Dinarland Highlights for May 4, 2021


Dinarland Highlights – 5.3.21


…There is no slow, calculated roll out or GCR…If and when there are laws in place to support a market economy and foreign investment comes in Iraq the CBI will float the dinar, but not until then.



The way our tax system is structured – if you go to Ireland it’s less tax, there’s certain little tax havens but what you don’t realize is none of those countries have what we call loopholes…there’s things you qualify for to get tax brakes. This is what people don’t understand…there’s a million ways to get around it.  That’s the secret.  That’s what’s laughable.  People who don’t have corporations and they get money taken right out of their paycheck, they have no say.  Those are the ones that get hurt.  There’s ways to be compliant. 

There’s ways so the IRS wins and you win and you’re not paying this huge tax burden.  You’ve got to educate yourself in order to play that game correctly…Remember in the United States you have representation…[if] you want to take a big pile of your IQD at whatever rate it comes in at with no representation…it’s a no-no.  You can’t imagine the trouble you’re gonna walk into…



We are into about a week of the slow rollout. Everything is funded locked and loaded...More whales have been called in. This is a great sign things are progressing and it’s just a matter of time before it gets to us. This week or next week. So far no delays or obstruction has happened.


Frank26 (KTFA)

The monetary reform is a process…it’s not [Snap fingers] instantly…There are many steps to the monetary reform.  But the thing is…it is being unveiled.  It is being unraveled.  It is being implemented and you can see it because we told you a couple weeks ago you’re going to see leaks…there’s a lot of ‘chatter’…’chatter’ is a military term…it’s filed under intel. It’s a form of communication that’s intercepted… you see the chatter.  I told you it was “leaks”.   The leaks is the chatter…you need to be patient because it’s right in front of you…these steps are coming out one at a time…




[via PDK]

I am told we are still in a holding pattern. They have had a tough time getting proper transfers between all of the banking centers as they make sure that all is in perfect working order before they release it.  I am being told right now that we are waiting for the “electronic handshakes” and to make sure nobody can abscond with your funds. That is what I have heard since yesterday. None of us know the timing…but is [it?] will happen.



One of the blessings that we have living in the country that we live in [USA] is that they understand the value of free-enterprise.  Small businesses, less than 50 employees, make up the majority of the money that flows through our system.  People think that big money and big government are the ones that have control.  To a certain extent yeah that true…but why do they call it coming to America and living the dream? …What is the American dream?

For me…having the opportunity to create any business I want.  To be able to buy my home.  To be able to have the freedom to vote and to participate in what’s going on in my world.  That’s the American dream.  America has that.  We have the freedom to do so much more – the rest of the world cannot do…In the tax game you can win.  It can be a win for you, the government, your tax preparer but to do it you have to understand how to play the game.  Once you understand that you’ve got freedom. 



Oil continues to rise and Brent is touching $67 a barrel

Iraq has not gotten any loans recently. They don’t have to get loans now.  They have plenty of money from the oil surplus. Now that they have a surplus of money…they technically don’t have to change the rate either.  They have plenty of money coming in now…the Central Bank told you they’ve implemented the reforms at the current rate of 1460


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