“We’ve Only Just Begun” by Jai Guru Dev – 5.8.21


Entry Submitted by Jai Guru Dev at 3:01 PM EDT on May 8, 2021

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Many of you have been glued to Dinar Chronicles expecting the redemption to start ‘this week’ for many years Some even before Dinar Chronicles, for over a decade of ‘this week’s’. 

It can be soul destroying, from hope to despair, to hope and back to despair. Yet you are still here. Hope wins!

And your hope is rewarded. IT IS ROLLING OUT RIGHT NOW!

Rest assured you are moments away from realising your financial dreams. You have reached the end of the road, the realisation of the financial capacity to achieve your 5 sensory dreams. Buy your dream home, drive your dream car, smoke your best cigar and enjoy that old matured whiskey. (Excuses to the health fanatics, but whilst I occupy a Human Instrument, I intend to enjoy the 5 senses to the best of my ability). You see there is no fine cuisine, elegant wines, magnificent cigars, intimate touches, the fresh smell of nature after a magnificent electric, thunderous downpour, or the brilliant colours of the early morning sunrise or sunset, (in Zimbabwe anyway) when you have a non-corporal body. Enjoy the moment! Daily! You are now blessed to have the financial means to do so. It is a benefit of your choice to incarnate at this specific time in history.

But it is not the end of the road.

It has only just begun!

Whist satiating your senses, you will realise there is more to life worth living for. Now that your physiological needs are met, you will naturally aspire for more. And this is beyond the 5 senses. What that is, I leave to your Free Will.

The purpose of this blog is to plant the seed that there is more to come. Much more to come. You have only just begun. Your life is truly only just starting. Be prepared for the immense changes that are happening. Keep an open mind, don’t be fixated on your conditioning.

Look inside. All the answers are there. It is the time of listening to the heart and not the head. Your heart is now the prominent energetic receptor that you need to listen to for guidance.

Everything has been inverted by the ‘powers that be” that have controlled this planet for millennia. Everything that you thought to be true is about to be shattered. In the confusion, go within. First Source talks directly to you and does not require an interpreter. Listen to all points of view but make a decision by what ‘feels right’. For ye shall surely be tested in the days to come.

Look to the future with a new set of eyes, only then can you find out who you the star that you truly are.

(1) I Sing The Body Electric- Fame – YouTube

Jai Guru Dev


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