“The Dialogue” by Ron Giles – 4.19.21


What’s going on with NESARA, the Restored Republic, and is Trump still 45, or 19, or what? I heard it all from Juan O Savin, Charlie Ward, Simon Parkes, Psychics, Card Readers, and some other great truthers. Each has a part of the puzzle and quite often I find that some validate others and some conflict with others.

For what it’s worth, I am going to give my, two bits worth and see if anyone wants to correct me.

First is NESARA which has been accepted by all the nations of the earth, and at that level, it is called GESARA. NESARA stands for the National Economic Stabilization And Recovery Act. I won’t go into all the details, some of which are manifesting in many parts of the world but will only refer to certain elements that are in question.

The NESARA law says that to become the law of the land, there must be a Public announcement that declares that the law is now in effect. I do not agree that the Nov 2nd Executive Order fulfilled the requirement for a public announcement because it was not declared as such by the EO. If one had no knowledge of NESARA and was not expecting it, they would have insufficient knowledge given in the EO that a new form of government was going to be implemented. Certainly, there were no elements of NESARA given so how could that be a Public Announcement. It doesn’t qualify. So the Public Announcement hasn’t happened.

(BTW every Nation that is becoming GESARA compliant must do a Public Announcement before they are accepted into the Quantum Financial System as a fully compliant GESARA Country. There are very specific requirements that must be met to be GESARA compliant, the public announcement is one of them. How many Nations have made their public announcement? Have we heard of any? The Humanitarians will not receive their funds until ALL countries of the world are GESARA compliant. That being said, those announcements may have a Domino effect in a very short window of time.)

Had the Executive Order qualified, we would have had a full resignation of all members of Congress and the Senate, all Supreme Court Justices, all Administration officials, all State, county, and city government officials, all County Sheriffs, and the dissolution of all Corporations acting as governments. That has not happened.GESARA compliance means a reset of the government to comply with the GESARA Law. This may be very disappointing info because it sounds like the RV is being delayed, however, we do not know what is happening behind the scenes because we are still at war. It is important for the enemy to think they are winning until they get the final blow.

The word “of” and the word “for.”

The USA, Inc., is a treasonous takeover of the Constitutional Republic. They changed one word in the Federal Constitution to make the whole meaning of the Consitution different. That one word was “The Constitution “of” the people” and was changed to “for” the people, inferring that the Constitution was given by an outside entity for those people to rule over us. If they had left “of” the people it would still refer to the Founding Fathers who created the Constitution to be “of” the people, by the people (meaning they were part of the People), and for the People. The Republic for which we stand was taken over by a hostile entity that was hell-bent on punishing us for breaking away from the King of England. The mark of the King in our Society was represented by the Last Cannon Ball which is affixed ON TOP (get it, on top, rule over) of most public Flag Poles in our country. So the King left a color-of-law emblem that we are legally free when their laws, known only by them, dictated otherwise. Let me explain. This subtle change to the Original Constitution is the New Constitution that Government officials and perhaps even the Military take their Oath of Office to defend. Why does the Deep State think they can change the constitution of the USA at will, is it because they claim that it is the Consitution that they made “for” us as their slaves or conquered people. These people think that they can wink in the dark and can now say, I winked at you and it is supposed to mean something legal. Does Hood Winked come to mind?


The Treaty of Paris

The Treaty of Paris gave the Colonialists their freedom. It was signed by three men representing the Colonies, Benjamin Franklin, John Jay, and John Adams. They were all Lawyers of the British Crown Bar Association. They became members of the Bar Association previous to the War of Independence. As members of the BAR, they were sworn to uphold the laws of the British Crown and thereby were permitted to represent the Crown in their Court System. All BAR Attorneys in the United States, whether they understand it or not, are part of the British Crown legal system and that’s why our courts are fashioned after the King’s Court. 

Did these three men ever renounce their Esquire Status publically? It would seem not. That court system has continued in America uninterrupted because the Colonials continued that legal system while under the rule of the King. It never changed its basic structure. It still exists today as it did then. The Treaty of Paris that was supposed to be giving us our freedom, was null and void because a person signing an International Treaty cannot legally represent both sides of the Treaty. Our representatives were Bar lawyers with allegiance to both parties to the Treaty, the British Crown and the Colonies.  Thus the Last Cannon Ball, which symbolizes the continued power over the USA, was an in-your-face Cannon Ball that showed publically, that we are still under the King’s rule. That’s is why a round ball is placed on top of every public flag pole. It represents the British power over our flag of freedom  We were never free from England and the Brits knew they had set in place a way to maintain their legal power over America while letting the people think they had won their freedom. The Crown of England was taken over by the Kazarian Shield family who later changed their name to the Rothschilds. They are have been represented by the 13 Families who own the Federal Reserve. Were they taking over America because they had a right to do so? The null and void Treaty of Paris can be construed to mean they still have legal power over the USA since the Colonial days. Has the Last Cannon Ball imagery been added to their power-over-us by using the All-Seeing Eye atop the Pyramid and printed on every “Federal Reserve Notes?”

Some of the intel providers and truthers have said that Trump won the election, therefore he will be the new President of the Restored Republic; #19. This is an incorrect assumption. First comes the public announcement, then the resignation of what’s left of the USA, Inc. Corporation, including all sub corporations acting as governments in the states. All Justices of the Peace must resign as well. The Military in this instance will become the interim government until a new Election of government officials takes place. Trump needs to be Elected President in a new Election specifically for the Restored Republic. 

The Insurrection Act is in full force and effect and the Military will not release the Responsibility of Government back to civilians until the insurrection is defeated. The old Corporate entity, USA, Inc. is gone. So new Government elections must take place for the Military to give back its control over to the Government of the Republic. The Military is in charge of protecting the people against any insurrection. They will perform their duties according to Military law. You throw a brick at any soldier or his equipment, that is an attack and you are now an enemy combatant and will be dealt with according to the rules of engagement. The Military is designed to win in combat and the enemy will not be walking or driving home from this battle. No commander will allow his soldiers to be assaulted without the right to defend themselves. That’s the #1 rule in the “Rules of Engagement” for the Military.

Bottom line – Trump is still the President of what’s left of the old corporate form of government. If he is to be the president of the restored Constitutional Republic, he will have to go through a legal election along with any other Representative or Senator. There is no side door that is legal. You have to be upfront with the people. Could that be the reason why Trump is campaigning for certain people two years before the election? Is there going to be a NESARA 120 day election? Is that why he is organizing rallies again? We will see.

A lot of countries are moving toward GESARA compliance. They too will have to do a Public Announcement in their countries and go through the same stages of establishing their governments according to the same NESARA law as here in the US. GESARA/NESARA will be the law of the land before the RV takes place. How close are we? It could be this coming week, probably not, but we are close. Once the War is completed and the enemy is neutralized, everything will change and nothing will be left behind the curtain. There will little opposition to us moving forward. We will have an open society in every country with their government officials being in harmony with their people. God’s people will be free again.


Meanwhile, we need to pray for our Military and our People who all need to be protected until we are truly free. Get your appointment preparations complete and take your Zim out of your sock drawer, we might get our curtain call shortly. Let us pray it into manifestation.

Blessings to All, and to All, be a Blessing

Ron Giles


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