“New Powers that be” by Restive Sage – 4.25.21


Entry Submitted by Restive Sage 1:52 PM EDT on April 25, 2021

It has been a while since I updated the IDC viewing audience and I do so now to provide a powerful measure of laser focus. If anyone in your recruitment circle has wavered, it is time to have them discard disbelief. If you have not recruited a circle of people, then, I’m sorry, you have not done your utmost. There is still a day or two to bring in SOMEONE. I mean someone GOOD. Only one more, even, is still better than only one. Act on it! Be a starseed leader, if you have it in you. Believe it or not, there are quality people out there, some young and some older, who would love to serve in your local think tank group or your actions teams,

I have a small group in my area who are involved (thanks to me) and want to be humanitarians. They also want a new Mercedes or Lexus. They want to pay off their credit cards and their mortgage. They do not believe in GESARA. They are somewhat faint lol in their belief of any of it. They want to quit their jobs and relax a while; they want personal massages and they want a personal chef and they want and need a vacation. It’s true. Some want a new boat. Some want a second home in the beautiful Smoky Mountains. Some want a 4-bedroom beach condo at Hilton Head. They all have a sense of wanting. What they do NOT have is vision and above all – FAITH. Despite my regular nudges, their faith is simply lacking. The WANTING of Gaia is ENDEMIC. Having FAITH is rare, and becoming a true LEADER is even rarer. But I can’t blame them really. They are not starseeds: they are followers. They followed the OPTB all their life and they believed in their leaders – the ones that have poisoned the planet for money and left 3 billion people mired in poverty. They think it is “normal” to take on a 30 year mortgage and become a debt slave. They think it is normal to retire at 65, and die a year later, worn out and diseased, from a heart attack, stroke, cancer diagnosis, or the ravages of Type I diabetes. They think it is normal to send a chunk of their disposable income to insurance companies who keep 80% of it as a profit layer. Biggest scam the cabal runs. Sheeple aplenty, but good sheeple.

Nope, not starseeds at all. But, they are all really good people, they have led exemplary lives, they are deserving of the blessings God can offer if anyone is. They are not starseeds like you all here are, but, at least they were willing to listen to me. And so they HAVE listened to me. Just enough to stay in the game. When I told them: You can’t score goals if you are sitting on the bench. A few bit because they kinda liked that line. For a few, I pointed out that they blew $900 at the casino the last time they went. And I adroitly then mentioned that even if it all was to be considered a gamble, it was a far better gambler’s payoff than what the casino would likely pay out. That actually brought at least two very capable recruits in. Hah. See how persuasive I am 🙂 And just so you know, we can’t do everything that needs to be done all by ourselves. We HAVE to recruit if we are to fulfill the missions and covenants we speak of. Not just warm bodies; good capable skilled people!

And my group – they WILL in fact, become humanitarians, even if I have to drag them through the filthy mud of a village without clean water and sanitation myself. They can have their toys and I will have mine too, but at the end of the extravagant first 3 months, I will be right there setting them straight, and they will like it. And they will thereafter make a difference, despite being followers. When you really get down to it, we ourselves are followers, starseds who follow Christ and God the Source of all Creation. No need to get too terribly arrogant about it. Because in reality, the fact that one may BE a starseed means you came to this primitive DNA-machine planet to help it ascend – by serving. We are all servants. All arrogance banished.

To my team I said this very morning: I fully realize that most who are only tangentially involved retain little more than a slender mote of hope now. That is understandable. I have had bouts of doubt here and there myself. But, as I view the picture today, I hold in place my greatest measure of hope yet. I see progress toward a culmination. What I have seen taking place behind the scenes is very telling. And let me preface everything past this sentence by saying this: It is my non-paranoid belief that IF there IS NOT an RV/GCR/GESARA soon, the world is going to take a disintegrative path. The planet will eventually self-destruct. In such a path, all polities we know as reality now will tragically unravel. I shudder to think about the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse holding sway.

As to the movement toward massive changes in the global financial system, there is much to be excited about. More pointedly, I have noticed quite a bit of highly meaningful buzz this past 2 weeks. So, I thought I would share the gist of it with you. It is true – the intel/info has rarely been accurate as to timing, but many optimists out there believe that TIMING is the ONLY issue now.

Remember, the NPTB have been working on this for many years. The basket of changes to be brought forward are said to be many. In some cases, based on what I have read, they will literally astound everyone with their scope and scale. Do NOT doubt that the centralized fractional banking system is being re-invented as we speak. The movement into digital money ledgers and central bank coins is a given now. The digital asset aspect has been studied by the governments of the world for at least 16 years. It is the worst kept secret out there. The info is plastered all over Youtube and the wider internet openly, but the average American or Brit knows next to nothing about it. Plenty of info though IS available for the person who might be interested in the changes to come. Intra-country and international regulations acceptable to the IMF, BIS, World Bank, City of London, Zurich, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Frankfurt and Langley are reaching the point of systemic reliability and the very necessitous level of financial safety.


It is now apparent, at least in the circles I frequent, that worldwide banking and technological revelations will accompany the RV/GCR and GRESARA debt jubilee. In fact, it would have been impossible to make systemic changes on this order without a new global satellite system (100% geographical coverage). We now have it. Anyone can research SpaceLink / Quantum chips / SpaceCommand etc. But few truly realize what it is all about in its totality. From my vantage point, I see it would have been impossible to usher in the new wave of technological advances without the development of a new QFS computer network, which in turn would need to interact with a comprehensive satellite canopy over the entire earth. We now have it. The emphasis on Space Command is due to the need to protect the satellites from aggressive disruption.

The complex set of global agreements and power re-distribution modifications to the OPTB system is a large part of the complexity we see. There is a need for leadership to eliminate false notions of scarcity and lack, reducing a long stale dependence on the old debt-slave model. The technology exists to easily feed, and house, double the current population of the planet. And do so WITHOUT environment destruction. Of course, it has been hard to get 190 nations to agree on anything and even harder to get them to sign a treaty. But we are “almost there” I think. None of this happens, by the way, without the support of the U. S. military, and I dare say certain other militaries of the world. Of necessity of course, thousands of political and financial leaders who have been re-programmed, vetted and essentially hand-selected would have to support these changes. They remain in power precisely because they DO support all we speak of here.

Some have expressed concerns that the U.S. dollar is weakening. If the RV/GCR is real, then that is just negativity hype intended to scare people. The dollar, like all other currencies of the world (especially those that are exceptionally inflated or damaged by past warfare), will be re-balanced; that is true. But the U.S. Dollar will in no way collapse. In reality, the world needs gigantic consumer nations to retain stability in this Great Transition. Remember, by far the largest number of RV exchangers are U.S. citizens. Some are whales with suitcases and bedroom closets full of currency. A whole societal layer of substantial wealth stands to be established literally overnight. Consequently, wages in all tiers of employment will rise. Predictably, unemployment will drop below 2.0% for the nation. And, predictably, wages will rise even more. When the RV exchanges take place and the GCR is official, the U.S. will become an even greater bastion of economic strength. It will remain a scientific powerhouse. It will become the nation its people want it to be. A more united country: and a country we will continue to love and uphold with our patriotic loyalty. By the same token, it will start a surge of global humanitarianism and international infrastructure projects such as has never been witnessed before. I, myself, fully exchanged, plan to work to see POVERTY essentially eliminated in all at-risk nations within 10 years. Some have said they would help me with that.

The turn-about change that we WILL see is that we will no longer have the U.S. acting as the aggressive “policeman” of the world. There is no longer the necessity of that. The global changes and the intricacies of the QFS will diminish terrorism 98% due to blockchain design and interactions at a split-second level. Much of the criminality now plaguing the world will simply fall away over the next decade. At the national level, fear of being ostracized in the new QFS financial system will prevent economic suicide, and the over-arching effect will be to virtually eliminate aggressive behavior by all but the most fanatical regimes. These regimes will quickly be brought to heel by international pressure and/or internal military pressure.

Let us not be afraid to project a successful new world. Let us be leaders in that world. Let us project a great feeling of joy as we complete our imminent exchanges. And let us remember that for those who receive a higher measure of God’s blessings, much is expected.

Restive Sage



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