Nick Fleming: RV/GCR Intel Update and Podcast 4-24-21


Nicks Intel Update

Updates concerning the RV/GCR

04/24/2021 Update

Our military intel contact is confirming Mr. Fleming’s sources saying that the whole RV release process IS STILL MOVING FORWARD TO CONCLUSION THIS COMING WEEK–even though the release schedule is about 3 days behind because of cabal obstructions last week (explanation below)–the release process is STILL MOVING FORWARD TOWARD T4B START at a STEADY PACE, so that THIS COMING WEEK is supposed to be a REMARKABLE WEEK FOR ALL OF US in T4B (starting roughly parallel to the main bonds going liquid (start getting paid out) currently planned for this Tue 27 April and at the same time that T3-4A accounts go liquid and payouts begin):

. ..SUDDEN CHANGE FOR GOOD THIS WEEKEND #1: He said that the FINAL NATURE of the REMARKABLE WEEK of T4B finally starting THIS NEXT WEEK was predicted one year ago by a friend of Dr. Ben Carson (Trump’s HUD director), Bo Polny, a Gold Market Analyst, who said one year ago that Friday 23 April 2021 through Mon 26 April 2021 would be a “SUDDEN” and PIVOTAL point of HUGE CHANGE: “April 23-26 will be a pivotal moment in time….a ‘SUDDEN’ moment where everything changes and our world never looks the same.” (

. ..SUDDEN CHANGE FOR GOOD THIS WEEKEND #2: He added that other indicators of HUGE PIVOTING CHANGE this VERY WEEKEND is also found in other sources, e.g., Doug Addison Sat 24 April Daily Prophetic Word ( “What seemed impossible in the past will SUDDENLY become reality.”


[8:05 PM]

. ..He confirmed that in spite of Deep State half-wits costing 3 days obstructing the process this past week (in Canada when RBC bank collapsed Fri 16 April, in Iraq, & in UST, details below), necessitating arrests and removal, the MINIMAL REQUIREMENT FOR THIS PAST WEEK of the World Court and the Chinese Elders was EVIDENCE that SOME MONEY MOVED TOWARD THE TIER 4 LEVEL–and THIS DID HAPPEN WHEN yesterday Fri 23 April THE ADMIRAL Bob Killian did become liquid FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER (!!!) (he was “paid,” meaning funds became live in his account, with full access only when T4B starts), and yesterday Fri 23 April the Admiral began downstreaming funds to upper level T3-4A accounts (lower level accounts will be paid out by paymasters when T4B notifications come out this coming week);

. ..10 DAYS OF 800# NOTIFICATIONS COMPRESSED: He confirmed that the minimum 10 days Trump and the military want for 800# notifications (with 800# secure links in them) being out for T4B to exchange–the window been compressed into this coming week, with the possibility, if the RV teams and Trump decide, to extend the window through next weekend to overlap the beginning of NESARA still next Sat 1 May.

[8:05 PM]

. ..He is confirming that he was MISTAKEN (he said “sorry, mea culpa”) in that Value Date was NOT formally declared yesterday Friday 23 April, but that Value Date at current rates WAS ONLY DISCUSSED yesterday morning Fri 23 April by the RV teams and it will be formally declared by UST after the release algorithm is generated taking all the risk management areas into account, taking into account all 22 RV currencies being declared ready for lockdown of rates, closer to the big bonds going live and T4B starting hopefully (if all goes as planned) by this Tue 29 April; lockdown could be allowed by the release algorithm as early as Mon 26 April or by Tue-Wed 29-30 April.

. ..He is confirming that all the RV teams are very happy (and the World Court is satisfied, Elders not happy but living with the delay) that the RV teams were able to move money last Thu-Fri 22-23 April to make the Admiral liquid and through him to begin to downstream funds to upper level T3-4A Admiral group accounts and to paymasters; he is confirming that the accounts receiving the funds are being verified and downstreamed funds validated right now this weekend through Mon-Tue 26-27 April;

. ..He is confirming that the multiple bond types of the big bonds (there are 111 bond types), the main bonds, were being verified and validated Thu 22 April to get ready for the big bonds to go live by Tue 29 April (IF NO MORE OBSTRUCTIONS) to downstream funds through D1 & D2 for all payouts (D2 downstreaming to our T4B exchanges globally).

[8:06 PM]

. ..He is confirming that because the Chinese Elders WANT ALL PAYOUTS & EXCHANGES TO BE COMPLETELY PAID OUT THIS COMING WEEK, the RV teams are saying that THE BONDS HAVE TO MOVE THIS COMING WEEK TENTATIVELY by TUE 27 APRIL through the rest of this coming week to downstream funds for T3-4A/B exchanges and payouts through D1 and D2;

. ..He is confirming that upper level Admirals group currency holders have been traveling or have been picked up to go to Reno to exchange their currencies & bonds; private exchanges ARE GOING ON NOW THIS WEEKEND of whales and many upper level T3-4A group participants, in order to prepare for the shotgun release of bonds going live, T3-4A payouts beginning to lower level accounts, and our T4B exchanges starting THIS COMING WEEK;

. ..He is confirming that one upper level Admirals group participant, a friend of one of Mr. Fleming’s contacts, was picked up yesterday Fri 23 April by private plane and taken to Reno FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER(!!!) BECAUSE ADMIRAL FUNDS HAVE BEEN MOVING and WE ARE AT THE END OF THIS; he will go liquid (access to all of his account funds) when we in T4B start exchanging this coming week.

. ..He is confirming that all private exchange currency holders exchanging right now this weekend are supposed to be finished by Tue 27 April, so that the big bonds can go live some time Tue 27 April so that D2 will be able to downstream funds to start T4B exchanges and T3-4A payouts globally.

[8:06 PM]

. ..He said his info is the same as Tony and Rayren’s Iraqi sources that Iraq does NOT need to post the RV rate to the Gazette, because Iraq already did so with an old rate last Sat 17 April, and then they corrected it last week, SO THERE IS NO MORE NEED FOR IRAQ TO POST THE RATE TO THE GAZETTE, but all are now watching the CBI to post the Dinar RV rate (international $3.71, USA domestic rate $16.37), but our guy’s info is that, for security purposes, the CBI will not be given the go by UST and DoD to post the rate till AFTER we in T4B have been started.

. ..He is confirming Mr. Fleming’s sources saying that there is ONLY MINIMAL ARGUING GOING ON between the RV teams and the redemption center teams [T3-4A group leaders, paymasters, attorneys, etc] (A DEFINITE CHANGE FOR THE BETTER FROM PAST WEEKS WHEN THERE WAS INTENSE ARGUING)–the RV teams are very pleased with the money beginning to move now Fri-Sat 23-24 April with the Admiral groups, they are HIGHLY FOCUSSED ON FERRETING OUT, ARRESTING, and REMOVING any cabal half-wit OBSTRUCTIONISTS to the release process;

. ..THE RV RELEASE SCHEDULE IS NOT STATIC BUT SUBJECT TO THE WAR: He reminded us that THE RV/GCR RELEASE is a WAR WITH THE DEEP STATE GLOBALISTS so that the “SCHEDULE” of the release is CONSTANTLY SUBJECT TO CHANGE given the BACK-AND-FORTH of THE WAR with the Deep State globally–so this past week there were arrests of 116 cabal obstructionists at UST, arrests of scores of cabal obstructionists at RBC bank in Canada, and 1,100+ arrests of cabal obstructionists in banks & financial institutions in 4 cities in Iraq.

[8:07 PM]

. ..PAST WEEK DELAYING OBSTRUCTION #1–UST: He is confirming that the 116 Treasury arrests last Mon night 19 April were because certain cabal half-wit employees at UST were trying to steal money from Treasury accounts and they were taking actions to extend fiat USD money movement to aid Deep State fake Biden administration purposes (i.e., Rockefeller cabal Wall Street bankster purposes for Deep State operations in this country); he confirmed info from Gene Decode (Wed 21 April interview) that as of last Sun 18 April, Treasury, IRS, and World Bank Deep State half-wits were unable to access funds in designated accounts BECAUSE FUNDS IN THOSE ACCOUNTS WERE UNDER THE QFS and the Deep State agents were UNABLE to get their passcodes to work because the QFS was shutting them out of those accounts!! THANK GOD THE QFS IS WORKING TO SHUT OUT THE CABAL!!! So they promptly turned to trying to steal funds from Treasury accounts and they PROMPTLY GOT ARRESTED ON MON NIGHT 19 APRIL (proof from Richard Citizen Journalist in DC at the Dept of Treasury Mon night 19 April: –Richard’s YouTube video shows the massive amount of police around the Treasury that night, even though Richard did not know why, and the police were not talking (under gag orders)).

[8:07 PM]

. ..PAST WEEK DELAYING OBSTRUCTION #2–RBC>SCOTIA BANK: he is confirming that on Fri 16 April RBC, Royal Bank of Canada, was collapsed by the white hats (look at Fri 16 April RBC stock plunge) and it was replaced by Scotia Bank to handle its operations for the RV release in Canada; he confirmed that Scotia Bank was taking over as of last Wed 21 April.

. ..PAST WEEK DELAYING OBSTRUCTION #3 IRAQ CABAL ARRESTS: he is confirming that last Wed 21 April when Iraq did not post the RV Dinar rate through the Gazette or through the CBI, one of the main reasons that Iraq was not ready is that they had to arrest 1,100+ bankers and financial institution executives that the Deep State had sprinkled into the Iraqi banking sector in 4 cities in Iraq over the past 1-to-2 decades; these cabal bankers could have ruined the RV release for the Iraqi people and the exchanges expected shortly.

. ..OBSTRUCTIONISTS BEING ARRESTED FASTER AND FASTER: he confirmed that THE RV SECURITY TEAMS ARE GETTING BETTER AND BETTER AT IDENTIFYING THE CABAL OBSTRUCTIONISTS through their daily audits and reviews–he said that there were a handful of obstructionists arrested in Reno today Sat 24 April and a couple in Zurich–so he said the arrests of cabal obstructionists described above proves that the RV security teams are HIGHLY FOCUSSED on getting rid of cabal obstructionists SO YOU T4B CAN BE STARTED THIS COMING WEEK–SO HE SAID PRAY THAT THEY GET RID OF ANY MORE OBSTRUCTIONISTS THAT WOULD INTERFERE this MON-TUE-WED-THU 26-29 APRIL in this coming week when the BONDS are scheduled to pay out TUE 27 APRIL in order to DOWNSTREAM FUNDS THROUGH D2 TO FUND ALL T4B EXCHANGES-REDEMPTIONS–he said don’t let the cabal half-wits get away with it, but KEEP PRAYING so that HEAVEN IS MOVING TO HELP THE RV SECURITY TEAMS GET RID OF ALL CABAL OBSTRUCTIONISTS so that your T4B exchanges start EARLIER THAN LATER this coming week.

[8:07 PM]

. ..He is confirming sources of Mr. Fleming saying that THIS COMING WEEK (of 26 April) IS IT–IT WILL BE A REMARKABLE WEEK FOR US ALL as Mr. Fleming was told by multiple sources, IF ALL GOES AS PLANNED; for example the report below came in from some of Mr. Fleming’s sources:
. ..

. ..

This is it, RV friends, from my main huge contact in Australia:

Latest update from the man himself!

. ..


“Good day – I finally got the answer I was waiting for.

The head of the redemption has now announced that the final payment dates for all assets presented in Zurich will start next week:

Monday, April 26: German bonds, NIQD, and all Chinese dragons.
Tuesday, April 27: ZIM gold and tickets
Wednesday, April 28 – Last ZIM payments.

. ..

The largest customers will receive the contract from Washington, while everyone else will receive it from Zurich.

. ..

The delay [Fri-Sat 23-24 April] was caused [partly] by the agreement between the German and American governments on German bonds.


The agreement was signed today [Fri 23 April] According to the agreements, the German bonds had to start with the payments first.

04/24/2021 Podcast RV Update


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