The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by WiserNow 4-27-21


Bruce’s Big Call Intel Tuesday 4-27-21

Call Transcribed by WiserNow

Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – it’s Tuesday April 27th and you’re listening to the Big Call

Well as we go into some intel we sometimes review some things so we have to start tonight by looking at what has been happening in Iraq – We talked last time which was Thursday about the fact that Iraq had actually approved and passed their budget and put in their gazette a week ago or two weeks ago last Saturday – is when it actually went in –

Now they had to pass another law to implement the budget and you know (laughing) it’s just dragging on – it’s not the fault of Iraq – but the fault of them being coerced into going into a certain timeline – that we’ve put them on –

But now – they have a rate – and I did get values on the Dinar and it’s really good – and it’s now like ok – when did they announce or implement their budget for 2021?  Well – it was yesterday (Monday) morning Iraq time – That was when the budget was actually implemented – we got that from several sources – one of which is one of our guys in  Fallujah – so that is a very positive thing –

Now the other thing we learned is – it’s one thing to implement the budget but when does the rate have to be brought out internationally?  The answer is within 72 hours – of the budget implementation –

I do not know exactly what time it was implemented Iraq time yesterday – but even if we say – a certain time in the morning – yesterday – our time – we usually use East coast time – I do – 72 hours plus that would put us at Thursday morning – and we’ve heard the possibility of early morning – could be 3 am east coast time on Thursday –


Now are we likely to get emails to come out at that time? I don’t think so – am I likely to get a phone call at that time? I think it will be daylight hours –

Could they actually come out with this tomorrow and then have us go in for exchanges starting Thursday? I hope that would be the case – it would be a two day thing – we would get notified one day and then start exchanges at O-dark thirty the next –

I don’t know if that’s going to happen and I do know the schedule for redemption centers has got more hours today and tomorrow (tues/wed) but Thursday 15 hr day starts as early as 7:45 am – why in the world would you go in at 7:45 am to service people at a redemption center unless you are setting appointments at that time or you are possibly taking exchanges 8:30 / 9:00 am – I don’t know – to me it seems awful early to start the day and go for 15 hours-  unless you are expecting something to happen –

The other thing that we have heard is – let’s call it our Treasury and Military would like for this to go and for us to be started with our group tiers 4A and 4B – by the end of the month – which is Friday – so is it something that could drag it to Friday? Yes it is – We could go Thursday – we could go Friday – but I would think if we are to honor that and get this started – in April – which is a goal we should hit – with no problem – then I think that’s what we are looking at –

Remember I had asked specifically about the influence of certain people that would try to keep this from happening and the word I am getting back is there really is no resistance to us starting now – I think they found enough of bad players and have done enough clean up on isle 3 where we should be able to get started – at least that’s what it appears to be –

We know that right now today – overnight tonight – tomorrow major bond holders are becoming liquid – they are getting their notifications by email – from various wealth managers – in several different banks – telling them that they have access to funds or they have the funds in their accounts and should be able to go in and see those and then have access to funds say…… tomorrow – or it could be tomorrow and Thursday –  but the major bond holders have been waiting for a while too –  and that is who I would say is tier 3 – VIPs Whales – super Whales – big bond holders – 

We know some of these people and we know they have had to wait and been pushed back like we have – the question is —- is everything ready from our perspective to move forward? We know that the StarLink Satellite System is fully functional and is operating 5×5 – fully in communication – and that is positive –


We know the QF System is working like a charm – like a Singer sewing machine – going right at it – and I think that from a physical point of view everything is set  and ready to go –

We know that we had rates come in on both the Dinar and Dong at really strong rates – we don’t / I don’t what they are today – but I know a few days ago that they were looking very good and we should be in great shape

So there is no real concern about rates – the only real concern is are you ready? Are you prepared for your exchanges and your zim redemption?

We know that sim holders will be routed directly to the redemption center personnel – people that can set your appointment at the redemption center where you have chosen by zip code – and we know that people that don’t have zim  but have dinar – dong – rupiah – rial etc other currencies – will go to tier 1 or tier 2 banks – they will not be going to redemption centers – so there is a little bit of crossroads – a little “Y” in the road there where they will separate –

Now if you have zim – and other currencies you will do that exchange at the redemption center – they are fully set up to do that – but if you have NO zim ONLY other currencies you will go to a tier 1 or a tier 2 bank – and that’s cool – locations all over the country –

So – it’s almost like there’s not a whole heck of a lot to say – at this point but “let’s get started” – “Let’s get this” and “Let’s do it” – Are you ready?

What I’m believing is that if they are going to get this done by the last day of the month which is Friday – the 30th and today is then we will get this thing started probably either Thursday or Friday – I think they are going to need the rest of today and tomorrow to pay out the big money on those bond holders –

We could get surprised – we could get notified tomorrow – In my heart of hearts I hope we do – but I don’t have that yet – I do not have that in any way shape or form – confirmed – I am looking for Thursday – and to get started

Other than that – I think that is all I can bring tonight – all that I have that we would be interested in – beyond that – it’s a crap shoot – don’t know what’s going to go on in May exactly on timing – for everything to restore itself – but I’m sure that there is a plan in place – we just have to know that’s true and we’re going to stay with that plan – and believe it will restore – Let’s see what happens this week – we are excited – I am excited –

Thanks everyone for listening –    


Bruce’s Big Call Replay LINK   Intel Begins:  1:06:40

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