“Re: Restored Republic via a GCR” by MRH – 5.1.21


Entry Submitted by MRH at 7:44 PM EDT on May 1, 2021

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of May 1, 2021

I have seen comments such as “the IMF agreed to green light the exchange.” before. Let’s think about this. The International Monetary Fund is a creation of the central bankers and those who own said central banks. The Federal Reserve Bank was a privately owned bank that was founded by 14 shareholders, only four of which were Americans, the rest were Europeans. So the central bank that was given control of the monetary system in these united states was mostly owned by European bankers. When the Federal Reserve Bank was started in 1913, it was required to maintain 75% in assets. That means they were required to maintain gold in the amount of 75% of what currency they put into circulation. Over the years they had congress reduce this amount until finally in the early 1970s requirement to hold gold against their currency in circulation was removed. So now these people who control our monetary system, can simply print all they want. This is the same with all central banks around the world in those countries wherein these same people have a foothold.

Just like the central bankers are going to lose every bit of power they have over nations, the IMF, being a joint effort of central bankers are going to lose every bit of power it has over all nations. Essentially, everything that the IMF and central bankers have, which is their fiat currency, is going to become worthless. The IMF is owned by the same people who have assassinated presidents and murdered millions of people around the world with their wars just to economically take control of a nation. They have fomented wars just so they could loan “money” to both sides of the war to finance their war machines. After all, whomever controls a nation’s “money” controls the nation no matter who sits at the head of the nation.

The reason I put in quotes the term “money”, is because currency can represent money or not. It only represents money when it represents an amount of gold or silver. The legal definition of “money” is “Money. In the usual and ordinary acceptation it is gold, silver or paper money as circulating medium of exchange, and does not embrace notes, bonds, evidences of debt, or other personal or real estate. Lane v. Railey, 280 Ky. 319, 133 S.W. 2d. 74, 79, 81. Currency; the circulating medium; cash.”

As can be seen in this legal definition of “money”, if it is not gold or silver or the paper money as a circulating medium representing gold or silver, it is not money. This also shows us that the term does not mean several things to include “notes” like the Federal Reserve Note. A note is a debt instrument and as such does not meet the legal definition of money.

But another important thing that people should know is the definition of “debt”. That definition states, “Debt. A sum of money due by certain and express agreement;”. So for a debt to exist, one must have promised to may “money”. If the promise was not to pay money, then no debt exist. For the debt to exist and require the payment of money, one must have either borrowed gold or silver to use, or no debt exists. Now, it may be that from whomever the loan was made was in the form of getting a product in advance of payment and paying over time. But here again, the contract only creates a debt if money is required to be tendered. It is not a debt if money is not required to be paid and it is not money if it is not gold or silver coin. Even The Constitution for the United States of America forbids any state from “allow any thing other than gold or silver coin to be tendered in payment of debt.” This can be found at Article I, Section 10, Clause 1.

When most people get a purported “loan” from a bank, it is not a loan at all. The “borrower” will sign a prommisary note and in exchange, the bank will lend a bunch of notes, which are also a promise to pay. This was the determination of a jury in the common law case of First National Bank of Montgomery v. Jerome Daly. It is also referred to as the Credit River case, because it took place in Credit River, Wisconsin, a very ironic place for the case to be brought. There is no such thing as coincidence. In that case, the president of the bank answered a few questions of the bank president. The judge asked him if the claim of the defendant, whose house was being foreclosed by the bank, did not actually lend him any money, but merely made a ledger entry. The bank president admitted that it was true. The judge then asked the bank president if he was aware of any federal or state statute that allowed the bank to do this and the bankers admitted he was not aware of any such statute. When asked what made the banker think he could do that, he simply stated, “It is just how it is done.” The jury decided that Daly could keep his house, because the bank gave nothing of any more value than Daly gave the bank and what they had each exchanged was of equal value. The judge delivered the decision of the jury and the bankers had him killed about six months later in a “car accident”. They made an example of the judge, which is why judges do not go against the bankers today.

So anyone who thinks the IMF has any say whatsoever in the GCR is sorely mistaken. To think that the IMF needs to approve the GCR is to think the IMF is approving of its own demise. It is the equivalent of thinking that a criminal has approved of locking himself up or worse yet, has approved of his own execution, since that is exactly what is going to happen to the IMF.

To allow the IMF to still have any control over any monetary system is the same as allowing the fox to live in the hen house after he is caught eating the chickens. What logical sense does it make to think the IMF has anything to do with the GCR? It makes none to me, but the one thing I don’t know is everything.


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