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Entry Submitted by Sunflower at 7:55 AM EDT on April 23, 2021

So many people I encounter, be they Light Workers or Sleeping Beauties, are expressing that they still feel that they are unable to make any difference to the chaotic, depressing world at war as they perceive it, relegated to the sidelines of their own life. They think this is how it is and always will be and they are powerless to change it. Resigning themselves to be in servitude to governments and corporations.

I choose to enable them, to inspire them to just make one promise and uphold that promise no matter what. I remind them that governments and corporations don’t actually have any money of their own, they thrive off our money. They need us to give it to them because without our money they are nothing. BUST.

So, thisis where our power rests, and it’s a mighty huge power if done consistently and collectively.

Here in UK, they alleged a 52/48% referendum win for Brexit, as they did in USA for a 52/48% alleged election loss to Biden. But we (paying attention people) all know the numbers were fixed and the reality was more like a 75-80% victory for both Brexit and the Trump election win in 2020.

75 – 80% of the entire population!

This fact has power behind it.

That’s a lot of people.




That’s a lot of collective power.

It means that if each person who voted pro Brexit or pro Trump did this one same small thing each, cumulatively, all together, it would have a devastatingly huge impact on the deep state  …. and our future.

It’s a small thing, just a promise, but done consistently and collectively can move mountains and effect massive change for our respective countries, for the long term. Setting a precedent for our children and grandchildren, great grandchildren etc.

And I think this thing, this promise which I ask everyone to make to themselves, for our future generations, is especially important for those that may be wealth holders, be that through the RV, GCR, or inheritance, or through work/business, or as a caretaker/trustee of public money. The more money you control the more this promise matters, for the more money you hold the more your choices will impact … be that for good or evil, as has been so ably demonstrated by the current corporations, and self professed so called “philanthropists”, and our governments.

So choose now, right now. Will you spend your money for good or for evil?
As the saying goes … Feed the beast you want to grow.
So which beast are you feeding?

But alongside this, every … single … person, with even the smallest amount of money can make a huge change easily every day during their daily lives. Every penny spent has a consequence for good or evil.

That promise I ask every person to make to themselves is to only ever spend your money in a conscious, thoughtful, deliberate way.




Even if it’s spending £/$ millions on building materials, or water systems for drought stricken countries, or “med beds” … right down to a personal level, your car, your clothes, body products, your groceries. Think before you buy.

Vow to NEVER EVER be a lazy consumer ever again, NEVER buy on impulse or because it’s easier. It defeats the point if when trying to do good works, like food kitchens for the homeless if you enable a globalist corporation like Walmart for instance to do evil because you bought your food kitchen supplies from them. Do you see what I mean?

Promise yourself to ALWAYS buy consciously, only buy environmentally friendly products, sourced locally products and support the small businesses. You’ve already seen the power of this type of action with My Pillow. It’s powerful.

Never, ever give another $/£ to any business or person that puts profit over the people, treats their staff poorly, or rips us off with inferior products etc, or puts profit over our Environment, such as farmers who use poisons on our soil to feed our animals poor quality grain etc. instead of planting more thoughtfully, or feeding their cattle better.

Do your research before you buy.

For example, I won’t and haven’t for decades bought anything from Nestle, I was disgusted with what they did in Africa with their baby formula milk and I’ll never buy bottled water from them because it is stolen from you the American people and stolen from the wildlife, the land – in bulk. It’s been at least 30yrs since I bought a Nestle product. Imagine if we all did that.

I’ll never again go to a football game or watch baseball, or the Olympics because they traffic and abuse children. I’ll stick to watching amateur sport played by local community teams for fun not profit.

I won’t buy an electric car, it’s a con. Manufacturing the electricity alone is environmentally unfriendly and what about all those batteries, they won’t just disappear, they’ll hang around in landfill sites forever, or get dumped into the ocean to poison our fishes and water supply. For me, it’s diesel all the way til we get our free energy sources and anti gravity cars.

Know this fun fact …. Oil/Carbon is an essential integral part of the Carbon Cycle which we and all life on the planet are absolutely dependant on for our existence. The planet cannot run out of oil, it’s impossible. Go learn the Carbon Cycle, it’s simple and obvious. It’s the basis for our lives. Mass industrial intensive farming screws with the Carbon cycle, but cars don’t.
AOC, Greta, WEF, Paris Climate Accords, CFR, UN etc are lying to us, or just totally uninformed.

I never buy from Amazon, I look up the item I want and go direct to the supplier. I have deleted the apps for Twitter and FaceBook, they can learn to live without my money, go bust for all I care. I don’t need them.




And caged chickens (and eggs) makes me think of those children in the tunnels. Horrific.

I promised myself at Brexit to make an effort to only buy goods made in the UK or buy food grown in Britain however hard ÉU wants to make it for us to do this. It’s really easy. You can do this too. Oh and by the way, no one, not man nor beast should be eating grains from grasses (wheat, corn, barley etc) they are toxic to us. Grow veg and fruit instead, let your meat beasts (cows, sheep etc) eat fresh grass as they were made to do. Some things may cost more, but I find conscious buying eliminates all the rubbish which I thought I needed but turns out I don’t, so it breaks even.

If there’s one thing this year of lock down has taught me is that I can do without the majority of stuff, I just don’t need it. I will choose to not consume something or not buy something if it has an evil unfriendly provenance.
I love myself, my children and my country too much to be a lazy consumer.

If we consciously spend we will, without much effort, take back our power, individual and collective, to make a massive difference. So, truth is we can all help to turn this whole thing around and keep the deep state from ever getting rich and powerful ever again.

Through my conscious spending I have my power …. and I am making a positive difference.


Much love
Sunflower xx


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