Dinarland Highlights for May 2, 2021


Dinarland Highlights – 5.2.21

MilitiaMan (KTFA)

That devaluation that they did is actually in a sense creating value if they drop the 3 zeros because 1480 when you drop 3 zeros off its $1.48 for instance but if you go to 1500 [it] equals $1.50.  The citizens in essence even though they are probably going to be looking like they’re getting hammered by inflation and the devaluation, in the end/long run if they do drop the zeros and they have it at that rate they make more money IMO

For the Dinar and Dollar to be interconnected electronically this weekend per an article is a big deal, imo. The USA has told the Iraq Trade Bank that we will support you during and after the process of electronic paring of the USD and IQD. The USA did the same for the CBI, for supporting them along the way as well. The country of  Iraq has Financial Inclusion (E-Gov, E-Commerce, E-Banking, E-Currency, salaries, payments, settlements, etc.) and that also goes for the region that represents the AMF.  We know the Taxes, Fees, Customs, etc., are ready electronically now at the borders, too. They said that accomplishment was a first time ever!!…JPM has gamed a deal with the UST to clear the USD electronically on the BUNA platform owned by the AMF. That platform is an electronic clearing system. All these things took years to accomplish! It is quite clear they are gearing to show their hand…I like it Big Time!


Frank26 (KTFA)

Somebody’s buying time in Iraq.  It’s almost comical.  It’s every week we see ‘okay, let’s postpone this.‘  Postpone this my gluteus!…but there are a lot of things moving and happening… “chatter” that’s a key word…there’s a lot of chatter…we’re dealing with the financial inclusion.  I love it because we also have the budget law.  We have all the things that are necessary to get this rate going now…this is serious.  None of these things have ever been before in front of our eyes…I do not call it financial inclusion.  I call it financial conclusion



The budget is legal.  It’s been printed in the Gazette.  It’s enforced.  It’s done…We’re all excited.  There’s chatter.  There’s stuff going on.  I think we should see something here soon…I know it’s a broken record but you know we don’t control it.  I wish we did we could be done…



Is Iraq SWIFT compliant yet?  No they are not.  But here’s the thing.  They don’t need to be SWIFT compliant to add value to their currency.  They just don’t.  Not every country is on the SWIFT system.  Would it help?  Absolutely.  One of the things if Iraq really wants to get into the SWIFT system is to correct the value of its currency…until Iraq adds value to its currency they’re not going to be in the SWIFT system.  When you see language that Iraq wants to be in the SWIFT system you’ve got to be happy because they know they need to add value to it…Iraq wants to be part of the SWIFT system…



When this thing does come to fruition and it will…one of the first things everybody is going to do is going to experience an emotion…based deeply in fear and partially in greed.  The first thing everyone is gonna want to do is they’re gonna be afraid and they’re gonna go cash in their IQD and they’re gonna get hit with the biggest taxes they can possibly get clobbered with.

I’ve been telling this for years now, when it’s time you’re going to interview 6 attorneys, 6 CPAs and 6 financial advisors.  Why 1.  It’s going to slow you down!  You don’t have to fall into that impulse.  2.  When you have a conversation with professionals they are going to give you more of an education…you’re going to have clarity.  With clarity comes peace. And you’re going to be able to handle this income that’s coming in your direction in a way that’s going to serve you for a long, long time.  Be peaceful.  Things are good.  It’s all happening…There’s nothing here to be afraid of.  Nothing…

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