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Bruce’s Big Call Intel Thursday 4-29-21

Call Transcribed by WiserNow

Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – it’s Thursday April 29th and you’re listening to the Big Call – we welcome everybody wherever you’re from around this beautiful globe for tuning in live or by replay

Now let’s go to where we are now – this is kind of what I’m getting and even recently – right up to the time of the call – there are certain individuals that I know are on high red alert – ok – that should be a good thing – anybody that is on a high alert is getting ready to do something – either to be paid or to exchange or both – and I think that is really good –

Now let’s compare that to what is going on in Reno – which is “hot” and “live” – same thing is true in Miami and Zurich –  and Miami and Zurich primarily – as well as Reno to an extent – are talking about bonds ready to pay out to the bond sellers – ok – and that is something that is still waiting for that official email that says you have money in y our account and you have 1% of the funds that you have exchanged your bonds for and that is enough to get you through for – and the bond holders case – 30 days – ok – don’t hold me to that but it’s usually 30 days – could be as much as 90 days-  depending on who it is and what the 1% is about –

Our situation is a little different –they are looking at us in terms of 2 % of our “total” exchange however – I hear that we could get all of the currency liquidity from the very beginning – in other words if you had dong and dinar – or you had rupiah or something like that not zim – you would be able to get access to those funds immediately

The zim however – due to the largeness of the note and denominations – is more restrictive because of the volume of liquidity – and what I understand is we would be able to get 2% of that total – which could be  humongous – could be trillions or even more – could be billions / trillions or more – you can get up to 2 % of that to last you for your first 90 days  –  Now most of us  I believe will go into a structured payout – that’s our choice – we choose that –

I personally love it because I love the idea of a fixed return against this large mother lode account – ok – that would come to me every quarter – every 90 days – and you get that certain amount of interest and I told you guys a long time ago your mother lode account and your spill over account – spill over is where I am looking for the interest that is earned in the motherlode account in the structured payout to be paid in a secondary account the same thing as a spill over account –  that is what I am going to draw from – to do projects – ok –




So the initial principle amount that’s in the motherlode account or master account – that doesn’t really get touched –  you leave it there – you park it there and it just keeps  …… it’s like the goose that laid the golden egg – it pays out every quarter – how long ????  I am going to try to go as long as 300 years on the structured payout –  whether I am here or not – I still plan to have it to support the projects and everything that we’re doing –

So that is my intent – that’s what I’ve got – and by the way I’m considering zim and that structured payout for humanity –  for projects – the currencies I may use for my own personal uses – ok – homes – car –  whatever – new clothes new guitar – whatever – that is how I am doing it – that’s all coming out of my “currency exchange” – I am going to try to set the currency exchange up so the proceeds  from that goes to a separate bank in a separate new account – you do what you want –

We are – the best I can tell –  they still want to get us started this week – and this week takes us through Saturday – so Thursday tonight –nothing yet – tomorrow last day of the month it’s a possibility  – they wanted to get this started by the last day of the month – tomorrow – Friday is the last day – if they don’t pull that off the first of May – is Saturday –  and we’ll see –  if they pull that off tomorrow – If they don’t – we can look to Saturday –

Now there is nothing absolute about this –  it’s just the best information that we have so far –we’re looking forward to this obviously starting and getting going for a period of time – we’re still supposed to have 10-12 days to exchange –  and it’s primarily geared around redemption of the zim – That’s the big deal –  we all know it – that’s the big thing that’s going to keep redemption centers open until they have all of the zim people in – once all the zim people are in – they will close down the redemption centers because if you have dinar or dong and you call the 800 number you will get routed to a tier 1 or tier 2 bank – to do the currency exchange –

If you have zim and other currencies you will get routed to a redemption center by zip code – there is no separation if you have both zim bonds and other currencies – you still go to the redemption center for all of those – I hope that clarified that –

One other thing that was out there ascribed to me that I did not say on the last call – was that when it comes to taking cash – at the time of the exchange appointment – my understanding is yes you could take up to $14,000 BUT they are going to suggest that you take no more than $5,000  – and they would like for us to take that in 50’s and 100”s – the new bills –  to get those out in the economy  the USTN’s

Ok – so that is really what is happening and anything else that you may be seeing or reading I cannot testify to – I will say this – you would get up to – for bond holders – I think this was misconstrued in some writing after Tuesday night call – 




Try to understand this – you get 1% if you are a bond holder – when they decide to pay us and hopefully bond holders are getting paid over night tonight or tomorrow – and then – you get the additional  19% for a total of 20% in about 30 days –  that is what my understanding is –  that’s happening for bond sellers – we are in a little different game but it is similar –  we get 2% and they want to know how much we NEED for the first 90 days for projects – because on day 91 you would get your first interest payment from your structured payout  – so you have to estimate how much you need to get projects started for the first 90 days – come up with a number

Something else I wanted to tell you – Listen – we know that the schedule has been set for today and tomorrow at redemption centers had reps going in early – really early in the morning – and staying late – they needed to – they might have been sent home but they are prepared for 15 hour long days –

Saturday and Sunday we believe will go for 8 hr days – now can we get started Saturday and  power through the weekend – I think so – I hope we  get notified by email and toll free numbers tomorrow before Saturday or Sunday – so we can get this party started

Many who thought we were starting today – were disappointed in that – we had heard Thursday or Friday – I believe I said that on Tuesdays call that Thursday was looking good and that is kind of where everyone in the community was but now I believe everyone in the community now more or less has added Saturday into the mix – since it has not happened today – and won’t happen today – Friday and Saturday are our next possible days to go –

The QF System is up and running ready to go – the satellite is up and running ready to go fully activated – The Chinese Elders are happy with the progress that has been made – and the World’s Court that wanted this to go this month is also satisfied with the progress that’s being made to push this through –

There may be some paperwork issues that is a red tape thing with the paymasters / sending and receiving banks might be an issue and if that is it is more or less bankers being bankers and red tape in the process – hopefully that is all worked out and everything is ready to roll  –

We know certain leaders in the group out west is complete – everything is done – now we are waiting on the paymasters to activate the individual recipients accounts and set this party on fire – get it going –

So that’s about where we are right now – that’s what I’ve got so far up until the call tonight – I want to be able to tell you it’s an absolute but you know as well as I do this is one heck of a moving target- we have to track it – we have to try to get the information we get = most of the banks – all that I know of right now have clammed up – they are all quiet – we’re not getting any information at all  from our bank sources and some of it is coming from other sources but it’s looking like this thing should happen either tomorrow  or Saturday

I believe the reason the bond holders have not been paid today like they thought / we thought – is because they are trying to use the shotgun start – not only for us in tier 4 A & B – but also for the bond holders so that we all go at the same time – and maybe that is why – to wait for them

So we have to go with that – we go with what we know and we see what else we can learn – obviously I try to get more information – all day long – and right now that’s the best I can do for you tonight –  




Thanks for listening

Bruce’s Big Call Replay LINK   Intel Begins   1:03:23

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