“Good News about the QFS from an Official Spokesperson” by Miron P – 5.3.21


Entry Submitted by Miron P at 8:16 PM EDT on May 3, 2021

Dear IDC family,

Firstly I’d like to suggest a call on Simon Parkes site that is in my opinion spot on. Sync with all my previous posts. 

Mel K, Ann Vander Steel, and Charlie Ward join Simon, the voice that most represents the pulse of Humanity on this call.

Charlie has openly stated his direct link to QFS. He is the only voice currently around with these credentials.

I remember when I’d listen to Bruce the first days and the “One Who Knows/One Who Believes” with the cat on YouTube, both brought hope but no real Intel. He had spaceship above his house protecting him.  In hindsight I see the Pys-ops we here had to endured. Bruce one thing he said that was true, was have game plan A your everyday job , B is for after it happens. Good advice to everyone.

Overloading one’s body with vitamins & minerals, can also become a stress to the body, especially the liver when a condition of excess iron exists , it can assists on short time intervals. Best to eat whole foods, including raw. Their nutrients differ in value to the body as opposed their manufactured copies. Also the body assimilates exact proportion in nature, better than Daily Recommended Dose. 

With the above interview. Charlie Ward mentioned that we are very close. He can’t say much as the QFS team has ordered him not to, they monitor him. Final phase and imminent is what he conveyed. 

The date is significant to me as it’s the Orthodox Easter, the original resurrection of the Christ principle, before Rome and the Vatican took control of the known world. Some say the Caesar is still at the head, aka Benjamin Fulford.  

He’s a strange read to me as the Michael Cottrell hit piece was 100% dead wrong ,  only from the CABAL. I do agree with his views that the world is controlled by secret factions,  but many have discussed Cabal and its tentacles.

The call also projects what I have discussed previously.  That there are  “people playing games” that control the world. They play a game, as all the false Intel has been a psy-op and a slow rollout , they have hordes of wealth and their well paid minions have good guaranteed incomes and retirements. 

While Humanity has suffered incalculable harm from the hand of the Cabal from the times of Rome, are attacked by a bio weapon Covid19 engineered plandemic, read Judy Mikovits, living through an economic depression many take their lives or die horrible deaths. These same  PTB have a specific plan that takes precedent. They only know. I pray it’s true value and intent is love for Humanity, controlled by the highest ethical and moral standards and backed by blockchain technology to ensure every facet is recorded and a provable fact, not needing millions of dollars to access Justice Truth & Transparency between billions of souls interacting with one another, an assets to Humanity and a level playing field for all. 

With regards to the call, Simon mentioned that not all will be revealed and not all the guilt will be brought down, the rest agreed. This concurs with my idea that this wait was all about negotiating settlements, insider deals prepositioning, probably voting rights moving to Asia on the “PTB  round table” concretely. Once the QFS starts, every real penny will be counted, the Asian giant ascends the throne of the round table, Rome and Caesar falls, graciously or not.

Secondly, closing off I’d like to add that Frank26 the only Intel that is Intel with regards to Iraq,  reliable and consistent to me , is on high alert status, his message is ” in the near approximal future” Iraq RV.

All these suggestions and the claims that the St Germain Trust rules of release is around Easter make me hopeful that this has now become real and not a psy-ops holding pattern proposition. Timed with the “fall of Rome” quite epic in my opinion.

I pray for all that we are all Reborn in light love & grace and very soon be released to do good works upon this earth , remember do no harm the rule.


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