“Connect People Project, Humanitarian Effort Proposal” by Sariah Oksana – 5.5.21


Entry Submitted by Sariah Oksana at 1:36 AM EDT on May 5, 2021

Dearest Fellow Truth and Freedom Lovers,

Greetings ! Sariah here, with fire in my heART, i am reaching out, to bring forward, a call to action.

We are Champions ! Hue~man BEings – each and every one of us, entirely precious. The honour of motherhood, given to me through my now young adult, progeny, Safra, and Loki, more than anything, has illustrated to me, that our individual value, adds exponentially, to the whole hue~man family experience. Slightly more than 30, of my 50 years on Earth, sees the world through mother-eyes, bestowing upon me, a nurturing outlook towards hue~mankind.The labours of love i’ve always engaged in, give me ample opportunity to energize myself in the pursuit of caring for others in different capacities. Fields i’ve worked in include, yet aren’t limited to the following : Care Giver ~ to people of all ages. In order to be at home for my then, school age children, i operated an at home day care, for preschool children. Also, two different families, and myself, became close friends after i was a Nanny for them. As well, before Safra was in school, we volunteered at the local, extended-care hospital, to spend time with the Elders there ; Hospitality, Food and Beverage Server, Bartender ; Professional Cleaner, Residential, Commercial, and New Construction ; Alternative Medicine, focusing on sacred Plant Teacher Medicines such as Cannabis and Hemp. Since 1999, i’ve been a member of the non-profit community, the Victoria Cannabis Buyers Club, one of the oldest compassion clubs in, so called canada. Services include, high quality, in terms of efficacy, and cleanliness, Cannabis and Hemp, hand-made medicines. These are sold at truly compassionate prices. Where Prohibition 2.0 has failed chronically ill ‘canadians’, the VCBC provides a sorely needed essential service to the People. A grass-roots organization, the VCBC is over 8000 people strong ! On 3 different occasions, i’ve had the joy of meaningful employment through the VCBC. Positions i’ve held were, Housekeeping, Front Desk/PR, Distributor/Educator, Medicine Maker,  Cannabis/Hemp,edible and topical medicines, and General Manager. Additionally, i was an active participant, and volunteer, with our former sister organization, Hempology. Hempology was a group dedicated to educating the public about the virtues, history, politics, etc., of the sacred Cannabis and Hemp Plant Teachers. Sadly, due to differing world views, when the heavy lock down restrictions came into effect, Nov. 19, 2020, in ‘victoria bc’, the VCBC dismissed me. Gratefully, i continue to access their services as a member. As a result of BEing connected to this community, i’ve gained friendships, and knowledge and wisdom, to me, this is treasure. Also, in terms of the safe practice of using drugs responsibly, another related experience is, at the 1st Koksilah Music Festival, i helped manage the ‘Harm Reduction’ kiosk. Harm Reduction is a philosophy, that covers a lot of ground regarding upholding respectful, consensual, interactions amongst people. Further, people and music, same/same, are my greatest loves. In celebration of that, currently, i am working on fulfilling a life-long dream to play drums/percussion. Two other activities i do on the daily are, Tibetan yoga, and BEing out in The Wild. Thank Heavens there are many wholesome activities i practice, because some of the hardships i’ve endured, sure have hurt my health. Opiate addiction was one such harm. However, that experience taught me that, along with my will power, having the blessings of unconditional love, and support is life-changing. My road to reclaiming my authenticity is a combination of self-care, and service to others. Looking out into the big picture, and in my community, an area that borders on Lk’wungen, and WSANEC territories, i see, among other societal breakdown, a bigpharma sponsored, opiate pandemic. My heART tells me, i have what it takes to help this crisis.Enter Connect~People~Project ! Here’s a picture of what i envision : the centre will be open, 365 days a year, 24/7.  A *Safe Space* for a community of members to use drugs, and access other basic needs, like food,or a shower, receive basic medical treatment, and connection to other basic needs such as shelter or drug treatment programs. Considering Portugal’s success in helping people overcome drug addiction, via legalization that took the stigma away, people sought treatment for drug addiction, this endeavour will have the same impact.  A *Safe Space* includes things like a medically supervised, clean drug supply, and dignified consumption area. With this in mind, when i was seeking drug treatment, i found that holistic options were for the materially wealthy. Knowing that healing requires spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical, attention, and nourishment, this was disheartening to say the least. This is why i’ve approached the, Connect~People~Project, with services that attend to all layers of our BEing. The centre will provide the following services, free of charge, to the People : – Spiritual guidance, if requested by members- safe consumption site- food-showers-gift cards for clothing-basic medical treatment-Cannabis and Hemp Medicines, if desired by members-connections to other basic needs, such as, shelter, and drug treatment programs. Starting with the understanding, the schedule for all involved is, a 4 day work week, with maximum, 6 hour shifts. Fair, living-wages, and benefits to be paid to one, and all. No hierarchy in this community, everyone’s voice counts, members, and staff alike.

Job creation ! Initially, after crunching the numbers for the hours of operation, and  people’s schedule, i estimate about 200 labours of love are on the table. The following positions are : Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctors, Registered Nurses, Spiritual Guides, *Care Staff*, Housekeeping, Administration/Secretary/Legal staff, and Certified Accounts.  *Care staff includes these 4 different Crews, 1. a Crew to ‘take to the streets’, and otherwise inform, people of our services. 2. a Crew to supervise the consumption area, and assist RN’s with tasks such as drug administration. 3. a Crew to help members access our on site services, and connect them to other needs like shelter, and treatment programs. 4. a Crew to distribute, and educate members interested in Cannabis and Hemp medicines. Furthermore, to ensure success, once everyone is hired, together we’ll create, healthy work-culture protocol. Sadly, expansion is anticipated, considering the location, a major centre, on so called vancouver island, and the dire need out there for such help. Moreover, i know the need is great, since Summer 2020, until now, i’ve encountered 6 hue~man beings OD’d on the streets. One dear soul crossed over, when i was working to revive them. Seemingly countless other folx are are living in  ‘city parks’ and streets, and i see their struggles with spiritual, emotional, mental illness, and how they self-medicate with toxic substances. These vulnerable ones face so many life-threatening conditions. 

In closing, i’d like to send heARTfelt gratitude, and love, to all of you out there, for BEing who you are, and sharing that with the whole, and in doing so, giving me this opportUNITY to state my case. With all that i am, my focus is upon solutions for the well being of myself, and the rest of the Hue~man Family, in the dawning of this Golden Era of Peace, and Prosperity, for the sacred Web of Earthling Life.

Wishing you, and your loved ones, a BEauty day or night, out there/here,in paradise,

Sariah Oksana, of the Smeader and Korneluk tribes.ONELOVE takes care of ONELOVE(i only use the net on a pc. my mobile is 1 250 589 3111)


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