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Entry Submitted by Stefan at 1:25 PM EDT on May 4, 2021

Dear Dinarland community, dear patriots,

Nice of you to make time for me again!

“Ready when you are, silent masses!” Isn’t that right? Those of us who have been in the awakening process for a while, completely awakened is only a handful of people in my opinion, are waiting for the silent mass to awaken. The people, who are in this mass, get for months more and more or ever greater doubts about whether what is presented to them so medially, also really true. And the wake-up program for them has been running at full speed for days and weeks. In Germany, I’m noticing this on the channels I follow on Telegram, where the number of subscribers is growing day by day, with over 1,000 new subscribers per day in some places. The channel operators are not always available to answer the questions of the newcomers, no, that is impossible. Rather, it is longer awakened people who take care of the newcomers. A beautiful cohesion, and it is true what I wrote last year. We patriots are ready to catch all those who join us anew.

That was my hope, that’s what I believed, and it turned out that way, it will stay that way. So the lambs are still silent, there are still many. Many who doubt, but do not yet dare to confirm and substantiate these doubts. It is a very human characteristic not to approach new and unfamiliar things at first or not to allow them. It is better to go back to a supposed security, even if it is still so deceptive. In addition a kind of “natural law” of our soon ending time comes: The bigger the lie, the more it is believed by all! There can present still so many people proofs for a truth, the truth is not believed. We all could see it at the flu infection, which was first “sold” as a virus, although nobody could identify or prove viruses yet, despite premiums, and then as a pandemic. A pandemic in which there are more people on the planet every month than less, which has an under-mortality rate, and which has virtually eliminated the flu. These are all truths, which everyone can check with the simplest means. But very few do!

Maybe we patriots, we awakeners are to blame, what do you think? Because what do we do, except to spread news, which should wake up? Don’t we also split? Aren’t we also a bit arrogant? Don’t we also prefer to spread fear through news about vaccine damage, vaccine deaths and incurable DNA changes? How do we deal with people who have been vaccinated and wake up afterwards? What do we say to these people? They exist, believe me, and that’s where many channel operators, and myself, are totally out of touch. That’s the consequence of scaremongering, you get to a point where you don’t know what to do. I, too, have fallen for it. I go shopping and think to myself, I hope I don’t meet anyone who has been vaccinated, because they are supposed to be contagious or can harm me in some other way. Even though I have been confronted with stories in my environment where acquaintances and friends had contact with vaccinated people and afterwards showed the strangest symptoms, I somehow cannot believe that the alliance now still allows so much damage to patriots and heart people.

At the moment it is a balancing act between informing and scaring, therefore I rather try to give hope or to get my readers to trust in a good outcome of the whole thing. Therefore to the DNA-altering vaccines, whose damage is supposed to be irreparable, even in Medbettes, a few thoughts. Who knows so much about medbeds that he can make such claims? We only know that they will exist and that they are already being produced, but nobody, really nobody, can claim to know everything about what these Medbeds are capable of. We have all, more or less, read about medbeds, we know nothing about the full capacity of healing possibilities.

Couldn’t it be that medbeds can detect the change in DNA and reverse that change? Who knows, right? Many things that seem impossible to us today could be possible tomorrow. We are all creators, so why are we limiting ourselves again?




In my opinion, the main task of all of us, in any state of awakening, is to bring others out of fear. Not only that we have to value and respect all others, also their opinion, no, we have to put trust in them that they will also manage to go with us into the new world. I myself am also confronted with channels and statements that sometimes make me doubt whether I will go along. I have certainly not been an angel in my life so far and I have also done things that I am not proud of in retrospect. I also still feel negative feelings today against some people who have done unpleasant things to me. So I take every opportunity to apologize, to silently ask for forgiveness from those, and also to show remorse, real remorse for the unsightly things I have done.

Through my present activities, education about the RV, the GCR, the exchange, and also about the Love Won Society, I am certainly doing some good. But it’s not just the education alone, I’m also always trying to get others out of the fear of uncertainty, I try to get them to have confidence. A lot of what I use as a tool is not evidence. And because of that, I lose a reader or two. It’s like Ron Giles sometimes writes too, if what I write feels good to you then take it, if not then it wasn’t meant for you or it was at a wrong time. I can provide real evidence for few things, most of the time or maybe 100% of the time it will turn out to be right in hindsight. But this requires trust. And I have this trust in certain sources. Because they have never disappointed my trust.

I will try and do my best not to judge my fellow human beings when they want or need to be vaccinated, I will no longer react with incomprehension or shaking my head when I drive past the vaccination center and see the queues there. I will not tell anyone that they are probably harmed when I find out that they have been vaccinated. What good does that do me? Will he be more awake now? Don’t I stand over him with, “Look, I am awakened and you are not!” Can this be the way of a patriot or a man of heart? I trust in the fact that everyone who wants to go along into the new world, who, like me, repents from the heart of his hitherto unpleasant deeds, can also go along. It does not matter in which awakening process he is at the moment. We have heard and read often enough that vaccination is a code for military operations, or that in some places saline solution is used for vaccination. Does anyone seriously believe that the alliance would now, on the home stretch, still allow people to be harmed who should actually be taken away.

Can it not be that on the vaccine pallets or even in the individual packages harmless and harmful vaccine was arranged in such a way that only those are harmed who were “intended”? Especially when it concerns children who are urged by parents to vaccinate because they are panicking, I have to think of such a possibility. Whether I am right in this, I do not know, but I trust the good alliance and also the plan. Because I don’t believe that people we need in the new world will be harmed by vaccination now. And if they do, they can be helped in medbeds.

So I ask you, come out of fear, go into trust, believe in a good outcome. So far, rain has always been followed by sunshine, every bad epoch has found an end so far. I welcome every new reader and say, “Welcome to the Patriots!” To those in the ever-shrinking sleeping mass, I say, “Ready when you are!” Ready to welcome and catch you! Have no fear, even if it’s still a little bumpy, rescue is at hand!

“The most difficult paths lead to the most beautiful destinations!”

WWG1WGA! Mani wastete yo!

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