“RV: Yes or No and Keep Certain Tunnels” by Bobaluba – 4.23.21


Entry Submitted by Bobaluba at 3:49 PM on April 23, 2021

Here we go again with false news.  What is the difference between the News Media and the gurus giving information? They are all fake in my opinion. None of them can agree. October 1st, 2019 the elders told us that if the USA does not start the RV then they would step in and start it.  Well, what happen to them after 18 months ago. Then for all the 72 weeks since we have been told many many excuses to RV.   How many times have we heard the saying, 24,48, and 72 hours and RV to start. I am sick of it.

(All our military intel contact said earlier was they’re testing 800#s, testing all procedures, retesting, checking, rechecking, working out bond liquidity issues; could be any moment, stay ready.)

All they have been doing is testing this and that.  What have they not tested for excuse to RV.   Always some sort of excuse.

How many times has Trump stated he wanted it done this week and that week.  No power there.  And then the World Court, and Trump is part of the World Court.  They give advice, but who will make them carry out the advice or ruling.  Court gave a time limit.  HA HA  HA.   I guess the USA is going to jail because they did not obey the ruling.  As courts go, they have retrials.

If H. Clinton is to be hung April 26, then they may have another excuse not to RV because we have to morn for this woman and take time out for the funeral.  Wow.  Could be another excuse.  Wish I knew who makes up these excuses.  If we do have a RV by this weekend, I will retract my words.

TUNNELs :   Many tunnels are connect to cities.  Why blow them up  at the billions of dollars spent building them.  Ones connecting cities just install high speed trains line those built in Japan at speeds up to and over 300 mph.  No pollution and weather to slow them down.  Seattle to San Diego in less than eight hours with about 6 major cities to stop at.  Safer than air travel and very less security.   Look at NY subways.  See the web-sites below and learn about the tunnels. 

Tunnels :


I had a visit to the Ukraine and was on one of their subways.  You purchase the ticket above ground and take an escalator to the train. This could be a fabulist venture in the USA and other countries.  The turnels are there and need to install the trains, tracks, and boarding areas.  Think about it.  No waiting in lines at air ports.

Let’s get this humanitarian work on its way and stop the crap.


Last of all, I want to thank Judy Byington for the greatest help in history of sending out the news to all the intel people. 


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