“To Luna, Asking for Forgiveness” by Rene B – 5.3.21


Entry Submitted by Rene B at 2:11 AM EDT on May 3, 2021

“Response to Rene B about ZIM Vision” by Luna – 5.2.21

Dear Ms.  Luna:

First of all I Like to ask for your forgiveness, regarding your knowledge and understanding of what you were planning to do, regarding all these transition, that we all are trying so hard to see come to a reality.

My intention was not to make you feel ignorant of what is going on and much less cause you any harm in any way.

My desirer was only to help in any way I could by pointing out some issue that, in my miss understanding could show you, how to double check and be ready for the radical change that  will happen in our life time for all of us, I myself do not consider what is coming a GAME on the contrary I feel that We will perhaps have more problems than those that we already had when it comes to family relations, friendships, and the UNKNOWN ISSUS THAT WILL COME OUR WAY.

Being the oldest one in a family of 7 boys, no girls the only one that my mon had died at the age, of two months, before her my mom had 6 miss carriages, it seemed that our lord had other plans for her, when I was born, My mom said to me that I did not want to come out, been inside her body longer than 9 months, the doctor had come to the house to check her out, ( back then doctors used to go to peoples homes to check their patients, ) she said that after He left I came out on my own with out medical help nor mid wife assistance, the doctor had to come back and cut the line that connected me to my mom.

Reason why I became overprotective of my younger brothers, I began to help my mom change dippers at the age of 8, and became the one that disciplinarian at home every time that my bothers would not do what my mom expected from them, my dad and my mom were very lay back when it came to discipline,


Reason why my brothers followed my footsteps after, we all left home, and when it came to some decision making many times they would come to me for advice, non of my brothers, became drug users, drunks, smokers, nor infidel to their wife. to my knowledge non of them has ever seen the inside of a prison, thank God for that,

if you have read other comments I have made in the past, Has been more geared towards, using my pass experience as way to convey some kind of guidance, that the person placing a comment has overlooked or perhaps has not yet experience in its own life, but I have never charged for any thing I give it can either be accepted or dumped in the garbage vin of their own minds. every thing is done with the desire to help from where I am.

I am no spring chicken either I am 75 yrs old, I don’t claim to be a doctor, Psychologist  just an individual that has nothing to do but care fore more than 60 dogs, no social life to speak of since I have not transportation, I can’t go any where to become involved with people, i live in the outskirts of a small community, every thing I get has to be done through internet, and pay for it, at my age there are no friends that can be made, from where I am that is why now after 4 years of no transportation found the way of interreact with people.

I never been good at giving any kind of advice to the female, because those skills are learned when humans are young and have more freedoms to self expression as we get older most of us are set in our ways and even good advise it ignored or even rejected with anger.

About 20 years ago I met this lady, at a laundry mat, we got talking she lived alone, like me and she asked me for my phone number and she gave me hers, at that time I was still in good physical shape, around 55 yrs old this lady did not tell me her age but i consider her to be around 35/40 yrs old, be had a couple of dinners together, so as we kept trying to learn from one another one begins to feel the needs of one another, and ask questions, she had an older car, that she began to have problems with it so she would ask me what I thought the problem could be, so I would would ask her if she had checked her battery back then we had to be sure our batteries had water and had to check regularly, the fan belt etc. so I would tell her what I felt her problem could be, she kept on driving her car and every so often as we would talk on the phone I would ask her how was her car doing if she had taking it to a mechanic, to have it checked, if she had checked the oil level of the car, the battery etc. and one day she said to me with an anger tone of vice who do you think you are telling me what to do with my car, you are not my husband, I ask for her forgiveness and told her I would no longer ask her any more about her problems.

About two weeks later she called me up and began to ask me if I could go and help her out with her car, that she did not know what was wrong with it and wanted me to go take a look at it and help her bring the car to her home, with all respect I told her, sorry but I can’t do that, last time we talked on the phone you told me that I was no body to ask you what was been done with your car and what to do about it, your response in anger was that I was not your husband to be telling you what to do. and I said to you that I was not going to get involved any more with your personal problems, so find some one else that can help you out, that was the last time i talk to her she call me back again but once you lose trust for some one that is ungrateful for trying to help is best never again touch that problem again, there is such thing as repentance in my case I ask for forgiveness and repent for not been able to understand what the other person says but I will never go for seconds, again.

So Ms. Luna no harm done at least I hope that is the case with what I said in my comments to your post, but if there was any harm then I already asked you for forgiveness and I promise I will never again try to point out any thing that might go on regarding your plans ahead just wish you the best and may our lord Jesus Christ, Continue blessing you and guiding you in the forthcoming future, we all are going to need it one way or another.



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