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Dear Dinarland family, dear patriots,

Nice that you have time for me again!

It’s one of those things with the three words in the headline, don’t you think? Through the new contacts I have received in the last few days, and also the channels I myself read and watch to get news, I have been and continue to be confronted with faith, trust and unbelief very strongly.

When we talk about faith, what do we mean? A friend tells us something and we believe it, for example. We believe in God, Wakan Tanka, Mohammed or whatever we call the creator/creator. We believe MSM news or alternative news. Children believe in Santa, some believe in fairies and elves, some believe in aliens and still others believe in angels. I could enumerate more now, but you already notice it, with everything applies: Faith means NOT SEEING. If I would be shown a proof for everything, I would not believe any more, I would know, right?

Faith is therefore directly related to trust. I have to trust the one who tells me something to believe. All of us, here at IDC, but also in our environment, are in a special situation, because we are confronted every day with information that we are supposed to believe. Some, like me, have trained their “tensor” and recognize what they can and cannot believe. If something doesn’t feel right, we don’t believe it. I won’t go into the gNN now either, many know, at least deep down, that you just can’t believe the information. “He who lies once is not believed and even if he speaks the truth!”, you already know it, this German proverb.

So a tip to the gNN would be that they better check their sources, because surely they are also lied to from there. If I pass on forecasts and information day after day that don’t come true, nobody will trust me anymore. And those who don’t trust me won’t believe me either. Why should they? The same applies to all those who think that their knowledge of “the plan” is the truth. I don’t know anybody in the enlightened environment known to me who is part of the handful of people who know the plan. No one! Also my contacts to higher military personnel are rare, therefore I can have no sources in this direction.

What I do, and what I can advise all of you to do, is to get as widespread information as possible. With a wealth of information that we then have, we are able to put together a picture. But that picture is still not the truth. We should use the picture to shape our opinion. I can spread this opinion, but I must not demand that everyone believes it. It also requires the trust of the readers. I have to work for this trust, it has to be built up. If I got this confidence of my readers once, I should guard it, like a treasure, because from now on the graduation begins!

If I claim one time to know something alone and sell my opinion/assessment as truth, it becomes borderline. If I say however that I only assume it, which I say there, because certain incidents led me to this opinion, each reader or spectator has the chance to put the pieces of the puzzle also together himself, and comes perhaps to the same opinion. So in educational channels, you always have to be careful with news.




Many readers and viewers, especially those who are freshly awakened, demand proof for claims. And some channels fall for it and try to provide proof. Do you watch ads for laundry detergent? Then after you buy the detergent, does your laundry get as clean as the commercial claimed? Folks, I have been washing for a very long time, but never have I noticed what a “PROOF” showed in the commercials on my laundry. Do teeth get white again when you use certain toothpaste? Hey, folks, you see it in the commercials, the movies prove it all! Why doesn’t it work for you? Why don’t you believe in it, even though you have proof?

Here we come back to trust. Is the evidence real or not, can I TRUST the film, the picture, the voice message? Is the source or my source TRUSTABLE or is it not? Many enlightened people tend to present evidence. Hey, that’s OK, I’m not saying it’s unimportant, but is it necessary towards an audience that is full of disbelief that continues to BELIEVE lies? If a source told me that the RV is happening tomorrow, do I have to proclaim that as truth? That’s the CNN syndrome, because they also claim something about a subject, refer to secret sources and already…… it becomes the “truth”. Their truth. It is, isn’t it?

We don’t need proof of anything we believe in. If we had evidence, we would know and wouldn’t need to believe. To clarify all this a little more, let me write down for you what I believe in, OK?

  • I believe in a conspiracy against humanity called the Deep State.
  • I believe in an alliance made up of higher beings, aliens and good people that has been fighting against this Deep State for years.
  • I believe in “CUE” and that he has been announcing coded messages and predictions that are gradually coming to pass or have already come to pass behind the scenes.
  • I believe in elemental beings, in angels and that there are people who can communicate with these creatures.
  • I believe in the fact that half of the earth’s population are not real people.
  • I believe in the liberation of my fatherland and Europe from the outside by the Earth Alliance. From the inside and from own strength this cannot and will not work.
  • I believe in a just still taking place fight GOOD against EVIL, which is in the final phase.
  • I believe that this fight will be waged for the most part against non-human beings who live underground.
  • I believe that good is winning or has already won.
  • I believe in coming abundance and in a wonderful new world that I will be involved in rebuilding with many other good people.
  • I believe in the coming paradise, the golden age.
  • I believe that many people have incarnated on earth for this reason, at this time.
  • I believe in the goodness in people.

It could go even further. Do I have conclusive, definitive proof of anything? No, I don’t. And I don’t need it. Not for me and not for others. When I tell anyone anything about this, I always just talk about conjecture, at least I try to, because I don’t want to be an MSM fuzz.
I have freed myself internally from prejudice, from entrenched opinions, from the truth of others. I am me and I believe in what feels coherent and true to me. All of humanity is being liberated right now, from the outside by “CUE”, the alliance, the military, they are taking over the outer liberation. The inner liberation has to be done by each person for himself. This cannot be done from the outside.

Don’t you feel that we are becoming more and more? More and more people are liberating themselves internally, they are becoming self-responsible again, sovereign and are ready to detach themselves, however, from the slave system. The whole zionist/cabal/satanist pile is already going towards its destruction for years. Little by little it has been going down the pyramid floors for weeks/months and soon it will be the turn of the lower shill floors, where all the lackeys, mercenaries and minions sit, who only carried out orders and instructions. We will all soon hear this a thousand times over at tribunals. They, too, will soon be heading for their destruction. Many cannot liberate themselves internally, we will have to do without them in the new world. Even if we have lived together with them, who tells us that they were souled people?

The truth will be announced to all of us in time. The truth about everything that has happened in the last centuries. Also everyone himself will be able to look at his own incarnations and believe it me, I certainly don’t want to know everything what I have done in former lives. This will certainly still give one or the other surprise for me. Or for you.

Let’s summarize once again: Faith means that I do not know something and cannot prove it. Faith is directly linked to trust. My faith is mine alone, I can share it, but I cannot force it on anyone. When others believe me, they trust me. This trust is something very precious and should not be disappointed. I do not mean that everyone can be wrong. But then everyone should be able to admit that they are wrong. This is how you keep trust. A high good!




Liberate also inwardly, become sovereign and self-determined, change your opinion, if you recognize that something was wrong, which you believed. Nobody will judge you for it. Inform yourself as broadly as possible, only then you will have more parts to put together. And also question news when you receive it. Feel into yourself, trust your instinct, your intuition, believe me, everything improves with time. Practice makes perfect!

Have faith in the plan, it was created for our liberation. And please pray for the brave and courageous soldiers of the Alliance who are fighting for us, risking their lives so that we can build a new world.

“What we do today decides what the world will be like tomorrow!”

WWG1WGA! Mani wastete yo!

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