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Entry Submitted by Stefan at 1:23 AM EDT on April 24, 2021

Dear Dinarland family, dear patriots,

Nice that you have time for me again!

Not only did “CUE” post this, but “Done in 30” was dropped four times. I and some others have actually always thought that was a time, e.g., 30 days. Now we have been advised by good analysts that it might be the number of countries though. And whoops, the EU currently has 27 member states. Because the UK has been out since December 2020, but could this “30” mean that something will happen in 30 European countries now?

We have many American soldiers and about 7000 civilian Americans in Germany or Europe since March 2020, back then it was called Defender 2020. Today it is called Defender Europe 2021 and still these troops are in Germany/Europe. I’ve heard there are 380,000 troops and also the associated material. The insignia includes the flaming sword of Archangel Michael and it is also worn by German generals.

Normally, such a deployment of troops on the Western side would immediately trigger a crisis situation, because in the East there is probably the best equipped army in the world, the Russian one. But the supposedly so evil Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is surprisingly calm about this “deployment”. On the contrary, he does not even mention it in his speeches. Instead, in his speeches and addresses, he turns against the enemies/enemy that even a Donald Trump has turned against. Anyone who can even begin to think anymore, connect dots and incidents, must be starting to ponder now, don’t you think?

So while a troupe of actors, in unison with a lying media, continues to play evil Russia, good China, rocking up a flu to a people-killing pandemic, forces were and are being positioned behind the scenes, in America, but also in Europe. And here in Germany, things are also coming to a head. In a rush, we call it pig gallop, a new “Infection Protection Act” was waved through, which contains massive violations of fundamental rights. Because of the “so terrible pandemic” that is raging. Other European countries are loosening their measures, but the “virus” is so intelligent that it only appears in Germany, where it is actually much more difficult for it to spread. The deputies voted in places without masks and all without distance.

The Storm Rider and also Whiplash347 brought interesting post that really fit to all of us hope: “Patiently waiting for news from Germany!” and “Germany is an important chess piece”. The two are right and others don’t or don’t want to grasp that. Germany has a special role in this whole chess game since 1945, or rather 1949. Since there was no Internet at that time and thus few possibilities to inform oneself sufficiently, the victorious powers at that time, the Allies, were able to turn a corporate construct into a perfect state simulation. And this has now been so cleverly and ruthlessly indoctrinated into people’s heads over 70 years, brainwashing is a child’s birthday against it.

But today’s allies are the good guys and they know that Germany must be liberated, must become sovereign, must become a real state. In my opinion, the strongholds of the remaining Deep State are still in Ukraine, Germany, Austria and Switzerland, even if it cannot be presented that way to the outside world. Germany is really an important pawn in this, because with the liberation of Germany, all of Europe would turn to the good side in one fell swoop. So what if “Done in 30” means that 30 European countries will be taken over by the military, that is, they will get an interim military government, as it has been in America since January 20?


“The military is the only way,” “CUE” has also been dropping many times, and it’s starting to make sense to everyone. By itself, Germany will not be able to free itself, the division is too deep, the indoctrination has been too massive. Here, many more stops are pulled than in America, the fight among each other is much more intense in Germany. Even though many different groups are still fighting among themselves over the newly awakened (which, by the way, there are plenty of). Even if for many a point has been reached where they lose all hope. Also, when it still looks like nothing is happening. Also, when many currency holders give up and sell their bills rather than continue to leave them in the sock drawer.

I am rock solidly convinced that all this will soon come to an end. Not only because I can claim that I am standing far in front of the forest and can therefore see it well or because I have taken a somewhat higher eagle perspective, but also because you can literally feel it, especially since last night (from April 22 to 23). And I am not alone with this feeling, many acquaintances of mine feel the same. Nature is more colorful and alive, animals are more lively and full of life, the sky is bluer, the sun is brighter. So something must have happened in the morphogenetic field to release so much positive energy. Even though we Patriots have been going through a tough time since March 2020, let’s remember, we have not been alone during this time. The last days and weeks may have been hard, but the future days will be better. Let’s not give up, let’s hang in there! Bad moments will pass and better ones will come, we will be on top soon!

What will come after that we will all see, I just know it will not be an easy job, but I am ready for the task I am given. I found on the net the creed of the Americans (see picture). I took the liberty of changing the title a bit:

“The creed of the sovereign patriots.

I did not choose to be an ordinary person. It is my right to be unusual. I seek opportunities to develop the talents God has given me – not security. I don’t want to be a custodial citizen, humbled and jaded by the state taking care of me. I want to take calculated risks; to dream and build, to fail and succeed. I refuse to trade incentives for handouts. I prefer the challenges of life to guaranteed existence; the thrill of fulfillment to the stale tranquility of utopia. I will not trade my freedom for charity, nor my dignity for a handout. I will never kowtow to an earthly master or bow to a threat. It is my inheritance to stand upright, proud and fearless, to think and act for myself, to enjoy the benefits of my creations, and to face the world boldly and say, “This I have done with the help of the Creator. All this is what it means to be a sovereign human being.”

I am proud and honored to have American friends, as well, of course, to have European friends. I am also proud to reach out to many like-minded people worldwide here through IDC, but also to read posts from them. We are all one big family of patriots and when we have all contributed to living in a better and more loving world in a few years, we will all meet. We will recognize each other, we will embrace each other, we will celebrate and we will thank the Creator and the Alliance for this once in a lifetime opportunity to show what we are really capable of, if we are allowed to.

Let’s hold on for the last few days. The Germans should stick to the tightening, they have nothing to lose on the streets in the evening and at night and would only put themselves in danger unnecessarily. The real purpose of the tightenings is once protection and secondly a last wake-up program. Then comes the liberation, the military and will provide transitionally for order. Perhaps simultaneously in 30 European states, who knows? A secret plan will not be released to the public in advance.


“A lie does not become truth, wrong does not become right and evil does not become good just because it is accepted by a majority!”

“What we do today decides what the world will be like tomorrow!”

WWG1WGA! Mani wastete yo!

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