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Deputy: The return of the dollar exchange rate to what it was in the past 

The Secretary-General of the Islamic Union for Iraqi Turkmen , Jasim Muhammad al-Bayati, on Thursday ruled out the return of the dollar’s exchange rate and its return to what it was previously.

Al-Bayati said in a statement to the agency / Al-Maaloumah /, “The issue of the return of the dollar’s exchange rate to what it used to be has become a thing of the past, and there are no indications regarding it.”

He pointed out, “The current time does not allow it to return to what it was due to the existing health conditions, but there is a rumor and some say that the exchange rate of the dollar will return to its previous price before the elections.”

It is noteworthy that , on December 20, Iraq decided to reduce the value of the dinar against the dollar to 1450 instead of 1184, to contain the financial crisis, but the decision caused stagnation in economic movement and an increase in commodity prices in the local markets.   link

A member of the Kurdistan Parliament reveals the reason for the delay in implementing the budget agreement between Baghdad and Erbil.

Jihad Hassan, a member of the Natural Resources Committee in the Kurdistan Regional Parliament, revealed today, Thursday (April 29, 2021) the reason for delaying the implementation of the budget agreement between the governments of Baghdad and Erbil, while denying the existence of a dispute between the regional government and oil companies operating in Kurdistan over the issue of oil delivery to Baghdad.


Hassan said in an interview with (Baghdad Today), “The issue of delaying the implementation of the budget agreement between Baghdad and Erbil has nothing to do with oil companies and their opposition to oil delivery at all.”

He added, “The issue is limited to the existence of some technical problems that will be resolved by the visit of the Kurdistan Regional Government delegation, which includes a group of ministers and will visit Baghdad in the coming days, to implement the budget agreement between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government.”

And local media have reported that there are differences between the regional government and the oil companies operating in Kurdistan regarding the delivery of the region’s oil to Baghdad.   link

Follow-up of funds and real estate abroad .. Iraq recovers 24 million dollars from Germany

On Friday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed that Iraq is making great efforts to restore its regional and global role, and while it renewed Baghdad’s support for dialogue tracks in the region, it indicated its continued follow-up to the file of Iraqi funds and real estate abroad.  

“Iraq is making great efforts to coordinate with all its friends around the world to reserve international positions, and this is important because it will re-position Iraq within the various organizations,” ministry spokesman Ahmed Al-Sahhaf said in a statement to the official agency, followed by “People.” “It will also restore the opportunity for Iraq to make decisions in more than one important circle related to human rights, the United Nations and human rights organizations.”  

Iraqi Politics  

He added that “the Iraqi foreign policy pursues a vision of focusing balance and stability, and it relies on peace and abides by all international agreements, as the balanced role of Iraq with all parties at the regional and global levels representing an opportunity to take control.” of matters and initiatives that would restore Iraq to coordinate regional interactions at the level of Region and international interactions. ”  


International support for Iraq  

He stressed that “Iraq had international and regional support in its war against ISIS terrorist gangs, and today it is in the role of the diplomatic movement, initiator and actor, which establishes balance and stability at the regional level.”  

Seeking stability in the region  

He pointed out that “the Iraqi foreign policy is working to support the paths of dialogue between the parties at the regional level, believing that these interactions will lead to the consolidation of stability at the regional level, and all of this will be reflected in Iraq.”  

He explained that “the concept of security is organic and cannot be divided,” indicating that “sustaining coordination with all parties and relying on dialogue mechanisms and agreeing on the rules of common interest is the means to defuse crises, reduce escalation and depend on the new phase that calls for empowerment and integration for the development of the peoples of the region. ”  

Activating the joint committees  

He pointed out that “the ministry is now at the bilateral level, working very hard to activate the work of the joint Iraqi committees with all the partners of Iraq,” noting that “the daily meetings in the specialized departments in the ministry to push for the work of the joint committees.  

He continued: “This will be through following up the memoranda concluded between Iraq and its friends, as well as following up the outcomes of the meetings and building on a speech that secures political, security, economic and development paths in which there are multiple fields , which confirms the role of Iraq with its partners and re-follows up seriously in order to achieve more realistic programs. ”  

He pointed out that “Iraqi diplomacy is opening up to the Iraqi street and is responsible for responding to it.”  

On Iraqi funds abroad, Al-Sahhaf said that “there is a movement to recover Iraqi funds abroad, and the ministry has recovered 24 million dollars from Germany. We also hope that we will reach clear results with the file of Iraqi real estate abroad and” to ensure their security and security, as well as confirm their ownership of Iraq. ” 


He pointed out that “Iraqi companies by the ministry are working with Iraqi embassies in all countries of the world to follow up the file of Iraqi funds abroad     link

When you think you’re at the end of your rope..That is the time that you dig in mentally, physically with all your resolve and determination to put it all on the line. Focus not on the pain, only the gain and what lies at the top of that rope.

With all your might, move inch by inch not looking back only forward while changing your attitude to reach that altitude ….conquering all fears along the way.

 Fill your mind with positive thoughts and how the current struggle is only temporary and will serve as rocket fuel to get you to your quest. What the mind can Conceive and believe the mind can achieve! Control your thoughts and ordain your destiny!     E

Hang on and start your climb

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