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Don961 » May 8th, 2021

Ports call for accelerating electronic transformation

Thursday 06th May 2021  Baghdad: Morning

 The General Company for Iraqi Ports discussed with the Border Ports and Customs Authority the issue of accelerating the electronic transformation and waiting to work according to the single declaration, and the approval of the Maritime Minvest as an identification document for the incoming goods.

The Director General of Ports, Farhan Muheisen Al-Fartousi, said that a meeting was held at the Border Ports Authority under which a committee from the Ministry of Transport and representatives from customs, standardization and quality control were formed to discuss the most important issues related to work in Ports.

Al-Fartousi explained that the meeting resulted in recommendations submitted to the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, with a call to wait for the implementation of the decision requiring the work of the individual customs declaration for each container until an indefinite notice, and the issuance of another number of recommendations, the most important of which is the implementation of Resolution 90 For the year 2021, and to accelerate the electronic transformation with the adoption of the electronic marine minvest as an identification document for all goods. LINK  

MilitiaMan » May 8th, 2021


This has been a work in progress for years. They have not just started this. They have been hard at this for many years. Now it is effectively go time.

They are using words like accelerate and for an indefinite time. In other words they are in a hurry, as there will be identification documents on going for an indefinite time frame, as good and services will be on going and will require them.

They are to have “CODES” or identification documents for all goods coming into the country!! Resolution 90 apparently has implications to imports and exports. Resolutions from what I read are from the Security Council from 1990.. Some of which are in regard to Kuwait.

 Regardless we just witnessed the BUNA meeting with 200 Banking entities from banks and Central Banks of the world. Well they were all together at one time. Not an easy task. It would take the likes of the largest most powerful entity to get that sort of attention to the BUNA platform.

We know the IMF, UN, World Bank, Bank of international Settlements, etc have a pulse in the on goings in the monetary reforms and digital transformation that Iraq is presenting to the world now. It is very clear they are gearing to interlink globally via land, sea and air.

All borders, ports and airports will have codes for all goods. A requirement for Article 8 and or WTO ascension. imo ~ They are obviously educating everyone in the matter.

The most important at this level are the those 200 banks, as they clear money globally… They all have a need to know and at the same time. They got the message.


 If I can see it this clear, they did too. imo!! This is very very very exciting times imo!!! ~ MM

The Minister of Planning reassures the employees … and announces: The benefit of raising the dollar is more than its harm   LINK

So the harm of the devaluation was for a purpose and that purpose will out weigh the harm. Well once they RI it will definitely create an environment that will lift all boats in the region. Once they have an internationally accepted currency, that value it brings will be introduced to all who hold it. “All boats rise with the tide..” ~ Petra ~ MM

Don961 » May 8th, 2021

Minister of Finance: We are heading towards establishing an integrated digital bank

Saturday May 08, 2021   Baghdad: Hussein Thahab

The Iraqi Digital Transformation Summit focused on moving towards electronic transactions and automation and the role of governance in the sustainable development sought by the country, as the summit and local and international institutions participating in it focused on the imperative of cooperation between the central government and the banking sector, in order to move towards a new, more sophisticated phase in dealing.

And the delivery of benefit to all segments of society. The conference, organized by Frontier Exchange, with wide global and local participation, shed light on the available opportunities and challenges, in order to advance the reality of digitization and electronic transactions in Iraq. 

Minister of Finance Ali Allawi stated that «the transition of Iraq to the digital age is one of the most important priorities of the government», pointing out that «the transfer of the national economy to the digital age requires skills and a great effort on the part of the government and the private sector, in order to achieve this qualitative leap, which is built on the basis of strengthening Digital infrastructure, and this requires investments in the telecommunications sector and digital work, to lift the Iraqi economy from focusing on narrow sectors to a wider stage. 

Allawi revealed, “The Ministry of Finance directed to convert a small government bank into a fully digital bank, in addition to adopting important projects in government banks to start diversifying digital capabilities. 

As for a member of the British House of Lords, Baroness Emma Nicholson, she described this summit as a mission at a time when the world is heading to expand in the field of digital economy, which is an important transition in the management of global economies, stressing “the need to benefit from this experience.”


Product development

For his part, Central Bank Governor Mustafa Ghaleb said: “The development of modern financial channels and means of communication via the Internet contributed to the development of the products provided by the financial and banking sector and their ease of access to individual and institutional beneficiaries.” 

Ghalib pointed out that “owning a digital financial system is a fundamental pillar in building an advanced financial sector that supports sustainable development trends,” noting that “Iraq has the necessary infrastructure to develop digital services by launching initiatives that encourage the banking system to deploy ATM machines and use applications. Digital, as well as implementing projects that contribute to the application of electronic governance. 

He pointed out, “Signing a memorandum of understanding with Master Card to implement the project to digitize education in Iraq, and that it is in the stage of orientation towards developing these services in cooperation with international organizations.”

Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Development Bank, Dr. Ziad Khalaf said: “Humanity is now living in the fourth industrial revolution, which is the digital revolution, which is an objective maturity and an extension of the third industrial revolution, which is the information revolution that we have witnessed at the end of the last century. 

He continued, “Iraq adopted the” Dom 2025 “vision in 2018, and developed a strategy related to it to build the information and communication technology sector, which includes a number of basic goals and objectives consistent with the goals of the World Summit on the Information Society. 

He added that «the Central Bank launched the« digital enrollment service », which is the first of its kind in Iraq, which is an integrated digital financial system that enhances financial independence and freedom from traditional financial systems, as it works to transform Iraq into a country less dependent on cash, which enables the state to bypass bureaucracy. In financial dealings within banks operating in Iraq ».

In turn, the representative of the company organizing the conference, Ahmad Al-Jader, explained that “Iraq’s need for such international conferences is a necessity in light of the widespread demand to adopt advanced technologies that contribute to shortening time and effort in order to reach the stages of sustainable development,” indicating that “the shift towards transactions Digital and governance are greatly undermining corruption. ”   link

Bambi » May 8th, 2021

I am believing the 10 day curfew right as Ramadan ends will be most significant! IMO


Samson » May 8th, 2021

The Iraq Stock Exchange will close its doors in the middle of next week

8th May, 2021

The Iraq Stock Exchange announced that it will close its trading next Monday as a result of the ban and Eid al-Fitr

The market said in a statement received by “Al-Eqtisad News”, thatbasedon the Cabinet’s decision and the decisions of the Supreme Health andSafety Committee due to the existence of a curfew from May 12 to May 22, it will be the last trading session in securities before Eid Al-Fitrand from next Monday in order to end From settlements and clearingbetween brokerage firms and investors

He added thatthe first trading session in the securities will be after Eid Al-Fitr and the curfew, and as of Sunday, May 23

Itis noteworthy that the Iraq Stock Exchange organizes five tradingsessions per week from Sunday to Thursday, and 103 Iraqi joint stockcompanies are listed in it, representing the sectors of banking, communications, industry, agriculture, insurance, financial investment, tourism and hotels  LINK

Don961 » May 8th, 2021

The latest information about the fugitive Chinese missile and the areas that are likely to be hit on it … will be dropped within 24 hours

2021-05-0 Yes Iraq: Follow up


 The European Space Objects Monitoring System has just updated its forecast about the re-entry of the Chinese “Long March 5B” missile core into the Earth’s atmosphere, and the Mediterranean and surrounding countries may be in the range of the missile’s fall. 

 As the object approaches Earth, the range of expectations narrows and it is now almost certain that the device will reach Earth on Saturday night, but in European forecasts there is still an uncertainty period of about 6 hours.

 The European Space Monitoring and Tracking Program (EU SST) indicates a return at 3:11 a.m. on Sunday (Portuguese time), with a 190-minute window plus and a decrease, indicating a possible re-entry into airspace somewhere between midnight and 6 o’clock. A.m.

 With this uncertainty, which has already exceeded 24 hours, it is still not possible to predict where the debris will fall that will resist entry, but some points have already been excluded.

 The hypothesis that re-entry could occur over the Mediterranean and southern Europe, where southern Portugal, Spain and Greece are still within range, according to the agency’s latest map.

 The Chinese “Long March 5” missile was sent into space, but it got out of control and could no longer be controlled, nor of course knowing where it landed.

 Satellites follow the flight of the out-of-control missile around the world. In the following, a direct monitoring of the missile’s path, according to the Sky Robot page.

The latest forecasts indicate that the missile will penetrate the Earth’s atmosphere on Saturday evening or Sunday morning, and will enter the Earth’s atmosphere over an area near New Zealand.   LINK

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