“RV Dreams” – IDC Poem (As We Accept) – 4.27.21


By: Luna April 21, 2021

As a child I wished upon a star I know I asked for the RV and
As I laid awake many a night having the same vision while
Glimpsing through our multi-verse
This was my reality and I just knew that all I had to do was dream my
One that I knew so well and in an instant I was there
I chose to come into this timeline for it was very clear
I would reconnect with many souls wanting the same dream
The dream of freedom attained with peace
I saw where we all stood up and were united as One
In that, we would finally erase the tyranny that has
Enslaved us for a millennia or more
In the wind, I would hear my Ancestors cries
Often I heard them whisper these words over and over
“It’s not on a wing and a prayer” this time
It was simply an inner knowing and I was born with it but
No one else I loved around me was and yet
I understood this driving force I had
Though they didn’t see what I saw
When I travelled to the many dimensions and yet
I felt most comfortable and at home in the 5th
Believe me when I say this is our time and I know
Without a shadow of a doubt that
I CAN manifest it and with all of you
Don’t let that other noise distract you as it’s truly temporary
My Dear Brothers and Sisters
Keep dreaming this RV dream for it is within our reach and
  Believe it is so, for then and only then
Can we manifest our destiny today and in the here and now
Just be the shining Light I know you all are
Dream your dreams and NEVER give up hope
No matter what for this time is ours and
It is within our reach and also written in the stars
I’ve seen Heaven and been touched by the Divine
It’s really very simple, we all came here at this time
To remember our missions and though
In the past we may have been alone and
Perhaps even at times in this one
We are not alone and never have been
I’m here to tell you that you are truly a light for this world and that
I see each of you and that you are no longer in a slumber
Never let go of this dream for we are awake and we have all
Survived this timeline though much was stolen from us and still we are
here and
Apparently we are all still standing so
I’m asking all of you… won’t you stand with me and take back what
Was rightfully ours and be the shining Light you are
We can wake up the rest from their deep slumber
We all came here to be the Humanitarians we are and
With a huge heart which is almost a dichotomy and yet
I know no other way for I have always known
Who I am and that I was a Light for this World
Join me in this play I call Life and
Dream the dream of the vision that was implanted in
All of our hearts which was simply
To Be, to Love and to Feel with all of your might
Free to be the authentic YOU, with no judgments and no lies
Just straight up Truth which has lead us to this wonderful RV path and
To all of you so we may finally celebrate while never forgetting
Our past, our families or who we truly are for
It is in the giving of that unconditional love that was always meant
To be spread far and wide and in this beautiful garden
No matter how long it felt it brought us all back Home
Together as One

Peace, Love & Light,

World Benevolence Group (WBG)
Telegram – WBG
Signal – WBG


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