The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by WiserNow 4-20-21


Bruce’s Big Call Intel Tuesday 4-20-21

Call Transcribed by WiserNow

Welcome everyone it’s Tuesday April 20th and you’re listening to the Big Call – Thanks for listening from where ever you are – all over the globe – It’s good to have you back – It’s been 5 days since our last call so hopefully we can enlighten you and give you some hope.

Let’s get into some intel and see if we can determine where we are because sometimes we feel as if we are in the desert  or out in the ocean and it’s hard to say where we are and what direction we are going in – Now we do know some very specific things that I will try to bring to you tonight that gives us a heads up

First of all – Sue and I both talked and we were under the understanding that we were supposed to get started with the toll free numbers – email releases – sometime today –  even this afternoon – and we thought it was going to happen – BUT —  it didn’t – so we did find between what we heard last night and what we learned so far this morning – what was going on could have pushed us back –

First of all –  what was supposed to occur Sunday with the bonds and paying out of sort of mid and high value bond holders – ok – that was pushed until Monday – and I think Monday was continued and pushed to today –  the bond holders were expecting to be made liquid with 1% of the transaction and have not yet received (some have) – ok smaller players – but the larger players have not yet received notification by email that they had liquidity in their account that they would have so they would be able to get access to it –

To me it is all about liquidity – and having access to it – getting access to the account – it’s one thing to have liquidity – seeing it in your account –  and  you’ve got a “pending” symbol on it –  and then you go – it’s pending till that comes off –  so that is a lot of what the bond holders and bond sellers are waiting on – to be paid out or see it – they may be getting accounts – see the amounts in there – and they see a pending symbol which is basically saying “not yet” – “not yet”

Now – some of that is still going on  so I don’t know if the bonds are done yet – they were supposed to be done tonight but because we had some issues last week  – even a week ago Saturday – is when we had major glitches – nefarious activity taking place and it had been going very slowly – very slowly – very methodically – making sure all the problems there – proper owners verified etc etc –


That takes us up to what else?? What else is going on? There has been quite a bit of clean up that started –  I’m going to say  a week ago Saturday –  now some of this  is ongoing but some has reached a new level –  one of the things that happened – to even today –  was with our US Treasury –  this is NOT the Restored Republic Treasury – that is perfectly safe and sound –  this is what we knew as Fiat Dollar Treasury – if you will –  Major clean up today – major arrests –  and I think this is as a result of the executive order that we had months ago because of Trump – it is called for no more printing of the Fiat Dollars – NO More Printing –  and that was ignored and evidently that was ongoing –  this was done to stop that from happening –

The other thing that happened this past week was the end of the SWIFT System of transferring funds / money – the SWIFT is finally been taken down and is no longer being used by the cabal – that is a very positive thing – so anyone that wants to play has to play within the confines of the Quantum Financial system  – and the QFS is really where we all are –

I believe now that all countries globally are connected to it – and we have everything connected / interconnected also through the StarLink Satellite System –  and some – non essential satellites have been deactivated / disabled  – that was done at least a week ago – maybe 2 weeks – and that is a positive thing  for us moving forward –

So – the systems are in place – when we call in with our toll free numbers or the emails that come from a secure website and we connect that through those – they are protected and secure – the phone numbers that we call – are all also secure – the whole system is designed not to be hacked – and I believe they’ve got all the testing done – that we’ve heard about and everything is clear and clean –

Now where that puts us – the latest thing I got this afternoon – and it has not been a whole lot –  is that we have the green light to move forward and we think that is from our Treasury – the Restored Republic Treasury – either at 4PM today –  I will say Pacific time – or 4 AM in the morning –(Wednesday)

Now what does the green light mean?  Does it mean that certain groups can go forward with liquidity – does it mean that certain bonds are continued to be paid out – or see liquidity –  – It is hard to say – or it could mean that the path is set for the notifications to go out – Of course that is what we are looking for – we are looking for email notifications to go out as well as the 800 numbers that come with the email to also come out – – to me and maybe one or two others

I’ve been told I would get a list of instructions – on how to proceed with those numbers when I receive them – and I will of course be sure to comply – with whatever I receive as insructions


We are also told that they are supposed to release during daylight hours – 800 numbers and I think even emails – but we will see how that manifests – we are definitely in the storm – the storm that is going on right now has to do a lot with clean-up – and could be different government agencies – large institutions – obviously we talked about – the US Treasury –

Now let’s go to Iraq for a minute – we had information coming in from Iraq saying that “yes” they did put the budget in the gazette  for 2021 on Saturday – it did show there –

Now the next day – was Monday  – I believe they were going to have a session in parliament to pass a law that would include the date of implementation of their budget – now I call that make work meeting – it was obviously done – and I believe  when they went through the budget – they found the rate that was in the budget was not as high as they wanted it to be able to do additional projects and things in Iraq – so my understanding was the last coupe of days –  that they readjusted that dinar rate upward to comply and to be able to use that within their budget – to do all they wanted to do

I also have a feeling that change will come out as an addendum to the budget and it may end up being printed out tomorrow in the gazette – because remember what are the days the printed gazette goes out / Saturday and Wednesday – tomorrow is Wednesday

I think you can call Iraq “Done” because I think we’ve got everything – everything appears to be done –

Thanks for listening –

NOTE: – recorded call has many random places that froze and there were several inaudible spaces / sections

Bruce’s Big Call   Replay LINK   Intel Begins 1:16:12



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