“Bad Thoughts, Good Thoughts, Positive Thoughts” by Stefan – 4.29.21


Entry Submitted by Stefan at 2:02 AM EDT on April 29, 2021

Dear Dinarland family, dear patriots,

Nice that you have time for me again!

First of all some knowledge, OK? Also I have said and also written it wrong before. Sorry for that! It is about the morphogenic, morphogenetic or also morphic field, from which we always read. The field, in which we “put” our thoughts, feelings, wishes, fears is called morphic or morphogenetic field. A morphogenic field does not exist, because morphogens are only signal molecules, which are therefore part of the morphogenetic field. I wanted to set this right with this.

In the last days I was confronted personally, but also by my research work, with the fact that people have fears and doubts, that people lose relatives or friends by the vaccination, that people ask whether they are prepared for an exchange, that people are uncertain whether they have prepared everything correctly. And yes, that people lose patience and even lack understanding that it still hasn’t happened. The latter also because many have reached the limit financially due to the C_orona measures and also because of all the other damage caused by the plandemic. We all wait more or less long, more or less damaged. Our longing for liberation, for freedom, for the new world is increasing day by day. Isn’t that so?

Well, I am not a guru, but I firmly believe that this year we are closer to our desire than before. For those who are unsure about the exchange date, I am helping (at least trying to) with my Telegram channel and other platforms. For those who are unsure about their projects or project ideas, there will be help and support. We are working hard on this in the German speaking countries. So don’t worry about this and get rid of your worries about this. I am sure that in every country on earth there will be people who will help everyone who needs help because of exchanges and projects. The LWS of Ron Giles offers all possibilities for this and it will be available for humanitarian exchangers worldwide.

So, now we have covered this important area. What can those do who have doubts and fears because of their personal environment, what C_orona, vaccinations, Deep State, dictatorship, police violence, restrictions of fundamental rights and other injustices have? I have often written about positive thoughts, visualizations of a better world. And I think this is more important now than ever before. While I am sure that the upper levels of the DS pyramid have long been eliminated, the great war already won, the subsequent levels all the way down, they are still making life difficult for the patriots. They will fight to the bitter end because they have nothing left to lose.

The last 20% of the DS DUMBs have been and are being purged in the last few days, or so I’ve heard. Maybe it will take even longer, because the Alliance has underestimated the depth of the swamp several times. But even that will end eventually, it can’t go on forever. I’m sure it will be finished soon. Even if it’s hard, given the invisibility of progress, we can also tick off this area. And most importantly, we need to see the lockdown as a protective measure. Likewise the announced lockdown in Turkey and Putin’s “national vacation.” People should get off the streets and in front of the TVs.


With that, I make the swing to the topic of thought. It has become habitual to all of us in the last decades, even centuries, to recognize the power of our thoughts. So we have to remember again and become aware that nothing that emanates from us remains without consequences, first and foremost consequences for ourselves. This as a motivation for you to deal with the topic of thought hygiene. Because negative thoughts, which we have, harm us first. You know this. The woman who always attracts the same men into her life, the man who always gets the same frustrating job, the child who is always without friends or is exploited.

I admit, thought hygiene is hard. Why? Because negative thoughts are easier to think and because it is very hard to get out of this vicious circle. It’s not easy to recognize negative thoughts and turn them into positive ones. If I wake up in the morning and reluctantly go to a job that I actually don’t like and right after waking up I’m already thinking about this negative job, how is it going to get better? I have written to you before about Vera F. Birkenbihl. She had a very simple and for everyone feasible solution to take the first step in the right direction. The smile or forced smile. Yes, really, she recommended grinning, smiling, laughing as often as possible every day. No, she didn’t mean walk around with a permanent grin, then you quickly end up in the jacket zipped up your back. She meant grin, smile or laugh as often as we can and as long as we can.

You’re in the car and you’re at a stoplight. Put your smartphone to your ear and grin or laugh. Until the light turns green and you can drive on. You go for a walk, put headphones in your ears and smile. The same goes for shopping, jogging, walking. And especially when you don’t feel like it. Think of something funny you’ve experienced, or something you’ve read or watched. If you can do that, you have reached an important point. You will really become more positive through the endorphins that are released, which will also make your thoughts more positive. And if you smile at another person and get this free, beautiful gift back, it really works wonders, you’ll see.

The next step would be to increase your gratitude. This is also easy to do. Sit down at evening, grab a paper and pen or sit down at the computer and write down what you could be grateful for throughout the day. I did this and still do it today. At first, you will experience it, you don’t think of much or it is phrases, the longer you do it, the more you think of and afterwards you write pages instead of just a few lines. This also teaches you to practice mental hygiene, because gratitude is a good, positive feeling.

At the moment, a lot of negative thoughts are coming into the field. Fears, doubts, worries of those who have not understood anything of the processes in the world, in addition quarrel, envy, complaints among the enlightened ones who cannot achieve unity. And very bad are the energies that are put into the field by the cabal stooges and troops. For they lose almost every battle because it is approaching its end. So their feelings of loss, defeat, downfall are added to that. And the more negative thoughts are in the morphogenetic field, the more they harm the whole humanity and all other beings and entities.

I can reassure you, this does not sound good, but here too there is a natural solution, a law of nature: positive thoughts have much more power and strength than negative ones. I have read that one positive thought can neutralize up to 6000 negative thoughts. So, if this is correct, a patriot who is positive all day, concerned with a beautiful new world, and starts his day in a good mood every morning, could neutralize 6000 ” sleepers” with negative thoughts. Do you realize what powerful tools we actually have? To keep the thoughts of all people (if they are all people) of the earth’s population neutral, we need only a little over 1.3 million positive people. That means that we – if we are enough – can work with our positive, beautiful thoughts against the still existing suffering of this world.

I can also give you the tip to deal with the seven hermetic laws. There is a German “manual” how to apply these laws, probably there will be something like that in English or other language. However, this is not as easy as the tips above, or needs more practice. Let’s just try it starting today, maybe all of us who do it will make the difference in the final battles or can make the starting shot into the new world come faster. What do you think? Are you with us? Everyone at home can contribute, everyone! Thank you and soon I will be able to write: Welcome to the new world!


“The improbable is much more probable than the appearance of the probable!”

WWG1WGA! Mani wastete yo!

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