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Entry Submitted by Truthseeker at 2:13 PM EDT on April 22, 2021

Response to Judy Byington re: currency exchange

Alliance seriously this is your fail-safe plan: for we humanitarians to exchange with BANKSTERS?

After all the spilled blood and treasure invested in this Global Reset and development of the new fail-safe Quantum Financial System, we should be exchanging at secure military bases with funds deposited directly into QFS;


Why are we making Humanitarian project sales pitches to Banksters?

Banksters ARE the ALLIGATORS in the swamp.

In what world does it make sense for the Alliance to send lamb-like humanitarians back to the Bankster Wolves of WallStreet to plead for money to lift the disadvantaged poor people of the world out of poverty and give the children of Africa, India, Central America, South America and our own inner cities a REAL opportunity to become physically healthy, well educated, productive members of society?

Dr Shabbibi argued that adjusting for inflation, gold backed IQD should be worth $16 relative to fiat $1 FRN.




Since each IQD allows the buyer of our special dinar to purchase contract fixed price of oil at $12/barrel, that locked in guaranteed contract price of $12/barrel saves the owner of that contract the difference between spot price per barrel of oil and $12/barrel contract price on every barrel of oil they buy.

$63/barrel spot price oil
-$12/barrel IQD contract
= $51/barrel COST SAVINGS on every barrel of oil they buy.

To arrive at transitional value of our IQD compared to $1 FRN fiat dollar, we can start by looking backward to historical $3.50/dinar to $1.00/ Fed Reserve Fiat (prior to Gulf war when the UN devalued the IQD to 0.0008 ) ostensibly to prevent Saddam Hussain from acquiring “weapons of mass destruction”

When President Bush told the American people that the Iraq war would pay for itself, his plan going into the war, was to negotiate a fixed low price for oil for the USA as part of the reconciliation and revalue the IQD after the war.

The US Treasury had millions of IQD printed on high quality currency paper with safety features built in to make it difficult to counterfeit.  The plan was to take the high denomination IQD off the streets out of the money supply within Iraq and middle east and have new lower denomination IQD with similar safety features built in printed to make it difficult to counterfeit, and make it practical for the Iraqi people to use day by day to buy goods and services without requiring large quantity of change after the revaluation.
The US Treasury would exchange large denomination IQD at the revalued rate plus be able to buy Iraqi oil at $12/barrel.  Thus USTreasury would not only recover the costs of the war but also the deal would help stabilize the price of oil and usa consumers would enjoy lower prices for gasoline, home heating oil, and lower costs for goods because truckers would be paying less for diesel fuel, and airlines would be paying less for jet fuel.

So for exchange purposes, holders of gold backed IQD should be receiving from Chinese buyers as follows:

The inflation adjusted present value of gold backed IQD $16 for every Fiat $1 Fed Res note.

Plus add in the difference between spot price of oil per barrel less the $12/barrel contract price that is attached to each dinar we hold
Spot price $63/barrel
less $12/IQD contract price per Dinar)=$51/dinar per barrel savings/gold backed USN

Putting it all together,
$16/ gold-backed IQD
$51/ gold backed USN per barrel oil contract value
=$67per IQD Exchange  VALUE per $1 FRN fiat.
Since we are assured new USN currency will be gold backed,  these large denomination gold backed IQD that we hold are worth up to $67/gold backed USN

In my opinion those who tell us that the IQD exchange rate will be $3.50, or $8 or $22 usd are obviously working for the same crooked Banksters that instigated the fiat currency that has resulted in Babylonian debt slavery that the people of our world are suffering under. 

Never in the history of the world has the inequality of income and assets between rich and poor been so egregiously imbalanced and so impossible for the abused poor to overcome.

We should NEVER settle for 1/3 the value of this gold and oil backed currency that we hold.  There is zero justification for giving Banksters 2/3 of the true economic value of this exchange.




We should not be presenting any of our plans to satan worshipping Banksters.

Why would we not receive  $67 USN per each IQD for our gold backed/oil backed IQD currency (which is what IQD we hold is worth). 

This price has nothing to do with humanitarian projects or good intentions; the $67/IQD price is based on inflation adjusted economic value realities.

We should be doing these exchanges at military bases with full military security. 

The currency exchange proceeds should be credited directly to the new SECURE BLOCKCHAIN based Global Financial System.

Banksters should have NOTHING to do with this exchange. 

We don’t need piranha dressed up in suits & ties having a feeding frenzy consuming 2/3 of all the resources intended to repair and restore the economic havoc they have left in their greed driven wake.

We don’t need to show them our cards in the crooked poker game they call banking.

We don’t need to show them our plans for good,

pure evil will immediately bend their efforts to undermining and thwarting our plans and stealing resources dedicated to humanitarian efforts to overcome the devastating impacts of their selfish greed.

We don’t need leaches sucking away the financial life-blood of our humanitarian projects.

We don’t need sharks dressed up in suits & ties calling themselves wealth managers to “help” us. 

The only help we need is for military tribunals to conduct investigations into the evil deeds of those “wealth managers” and hold them accountable for the evil deeds they have done, then publish the findings and film their executions & show those executions far and wide as a deterrent to anyone even thinking of committing such crimes against humanity.

It is to the advantage of the Chinese to lock in fixed price of oil for the next several years.

Reality Check:

Even if the world transitions to 100% electric cars, it will require years to make the transition, right now majority of us are driving internal combustion engines that run on gasoline.  Also so far we are still reliant on diesel electric trains and diesel trucks to haul freight and jet fuel to propel jet aircraft so for many years the world will still be reliant on fossil fuels.


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