Dinarland Highlights for April 26, 2021


Dinarland Highlights – 4.26.21

Frank26 (KTFA)

They will soon raise the rate 1 to 1 which is Article 8 which is International status.  Leaving at 1460 and they can go international at 1460 is not going to draw any attention to give the currency of Iraq more potential growth…what is extremely important is what happens to the rate internationally from 1 to 1 outside of Iraq for you.  You’ve got to know when to hold’m and when to fold’m…it is the REER (Real Effective Exchange Rate) that you and I seek.  We already know it’s going to be 1 to 1…they have articles that told us so…the pendulum swing is now going in the direction of the exchange rate that is coming IMO…

Why did you [CBI] raise your reserves from 60 to 90 billion?  Why?  For a program rate?  Really?  It would only be because you want to raise the value of your currency…you need to know if your country can sustain these numbers…the telltale sign of going from 60 to 90 should have told you they’re going to raise the value of their currency…

I live outside of Iraq that’s why I study the rate that will grow.  Not the one that they’re going to introduce.  And I think it’s extremely important that you think in that direction too.  You’ve got to be wise.  You can’t be a sucker and rush in there and exchange everything at 1 to 1 IMO.  I don’t care about the rate inside of Iraq.  That is the key.  I care about the rate outside of Iraq



NORV [Guru Kaperoni] is right in that no country could ever revalue in the way suggested, and in particular Iraq.  He is also wrong in trying to make out there would be any benefit in floating he currency.No country that has ever been forced into a flotation has gained value in the short term. The guru BS continually refers to Kuwait but that is fake news, there never was any RV in Kuwait. During the occupation Iraq replaced the KWD with the IQD as the national currency. The Central Bank of Kuwait went into exile and continued business as best it could, after the occupation the KWD was reinstated as the national currency at the same value it had before. Anyone interested in what actually happened should read the document  “The Impact of the Iraqi Invasion on the Kuwaiti Banking and Financial System: Lessons Learned from a Financial Crisis



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…I am expecting an exciting week…I am hearing Currency redemptions could start on Thursday…I am getting an overwhelming amount of chatter from Redemptions Centers, Paymasters, and group leaders that it is getting fun this week.  As I understand it they are going to start setting appointments a couple days out…So as of today and tomorrow we will be watching things very closely… Remember to consider everything a rumor for now…but we sure appear to be close. I can feel it…you can feel the change coming….

[Rumor is Shabibi said long ago the dinar rate could go as high as $16.00!…]

Dr Shab’s…he clearly states it could be in the 16.00 rate…Dr Shabibi is the architect of the Iraqi Dinar RV…this is straight from the horses mouth.



Guru Sandy made a comment that I was wrong about Iraq floating the currency. First of all I don’t expect them to float it under the current conditions. Secondly, Iraq has a lot to do before they can float (such as passing laws and encouraging foreign investment)…Sandy needs to read the IMF documents where they specifically talk about Iraq floating the currency. And lastly everyone knows with all the numerous articles, floating is what currencies do. Especially with emerging economies.

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