Dinarland Highlights for May 3, 2021


Dinarland Highlights – 5.3.21

MilitiaMan (KTFA)

The list of things accomplished now is powerful.  E-Government is in place.  E-Commerce is in place. Electronic borders for fees, taxes, customs, etc., are all set and ready to go.  E-Payments and settlements…done…ready to go…Digital Dinar and Dollar were to have Interconnectivity yesterday with and through the Iraq Trade Bank…I can presume that is done…Financial inclusion is done.. The ITB also has the full support of the USA, as does the Central Bank of Iraq. So we can see that by all those items, there is not much left to do other than adjust the exchange rate to meet international standards…We are in a very powerful place and no one should be discouraged. I sure am not!

…[Saturday] was to be a day where the Iraq Trade Bank was to start the Interconnectivity of digital Dinar and the Dollar. If that connectivity has in fact been put in place electronically, then it would seem that the ISX will need the same ability electronically. If they are opening to the world and they are imo, the borders crossings are already waiting and ready…It surely has been a remarkable amount of progress to get this far. I agree with many there is no turning back.

The AMF tells us the valuation of the AAD is 3x SDR / IMF. They don’t get specific from what I see. What I have seen is them give values of loans in USD terms whereby, one can do the math based [on] the value and come up with an exchange rate. If I recall accurately there were loans to Tunisia a couple years ago that amounted to over $4.00 USD. Even today 3x SDR is over that… As of Friday the SDR at the IMF is over $1.43+… If they keep to what the AMF has for the AAD, we can have an idea what to look for into the future. Imo…We know from what we have been told they are not floating the currency. Thus, to be stable they’ll need a strong and stable exchange rate for to do that. To defend a currency at a low rate can be far to risky. The stronger it is the better and easier it is to defend imo.



I think people associate time, they’re like ‘Oh my god I’ve been in this thing a certain amount of time so this isn’t good.‘  That’s completely untrue.  I told you guys form the beginning this is not a get rich quick scheme.  This is a country and countries move at a slower pace.  There’s been a couple windows of opportunity for them to revalue.  I don’t know maybe that gets into people’s heads like, ‘That’s negative.’   No!  It’s all positive.



Question: “Should I take my IQD to a foreign country so I can avoid the Biden Tax?”  There are two countries in the world that if you attempt to negate or move your finances out of that country…can stick you with 50% of what you own.  One of them is [United States of] America and the other one is North Korea.  When you’re an American citizen you’re playing the game.  You’ve got a blessing for being an American citizen but that blessing has a cost to it.  And the cost is taxes



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I am hearing there was some pretty decent progress over the weekend…I reached out to banking contacts especially in the Mideast…I had heard there was some transfer issues moving large blocks of money over the weekend…that is what I am being told is our delay. …I am hearing a lot of chatter about this week guys. Keep in mind that we don’t know the timing…but there sure is a lot of good static right now. Hopefully by tomorrow morning I will have a much better idea of where we are at.


it does not appear the can has been kicked…even with missiles being lobbed from Iran to Iraq and our bases there…it does not appear anything is being kicked.


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