before they can be transferred. The Digital Gold Certificates are for all currencies. The certificate will have a code for each country to deposit their currencies in the accounts for that country. So the Digital Gold Certificates do not care which currency is being used, they all fit into the same structure. THUS THE GLOBAL CURRENCY RESET MUST TAKE PLACE BEFORE THE QFS CAN BE ACTIVATED.

At this moment in time, the GCR has not taken place, so the QFS is not functioning as the new financial system yet. The GCR must take place before the QFS can be activated. To say otherwise means one doesn’t understand the QFS. Anyone who is saying the QFS is active now, has flawed thinking. They only know enough to be dangerous. This is part of the chaos that is being created. If you know these things already, you are among the less than .1% of people who understand the QFS.


The second thing that must take place is the actual Gold-Backed Currencies that are represented by the Digital Gold Certificates. The Alliance plan dictates that to create the funds to be used in the QFS, there has to be a Transaction involved. That transaction is controlled by the Alliance or the Quantum Consciousness.

Let’s back up here and take a look at how the Digital Gold certificates are created. The QFS has accumulated many, many Metric tons of Gold. They may be located in different storage facilities but they are all controlled by a system of gold bricks called Kilos. That is the weight – one Kilo. Each location has an accounting system for the Kilos that is like a Library. The Library knows where each Kilo of gold is found by its serial number. This makes it easy to find the Kilo of gold that is backing the currency increment you may be looking for. They are given Ascending Serial Numbers that distinguish them from each other.

When the QFS is activated, each Kilo will Gold-back the number of increments of currency that equals the value of the Kilo of Gold. At the time the QFS is activated, the Price of Gold is cemented in time forever. The value then of the Kilo is known and can then back a certain number of increments of currency that equals the value of the Kilo of gold. Each increment is married to a Kilo of gold by its serial number. The Certificate uses that serial number in the block of digital data that is used to transfer that increment of currency. That marriage of the Digital Gold Certificate to the Kilo of gold is forever. That contains the serial number of the Kilo that is backing the gold certificate and the same number of increments of currency as the price of gold when the QFS is activated.

The Activation of the Digital Gold Certificates.

The QFS’s Digital Gold Certificates are roughly set to the Kilos of gold until the Actual Price of the gold is set in stone. Once that occurs, the Digital Gold Certificates will sit around and wait until they are activated as real money. This requires a transaction; the Zim Redemption is that Transaction.

The Alliance has indicated that the Activation of the Digital Gold Certificate will be done through a transaction. The First Transaction will be the redemption of Zim Bonds by Humanitarians. Only vetted Humanitarians will be receiving funds from the redemption of Zim bonds. The qualified “Transaction” will be when the Humanitarians redeem their Zim Bonds by the Alliance Agent at the redemption appointments. This transaction will activate the Digital Gold Certificates which are then put into the QFS accounts established in the Redemption Appointment. Don’t be confused here, all Zim redemption funds will be placed into the Structure Payout Program at the appointment. The document that explains the Structure Payout Program is here: The Structured Payout Program will create a large annual payment for 100 years. The document will explain how that much money is created. The Alliance is in control of the Structured Payout Program. Those who don’t follow the Alliance Plan may get the guru’s plan of 11-33 Million for their 100 Trillion Zim Bond. That may last a year or two doing humanitarian projects. That system will fail to do what the Alliance plan has in store. If the truth were known, very few if any will get the 11 to 33 Million. There is no money to pay for those non-Alliance funds. If it is paid at all, it will be the bank’s Fiat money – not the gold-back currency from the Alliance and the QFS.

So when the QFS is activated what needs to have happened before the system can work?


1. The Alliance will continue to withhold dates and date ranges for things to take place. If they let it out it is Military Deception. Love our Juan Oh Seven.

2. The Alliance will continue to let non-Alliance intel providers give out their fake news as part of the Movie.

3. The Global Currency Reset must have already taken place for the Redemption to take place

4. The Price of Gold is set in stone, by the Alliance.

5. The Transaction that puts the funds into our QFS Accounts is when the QFS is activated.

These are things pertaining to the activation of the QFS. Don’t be fooled, Military Deception is the root of most false intel and the resultant frustration, and they usually don’t take these things I’ve noted into consideration; gurus certainly don’t. If gurus were here to help people, they would tell everybody that RV is for those who want a return on investment. The Zim Bond redemption is different and should never be in the same sentence as revalued currencies. Zim Redemption is only for Alliance vetted Humanitarians. The large funds and the very large rates they will receive are for the Humanitarians that will use the funds for the work of the Alliance. Most of these people have projects, but the Alliance doesn’t fund projects, it funds HUMANITARIANS regardless of the types of projects they have. Zim Redemption is not for people to have personal legacies and become rich, it is for Humanitarians to have funds to do the work the Alliance wants to be done. I feel sorry for those that follow gurus, you will miss the bus, the train, the plane, and/or the rocketship. You might not even be allowed to get into the car. Wait till the Humanitarians get to work and see what is meant by this Alliance Plan, Or join them in the Love Won Society programs. We are not the only ones but are a good place to start.

There is a plan and it will be followed precisely. Plan on it with Military precision.

Keeping it simple

Ron Giles



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