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Nicks Intel Update

Updates concerning the RV/GCR

05/03/2021 Telegram Conference Call Notes

NOTE: These notes are a summary and not intended to be exact, please listen to the recording. Information provided is based on what is currently known and is subject to change. Please note that this call is private and only intended for our members and invited guests. It is not to be recorded or shared outside of Telegram or Nick’s Blog without written permission.

The content is for informational and educational purposes only. We are not professional financial, investment, legal or tax advisors. With that being said, I would like to introduce Mr. Nick Fleming.

Fleming Update Call

We are awfully close now to getting notifications and Safe Web Link sites. We have been told that some have gotten notifications. They have been meeting in Washington DC all day. We are waiting for more information.

The other reason for this call is because some gurus – and there is more than one, they are asking for what currencies you have and serial numbers with the promise to get you a better rate.

This document today addresses the difference between the Private Redemption/Exchange Center process as discussed, the “Private Negotiated Exchanges” currently being labeled “PNR” that have taken place. Private Negotiated Exchanges are also known as PRIVATE BUY/SELL with pre-negotiated terms, project approvals all done and already negotiated and set, rates defined, etc., etc. Being “prenegotiated” is why many choose to participate in “Private Group Exchange.”

There is a lot less responsibility for preparation. Here are a few points for discussion to clarify and help you understand what exactly the difference is and since we believe this important to understand. When you go into the Private Redemption/Exchange Center you are literally negotiating your Private Exchange.

With a Private Group Exchange Negotiating Rates will not be necessary. You have someone else negotiating rates on your behalf (the “platform owner”). BUT you also (possibly) lose out on the opportunity to benefit from your ability to request for and receive “Screen Rate” with the commitment to support PROJECTS for humanitarian and philanthropic purposes. Most of the Private Group Exchanges we have heard about are getting a rate that removes zeroes from the Zim bond being exchanged. For example, and not reporting on anything factual here: 100 T and 50 T ZIM notes were gathered for a private group deal. With a lop and with 1:1 parity, 100 T became 100 M after removing the 6 zeroes. It is obvious that this lop is a huge difference in what you are able to accomplish with a LEGACY TRUST for your family’s future generations. The lop also represents projects you or your heirs are not able to support. And you can be sure that someone is getting your project dollars.

We have heard from every quarter, the Private Redemption/Exchange Center will support your projects right from the start with the “Structured Settlement” being discussed. Qualifying for projects allows you to participate in this “Structured Settlement”. You will come prepared for this – or not. It is totally up to you. If you choose not to prepare for project discussion, then you are coming prepared for the “street rate” (same rate that you would get at the bank teller’s window) and possibly with a lop and that’s just fine. Projects are the difference in PNR and negotiating at the Private Redemption – Exchange Centers.

Negotiating Terms for your PNR: is not needed if you are in a Private Group Exchange. Your project requirements are taken care of by the group leader along with all obligation for project discussions, including any and all preparations, now and forever more.

Even so, your Agreement will still have non-disclosure verbiage with claw-back requiring discretion around all your present and future discussions of any and all terms for a window of time. Even so this Agreement will not include project obligations. Should your “PNR” allow for project participation and you elect to participate with projects you control and direct, then you will have the very same compliance requirements of this group leader/platform principal along with the same high-level oversight regimens facing those who exchange through the Private Redemption/Exchange Centers. In other words, you are likely doubly accountable for your project’s oversight. Negotiating Fees: will not be needed with your Private Group Exchange. Fees will have been managed by the principal and you will take it or leave it and most likely bank fees are the least of your worries. Managing the receipt of your funds, paid through this private buy/sell must be done with wisdom and understanding of the challenges in moving large amounts of money whether national or international.

We’ve heard that the digital amounts to cover everyone’s SKR is currently in account and awaiting distribution. This distribution must be done with Security and Safety foremost in mind. Herein lies the conundrum. How to manage this sudden wealth privately? What are you responsible for and what is the “paymaster” responsible for? How is this transfer managed? These are the questions you will have to have answered fully. Each negotiated private group exchange is unique, yet all typically follow the one fact of being coordinated and managed with approvals and cooperation through the US Treasury. The US Treasury makes sure that all money whether coming or going is audited, verified according to Agreement, and delivered to all appropriate parties safely, for a fee, of course.

Treasury coordinates with all banking entities from start to finish. All of the currencies involved, no matter the denomination or the country of origin are registered and tracked by the UST. The CLEAN, CLEAR FUNDS LETTER, (CCFL) issued by the Paymaster, is your required instrument guaranteeing safe passage from one (Paymaster’s) account to (yours) another account. This CCFL will provide proof that all of the stated money is free of encumbrance, free of any holds of any kind including any tax due and is under the protection and authorization of the Treasury of the United States Government which opens every US bank’s doors wide. The funds protected under CCFL are given priority status and no holds created. Your deposit is entered, and that all money described in this CLEAN CLEAR FUNDS LETTER are freely available. This CCFL will also issue instructions for security, taxation, privilege, and whatever negotiated Agreement the Platform has secured. This is something for you to clarify. Will the trust account you establish be shared bank-to-bank or through the bank’s wealth managers network? This is the typical/historic process. A newly funded trust with large assets is flagged and every bank is notified.

There are only a few states that have passed laws to disallow this from happening (Wyoming, for example, is one such state). We have heard that the Private Redemption/Exchange Centers (under the direction of the UST) are accepting the common law trust; and holding all accounts private. Once you transfer large amounts to your personal accounts (not recommended!), this is flagged and shared among “wealth managers” for cherry picking. This is why we recommend that you act with security in mind always and allow every transfer to be managed by the Trust Management Team you choose.

Consider that once your Private Negotiated Exchange has provided a CCFL, this must be forwarded to the bank you chose and as directed in writing – per your Agreement. This receiving bank will have a trust account already established – by you, waiting for this deposit. The trust will likely be an Irrevocable trust which is accepted and recommended by Tier 1 and Tier 2 bank’s Trust Departments, which follows existing banking/legal guidelines as a statutory trust. This is something that will be discussed between the participants.

For our purposes here, this is simply a discussion of the difference between the Private Negotiated Exchange and the Private Redemption/Exchange Process. For today, the importance of this brief discussion is to help you understand and focus on the key difference between the “PNR”, Private Negotiated Rate – Private Groups and the Private Redemption/Exchange Center which YOU negotiate 100%. Your understanding of this responsibility and your preparation makes all the difference.

FINAL POINT – if you have committed to a private exchange, it will help you to be aware and advised of their plans for exchanging additional currencies you might have bought. Understand this, if you’ve turned currency or bonds, over to another person, AGGREGATOR/PAYMASTER under a SAFE KEEPING RECEIPT; that person is exchanging in their name. The proceeds will be distributed to you. Their private exchange/redemption terms may not have been shared with you and this is typically the case. This is their private business and their private NDA. You will have the option to participate a second round under them or pursue your own negotiations directly with the Redemption Exchange Center. If you do pursue the Redemption Center exchange scenario, be aware that they will ask if you are presently in a private exchange. This is tricky but not really difficult. The answer is YES, if this is the case and you’re involved in a Private Group. Never lie about this. You may be accused later of double-dipping, going for a second round of exchange proceeds. This could cost you everything.

Those that are asking for your currency/bonds are dealing with platform traders and they can make investments w/o having your physical currency/bonds. You may eventually loose your funds.

If you email that info to – you loose control, by emailing that information you are giving them permission to trade or do what they want with it. The guru gets points for turning over all that info so traders can make money and you would not get any advantage if there was a profit from that. Guru would be acting as an agent. Many who have done this in the past have lost it and didn’t’ get it back. If anyone is requesting, you this information – you will lose your money.

Word to the wise. Keep your currency / bonds with you and safe. It is such a concern, there are 3-4 people trying to do this right now. Just say no. You can take care of this by issuing a cease and desist even if you provided them the information. You have to make a demand and void any kind of agreement that they have.

There is a concern by the DoD people wanted to make sure that no one is making this request. If someone sends you a request for this info, ignore, or hang up if they call.

The people are that are requesting. The big guy doing this is working with a platform. He has to tell you that legally. He cannot get you a better rate.

The only ones that do not get international or contract rates are the T5 / Public.

Before anyone can be made liquid, T4B goes. The upper Tiers only go when we do. We get the better rates by agreements.

EX – Dong right now .47, if international was 10.00 – that is a big difference.

Once T4B is done, the Forex rates will change. That may take a couple of weeks. When T5 (general public) goes in, they will get the lower rates. This is why the NDA requires that you do not tell anyone what you got for your currency. If a child runs out and tells their friends – what you got, you could have funds clawed back. It is to protect you. Have everyone in family/household sign NDA as protection.

The notifications/safe web link can be shared with others. They can make the calls and make their own appt. I know this is a re-hash, but it is important information.

There are meetings going on today to determine things.

Just got this update:

All our military intel contact can say now for security is that at 8:55 am EST this morning Mon 3 May, orders were given to push forward the release process, the 11 am EST RV team meeting is still going on into this evening reviewing all account down streaming last week, verifying that all the 1000s of the T3- 4A upper level accounts and the 6 levels deep under the Admirals level of 2,500 sub paymasters globally got funds & account paperwork in place for each upper level account for the shotgun start; he said this is going to be a week like no other, because the security teams & other RV teams are planning the payout sequence from now to Sat 15 May across 27 categories of RV/GCR payouts & exchanges, & T4B start is up front with the German bonds in the payout sequence whenever they plan to start it this week; public T5 starts Sun 16 May, so he said to keep prayers going up and get ready for a week like no other in your life! I believe that is good news.

What I am going to do right now, if anyone has questions on what we just talked about – will take about 10 questions.

• When T5 they receive lower rates and not subject to an NDA, correct?

A – Correct. You will go to a RC – they will go to a teller window. They do not want everyone to go out and blab. They have what is called the Lotto Syndrome – where people win and buy big houses.

They don’t want you talking about your deal. It is about you and them. People talk. It will get back to them and they will be monitoring everyone that goes to RC. If word gets back them that Mr. Jones got 100 Million, someone will knock on your door. They will claw back money.

• If I don’t have a project will there be pre-vetted projects that I can sign onto?

A – Yes, mostly infrastructure, some international available, and they will have that list.

• What is difference between T4B or T5B?

A – If you are here and are part of internet group or T4B. It is those who are online and following the gurus, articles, and groups. T4A was made up of folks who have SKRs and connected to Zim groups. Everyone on this call is part of T4B.

• Currently I am overseas and a US Citizen. Can I exchange here, or do I have to return home?

A – If you have your currency with you, you can do there. Some countries have RCs. Can do there or here. Still have to call and make appt. Tell them you are out of country and then ask what your options are.

• When they send notices, will you have information about any changes or procedures from what we have heard?

A – Probably not. Most know what they need, just follow the instructions that you get. The only thing that changes is the amount of Zim. From 10, 5,2 – no one will know till you walk in the door.

• I am in Canada, wondering if bank people will be new people or will it be ones already there.

A – The people you will be working with are trained and WMs/Private bankers. They will count your money, will offer default package for Zim (what it is don’t know). If you have Zim, no contract rate on currency. Rates will be high enough will not matter.

• I have Zim that I planned for humanitarian projects. Was thinking since no contract rate available, should I give currency to someone else.

Answer – You have to do what you feel comfortable doing. You can also discuss with WM.

• I am concerned about something you said. Originally when I got in this, I signed up for Admiral’s group. I sent them my currency. This was several years ago. About a year ago, they sent currency back and told me that I would not have to go to Reno to exchange and would send me to a local place. I have my currency. Do I have to worry about this since they had my currency?

A – No. The Admiral’s group has PMs, they sent your currency back and can exchange yourself when you go in.

• When we make our appt., there are rumors about that we may be in a lock down or something. How will we go to appt. if that is the case?

A – You will be given a travel permit. You will be able to download it. IF we are under Martial Law, weblink will still come out and you can make appointment and will be provided with a travel permit.

• I gifted someone who is bedridden, 1 Zim but no way that she can go to an appt or do a humanitarian project. Will she still be able to use the Zim?

A – I don’t know what she will get, probably default package. They will come to her. When she calls to make an appt. she can explain her situation and they should come to her.

• I am worried I sent my stuff in and really worried because they have everything. They have 72 hours to respond.

A – Best thing is to send a Cease-and-Desist letter. Send in an email. Take the letter with you and all your information with you to appointment. You have documented proof that you asked them to Ceaseand-Desist. It would worth it for an attorney to draw that up for you as it will carry more weight.

• I just have US dollars. Do I have any options?

A – No, this is just foreign currency. When they convert to the USN, what you have will be converted. It should be happening shortly.

• I have Zim and Dong. I wanted to gift Dong to some close friends, will the Zim trump the other?

A – With what is going to happen, you won’t be walking out with cash with the Zim. You will have a card with 2% on it. Your currency is what you will put into an account right away. This is why people have both. Currency will be a tax-free event. Zim is a bond and being redeemed.

• I am leader of a small humanitarian group (over 100 people). When I go in, how do we work together?

A – Usually this would be done through a PoA and you would be responsible for paying them. IF they are getting any money out of it, you can take a percentage for humanitarian work and a percentage for personal living expenses. Then disperse funds out.

• If you have Zim and you have a 100T note and a 50T – does it make a difference what you redeem it at?

A – No, it will be combined, and rate applied. You will be paid for every Zim.

• Once you go into exchange and ask for contract rate for your humanitarian project do you present your overview and summary?

A – You will tell them you have humanitarian project and will leave them a copy of your summary/overview. You could meet with WM team that day, next day but will be done within 15 days. Your initial appointment will only be 15-20 minutes.

Hope you understand that there is concern for those who have turned over your serial numbers and in danger of loosing them. They can hypothecate them. Keep control of your currencies. As soon as we get the safe web link, we will post it here in this room, on Nick’s blog site and our other rooms. This room is specifically set up for calls and notifications.


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