Nick Fleming: RV/GCR Intel Notes from the Telegram Call for 5-2-21


Nicks Intel Update

Updates concerning the RV/GCR

05/02/2021 Notes From The Telegram Call Today

NOTE: These notes are a summary and not intended to be exact, please listen to the recording. Information provided is based on what is currently known and is subject to change.

Nick Call 5.2.2021 Hello everybody and welcome to the Nick Fleming “Question and Answer” call. Please note that this call is private and only intended for our members and invited guests. It is not to be recorded or shared outside of Telegram or Nick’s Blog without written permission. The content is for informational and educational purposes only. We are not professional financial, investment, legal or tax advisors. With that being said, I would like to introduce Mr. Nick Fleming.

Will begin with some new intel that just came in a bit ago and the latest update that we have received.

Sun 2 May is that there was a release at 2:09 pm EST for the RV teams to start locking down rates and procedures for the shotgun start & T4B, to start sometime in the next 24+ hours, after reviews & audits. In the RV team meetings tomorrow, Mon 3 May. He recommended prayers keep going up that nothing slows it down as his info is that this blessing is about to ERUPT in 209 countries, and all are excited behind the scenes.

We got one earlier update that said all signed off on and that they are starting.

We are going to go ahead and open this up for live questions. Ask one question and we will give the most honest answer that we can.

• Q – We have heard a lot about the NDA and the necessity to sign it. Is it possible when the public goes to have the international rate, and will they have to sign an NDA?

A – If you choose not to sign and wait, will not get international rate. All the NDA does is prevents you from telling anyone what rate you received for 6 months. For example, if the international rate is $20 for Dinar and the street/front screen rate is .50 cents, wouldn’t you want the higher rate? To wait for the public means no international rate and you will be losing an awful lot if you do it that way. If you are wanting to help others, then you are better off to do your exchange, meet with WM team and work out a way to help family members.

• Question about Chinese Bonds – I purchased them but hear little about what if I purchased the right ones or how to redeem them. Is there a trusted source or website to get more information, or an expert? Will they be redeemed the same day?

A – I am not familiar with the Chinese bonds. For the last few years just been dealing with Zim bonds and currency. The Chinese bonds were mostly done in Zurich and are funding the GCR and there are a lot of different bonds. I would take them to your appointment and ask as they will be better equipped to answer your questions or connect you to the right people.

• Can you advise when or how we should contact or have access to WM team? Before or After? Should I start researching teams?

A – You can do that, but they are not going to talk to you because it is all supposition. If you have Zim, they will connect you with WM team or if you have a lot of currency or want contract rate on certain ones. You can ask to meet then or within 15 days. You can research but will also need to research if they can handle the level of funds that you have. If dealing with WF, Chase (T1 banks) they have WM teams. You can use anyone you want or make up your own team. Would include realtors, managers, attorneys, classes that you can take as well.

• Would like to know with the NDA, can I talk to my wife after. She is not going in due to medical issues. Can I talk to adult children, they are aware but don’t follow?

A – She can sign after. With the NDA, can I talk to my wife after. As soon as she can sign later or if WM come to house, she can sign then. She can sign after. As for adult children, put under an NDA. Anyone who you think might go out and talk – put under an NDA.

• I want to clarify NDA, once you sign, you can still help someone make appt? Is that correct?

A – You can help someone else. You can give them the link or if you want to let them use your computer, they can set their own appts. The NDA prevents you from discussing what you received at appointment. only for not discussing what occurred and what you received at your appointment.

• I am 83, have 3 -100T Zim, can I take them in and compare rates and if decide turn them over to the bank? Because I also have Dong, Dinar and Rial, would love to take advantage of contract rates and not do anything with the Zim.

A – Based upon your age, anyone over 70, will be offered a default package. They would offer X of dollars, which would be in the millions for The Zim. Then you can walk away. The idea on the Zim is for long term. You can take a CPA or lawyer or family member with you. Many things you can do. Even with the Zim if they gave you 11 million you would have 33 million that you could put into a trust account for you and your family. They could offer you even more. If you have a family member you want to help, give it to them. Giving it to the bank does not benefit anyone.

• I have humanitarian projects and have Zim and currency. Will they offer higher rates or will they ask how much I will need? I have a rough estimate, but not sure. Will I be doing presentation then or at a different time? Will the WM be connected to the CB system and will that be safe?

A – when you go in they will ask you what you have and they will offer a default rate (No one knows what that rate/package is). If you don’t like it. Then you will explain you have projects and meet with WM and get their recommendations and will be people there that deal with these types of things. Can take who they offer or interview someone that you like. They can help validate what you need. You will not be doing your presentation at the first meeting, it will be a 2nd meeting for presentation. Only thing you will do at first meeting, you will provide overview or summary to leave a copy with them. They will give to WM and when you meet with them, you bring everything else in. WM deal with private side of the bank and that is a question you will have to talk to them about – not the bank. It is different. They can answer your question about banking at the RC.

• My daughter is going to do my exchange for me. Will there be a RC in each state and should someone go in with her.

A – She can go in for you as long as she is your PoA, she can take a CPA or attorney as long as they are willing to sign the NDA. There are supposed to be RCs within an hour.

• Q From Australia – a lot of us don’t know what is going to happen here in RC and how far RCs are in the states. Will we be going to one of the 4 major banks, or a military facility. Will we get an 800 number or safe web link for us. Concerned about the big banks being cabal. Would prefer military. Would assume under QFS.

A – once the links come out, they are to be international with centers will be set up to do a toll-free number for your country. Then you call the toll-free number. You could be going into a bank. I do not know if there are RCs in all countries. In general, it would be like a central bank of your country. Like in Canada was RBC, which was taken over by another bank. You will be going to a T1 bank. Each country has their own set up. What it will be operating under regs for your country. That is about as much as I know.

• From Australia – understanding that we will receive email with the safe web link. Will we be able to easily identify the email address, or will it end up in spam folder? A – Each country has their own set of procedures of what they will do. Some will be receiving emails with instructions. Some will just do on line and will have to mail currency in. Do what you are asked to do in the email. They could give you a toll free number that will take you to the correct location. Some countries will have RCs, some will be attached to central banks or HSBC. There will be security around.

• Question about 70 age and cash out and not do a project. Has the age changed from 60 to 70?

A – Yes.

• Will Nesara / debt forgiveness begin? Will it take care of medical bills?

A – We don’t know when it will start. Supposed to take care of home loans that that type of things.

• I will be making appt for myself and spouse and have several who I will be helping, the youngest is 85, I have 14 appts to schedule. Will I be allowed to make a block set of appts so I can get them all set at one time. Some may not be able to do themselves.

A – Make initial appointment for yourself and ask at the RC and they should specifically help you to make it easier. You only have 10 days to get this done. They may be able to schedule appt. to do all of them. Or they could make you PoA and would save a lot of time.

• I am confused that IRS has been shut out of their accounts. I am wondering if we take the US currency out of the bank and take to the RC? The Humanitarian Projects, there is the list to choose from or your own. I am an animal lover.

A – No wouldn’t be able to do that. I have not heard that. There is a lot of talk. Heard that IRS is shut down, but hear about tax liens and they are collecting. If you have done a 3–4-page summary and that is what you will submit for your projects. If you don’t have one, but don’t know what it is. When you get to WM side they can help you with that. If you have a summary explaining what you want to do that includes hiring people, done locally or not – will still count and go for higher amount. and would count and go for higher amount. You may not know what the legal requirements are, but the WM team will. You tell them you want to set an appt. with WM.

• Can you talk about Silver and Gold prices?

A – No.

• When you say humanitarian projects, are they incorporating hiring somebody?

A – In the US, 2 things to qualify for higher rates includes job creation and infrastructure, etc.

• Have brother with currency and a couple of friends, can we go into together to exchange? I believe HSBC will be involved in Zim correct?

A – Yes, all have to sign NDA. I believe HSBC will be involved with Zim? Yes, and currency so can do both with them. HSBC will be dealing with both Zim and currency. (Australia)

• Confused about Zim vs currencies. I have them both. Can I take them all in? I don’t plan to do a project because of age.

A – You will take it all in. Zim is a bond. They will offer a contract rate – default package on Zim and may offer same on currency. Right now, they may offer 11 mill per 100T, used to be cap of 10, then 5 then 2, but we don’t know what default packages will be. If you take you default on currency, the currency rates offered will be international rate (higher than street rate), this is what you will get. It will be deposited into a bank or trust account.

• When talking about Safe Web link site was suggested that you put in personal public info as a registration and then sign NDA before receiving 800 number. is that still true?

A – The Safe Web link site – not asking personal questions but questions based on info on public domain – like past addresses you may have lived. If you answer correctly, then will give another question. This confirms who you are. As for the signing NDA – won’t sign physical NDA till you go to RC. An operator may come on and ask if you have Zim/currency or both – they need this to know where to send you. They will not ask how much you have or serial numbers. You will get number based on what you have.

• On the taxation – will tax some, the Zim or currency?

A – The currency by agreement is a non-taxable event. Zim can be because it is a bond. They have not decided on that yet. I would recommend putting 15% aside on Zim.

• On Zim, a lot of gurus are saying we have to walk in with a trust in hand and if we don’t we will be paying 37% in capital gains tax.

A – NO. They will have a skeleton trust or meet with WM to have trust set up.

Thank you everyone, hopefully this was helpful. When we get the Safe Web Links, we will post on Nick’s Blog, here in this International Room and those in Discord


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