Dinarland Highlights for May 1, 2021


Dinarland Highlights – 5.1.21


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[Are you hearing anything new on the Vietnamese rate?]

I am still hearing about $2-$2.25 on the contract rate we should be getting on the dong….  I hope this is accurate.



I’m watching the banks.  That’s my primary interest.  What is the CBI doing?  How is Warka interfacing?  I do have a contact at Warka.  I know what the interface looks like and I understand what they are doing.  They are working really really hard to get themselves SWIFT compliant.  Because once that happens the door opens for more international functionality and business and all those things that make credibility real in that country… 

I know that the interface between all the different banks…hasn’t been completed yet.  That’s something I learned from Warka.  That’s something they’re working on.  We also know the infusion of additional cash flowing into Warka is scheduled to come from the CBI but they haven’t released it yet.  I think part of the reason they’re holding it up is because they still don’t have a value associated with it correctly.  Here we are.  It’s all moving forward...


Frank26 (KTFA)

I’m gonna say roughly about 30 articles today…who are they all from?  …they’re from the CBI.  Behold the “leaks”.  This is on purpose from the CBI.  You’ve never seen them talk this much.  Today they were parrots on steroids and it’s exactly what you want to see…none of this nonsense from parliament…this is all from the FAB 4 not just the CBI.  You’ve got the Arab Monetary Forum.  You’ve got the International Monetary.  You’ve got the World Bank.  You’ve got all Fab 4s there.  The only one not there is President Trump.  Trust me IMO President Trump is smiling like a Chester Cat right now…



There’s a pattern here…way too many articles about updating the banking system down to the teller level.  It’s way too many…we’ve got all this integration going on.  Tellers are being trained…we’ve got all this banking stuff going on.  I mean there’s a lot of talk about banking…I love that the governor of the CBI came out this morning and says, ‘Hey we’re going to get our banks ready to start accepting digital transactions.‘  Uh, excuse me sir we already know that’s been done…I think he’s trying to buy time…all these things are lining up…put all these kinds of things together it’s pretty exciting…




RV News:   Contrary to what everyone out there is saying, it is a very slow, calculated roll out. They have the world global settlement side (GCR) and the other side is the RV. Both are being released slowly. It is not a shotgun start.

…You will have another 1-2 more weeks before it gets to our level. So prepare and relax. It is happening for real this time just slower than we all want. Never, ever give up.



What is the area in which the central bank moves in the area of controlling the currency exchange?

When it’s a “free float” then it’s up to supply and demand. That means the market decides the value of the exchange.  You have a “fixed rate”.  That’s where we are right now.  They’re telling you right now you get 1460 dinars for every $1.  That’s a fixed rate.

A “dirty float or managed float” you let the market determine the value of the currency but if it goes too far one way or the other the bank can intervene and fix it.  In other words peg it to something for a second.  There’s been a lot of talk about the currency.  Are they going to free float it?  The funny thing is why are they having these types of conversations?  If we’re being told the rate is going to remain the same for the next 3 to 5 years whey do they have these conversations going on…I’ll tell you why.  It’s because they have no intentions of on keeping this rate fixed for that long.  It’s just not going to happen



I don’t see anything bad coming down the road…But they’ve got to do it correctly…the people that I know who helped set this up (I don’t know them personally) they still have dinar.  They all have faith in it.  I know there’s governors, there’s senators…they still have it.  Whenever this comes down, at what rate, at what pace that’s our lot.  There’s nothing negative here.  Don’t worry about that…


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