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Entry Submitted by Jai Guru Dev at 2:58 PM EDT on May 10, 2021

It is by design that the Cabal have perpetuated analytical, logical thinking (left brain head stuff) as the primary thinking process for mankind. If they give you the rules for logic, through a bastardised laws of physics, or non-constitutional laws of your rights, you will obey and follow willingly; without even realising you are enslaved. 

This is by design as they know if you develop creative, intuitive (right brain) thinking skills, they cannot control you.

I postulate that everyone aware of GESARA and the GCR have transcended the programming of the Cabal. If you have become an active participant by buying the first basket of currencies for redemption, or actively following Dinar Chronicles, Simon Parks, Sasha Stone, Robert David Steele, Charlie Ward,, then you have activated source codes built into your DNA that will awaken you to a new existence, an existence that is yet unfathomable to your current thinking, a wonderful loving existence. 

Although you may read these words and say “What Source Codes? What activation?” I can assure you the fire of change is burning brightly in your DNA. Shut your head down for a moment. Grab a glass of wine, relax, and ‘feel’ the truth of these words, intuit its veracity.  This is the right way to think. Gut Feel (Enteric Brain) first, Heart Brain second, Head Brain third. 

That is the correct order. It is time to change the way you process information, the way you think.

Photonic Thinking –
 Intuition/Inspiration. Guidance from that which is not physical – beyond your human instrument. The highest of all thinking processes that the human instrument is capable of processing.

Photons are the smallest unit that light can be measured with our current instrumentation. It is also the interface between the physical and the non-physical. Photons are the quanta of creation in the three-dimensional world. In other words, photons are the smallest unit of energy that are responsible for the creation of all matter. Photons are the transition between the physical and non-physical realms, the creative force of physical matter, all aspects of physical matter. 

 Photons/Light are the carrier wave that transcends the limitations of your five-sensory human instrument. It is the mechanism that connects your Divine Spark to your human instrument/ego identity. Photons are literally the ‘messengers of the gods’, or more aptly, the field of pure potentiality that await the instruction of Your ‘God-Self’ to potentialize. 

There is a two-way communication between your Divine Spark and your human instrument. This occurs below the level of ‘knowing’. The major access point of this communication is your enteric brain, housed in your gut. When your umbilical cord was cut it separated you from the life support system of your mother, but activated your silver cord that connects your astral body to your physical body. This major doorway gives you access to other dimensions beyond your ego identity. 

 If you reflect on your life you will be able to recall many instances when your gut feeling told you to do or not to do something. This normally occurs when you have a thought or idea that is critical to your development, or when your emotional intensity is at its highest or lowest vibration. Often logic dictates otherwise, yet we don’t follow our gut; only to reflect in introspection after the event, that we should have listened to our gut. We tend to shut down the ‘logic’ of the gut feeling and gravitate towards societal norms (the major source of the human instruments indoctrinated logic). 

Photons, or light particles, exist both within, and beyond the capabilities of our five senses. At times, when you are in resonance with a thought or idea, the photons carrying information relevant to that thought or idea enter into your enteric brain (like the brain and the heart, it has it’s own set of neurons that independently send and receive transmissions from and to the heart and the brain). This information is ‘divinely’ inspired, or perhaps it is more accurate to say, is drawn into you from higher dimensions. 

That ‘gut feeling’ is almost never wrong. Even though it may mean taking a step backwards, in the long term it will dramatically accelerate your growth, or even save you countless heartaches and pains. 

Due to the fact that the system of processing information  from the enteric brain(gut) or heart is not taught or even acknowledged in main stream society, very few people utilise it consciously. In fact, the minute a thought pops into our head from the enteric brain, our conditioning or ego identity dismisses it. We immediately go into an internal dialogue between the egologic, and the information fed into our enteric brain from higher dimensions. 
The Cabal have designed the education system to ensure egologic wins, You see, they can control egologic, but they can’t control Divine Inspiration. It is far greater than their greatest capabilities. 


One of the greatest skills that you can develop, is it differentiate between these two voices and utilise the higher dimensional guidance which is connected to information way beyond the five sensory logic of the human instrument. 

For whatever process that got us to our current systems of belief, we have a perception of what truth or reality is, a perception of who we are and our ability to create that which we desire to achieve. You need to just listen to your gut and your heart. Then analyse the information through the brain, but I reiterate, gut and heart first, brain second.  

How did we as collective humanity get to the point of deciding what is true or real? Firstly, it must be noted that there is no one reality that everyone subscribes to. There are many versions of what is real or what is truth. Yet within all of this diversification, there is general consensus on many aspects of reality. This is often referred to as the collective unconscious, generic mind, morphogenetic field…to name a few. An as per the Grand Design, even these systems of reality are in a state of flux, constantly changing, becoming more than they were. 

Supposition – Everything you believe to be real is not absolute. Everything you believe to be true is an incomplete aspect of truth. It is a fractal of truth or reality, a small part of a greater truth or reality, and is only temporary in your local universe in this space-time continuum (in the situation/life experience that you are currently realising at this point in time). This ‘truth’ has been imposed upon you by the Cabal (through schools, university, main stream media, etc.).  

John Wheeler – Physicist “Law cannot stand engraved on a tablet of stone for all eternity… all is mutable.” “There is no law except the law that there is no law.” 

Philosophy, spirituality and science are in constant processes of trying to define reality; how did creation occur; what causes energy to become matter in our space/time continuum; what are the laws that govern creation, is there a Creator, why did the Creator create us, where did we come from and where are we going to, what is the purpose to existence?  

Fluctuating Reality 


By understanding and applying the next evolution of empirical science; quantum laws of reality to the human condition, we draw closer to some of the answers to these questions, and in the process make the quality of our life better.  

Empirical measurement of reality through the advent of quantum physics has caused a major rift in our conditioned way of thinking. It forces us to move up into the higher realms of thinking, empirical and even photonic thinking. The underlying conclusion of quantum reality is that consciousness causes matter to manifest from a world of infinite possibilities (virtual particles) into the reality we experience in our day to day existence (solid particles). This is called the collapsing of the wave function, from virtual particles (with all possibilities inherent within them), into physical particles (that which you call reality). 

At this point I would ask you to temporarily suspend all your preconceived notions of reality/truth. Put them into a self-contained box in the recesses of your mind. Explore further with the simple objective of assimilating the information offered, then question it, verify it, and finally test the hypotheses postulated, to see if the ‘new’ laws/truths can, and do cause a meaningful impact in your personal reality; your ability to manifest that which you desire in your journey through life. Or more simply put, to redefine your current concept of reality into a new more powerful concept of your ability to affect a new more empowering reality. 

Currently we are undergoing a quantum leap in the understanding of what causes matter to coalesce from a swirling flux of virtual particles into the physical manifestation that your ego identity calls reality. With the advent of Quantum Physics, science is undergoing a revolution whereby the Classical/Newtonian physics of how the universe works that you learnt at school, is being redefined, if not in danger of becoming obsolete.

It has manifested in the current reality of the White Hats taking down the Cabal. GESARA, the GCR is the next step up the ladder of consciousness. 

Truth therefore is always in a state of flux. It is not absolute. If you look at your watch right now and stopped time to analyse All That Is, you would have the ‘truth’ of that moment, but only of that moment. All that is known at that specific time would be measurable. Because it is measurable, it would provide a complete picture/photograph of the reality of that specific time.  

It would only constitute the truth of that current time. I can guarantee you that if you stopped the clock in one year’s time, and measured All That Is, then reality would be measurably more than before. The photograph would be different. There would be new knowledge, new insights, new creations and older paradigms rendered untrue. Truth/reality would have changed. As the universe is expanding at an astronomical rate and becoming more than it was before, so are you. 

On a personal level, you do not think the same as you did a year ago. You have grown, become wiser, react to problems and situations differently.  Through the experience of your journey through life, you acquire better life-skills and as a consequence your belief system (truth) changes. 

The challenge you now face is to have an open enough mind to go with the flow of the changes to come. THEY ARE IMMENSE!. If I told you 2 years ago you could live for hundreds/thousands of years, would you have believed it? How many of you believe that now? There is MUCH MORE to come!     

This can be illustrated by our changing belief systems as we progress through time. Many years ago, mankind believed the earth was flat. This made sense if one looked at reality without sophisticated instrumentation, using only their five senses, you would look for as far as you can see and that it is indeed flat.  


Yet within our consciousness is an unquenchable desire to explore, to grow, to become more, to seek deeper for the meaning to life, for truth. 

A curious individual in the past looked across the flat sea and was intrigued by what lay on the other side. This curiosity became so great that they were inspired to find a way to traverse the sea.  Inspiration (photonic thinking) guided the individual to build a raft that took them offshore so that they could ‘see further’.  

Bearing in mind only a madman would dare to do this as he will surely fall of the end of the earth if he travels too far. The leaders and “main stream experts” of that time would have surely tried to dissuade them. Fortunately, this planet is gifted with free will, with individuals who listen to a set of rules (photonic thinking) that do not conform to the current norm, or the current truth.  

Being one of these individuals, you set sail on the raft and realise the sea is greater than what you initially thought. The first excursions into sea were on rafts because wood floats. Put enough logs together they will hold your weight. We can float but are at the mercy of the currents.  

Tillers, oars sails assist us to navigate. Our understanding of the laws of the currents forced us to overcome their energy. Eventually the raft grew into large ships with the new understanding that surface areas and volumes of oxygen created forces that could keep you buoyant with many people on board who could help sustain the voyage. Man discovers more laws of nature that assists him in improving his quality of life and temporarily satisfies his need to become more. 

Eventually seafarers report that they don’t fall off the end of the earth but discover new lands, fauna, flora, culture, realities that were not even part of accepted “reality”.  In fact, if a ship continues on a straight line for long enough, it will eventually arrive at its point of departure.  

This inspired exploration leads us to realise the world is round and not flat (Sorry Flat-Earthers). We are the same as the moon and the sun! This is a quantum leap in human consciousness. The laws of physics, mathematics, energy, to name a few, change forever. For the better.  

Yet the five senses still rule as our measuring tool that defines reality. Even though we now know the earth is round, we still know that we are the centre of the universe. You wake up and watch the sunrise in the east. Midday its above your head. Sunset is in the west. The sun, all the stars and the planets rotate around earth. Your five senses will tell you. 

Enter Copernicus. In his heliocentric theory, Copernicus postulates that we are orbiting around the sun. He published a paper “On the Revolutions of the Celestial Spheres”, contradicting the belief of the day that the earth is the centre of the universe and the sun orbits around the earth. Even though Copernicus is ridiculed and ostracised for his ridiculous theory, the seed had been planted for a new understanding, a new truth that will advance physics, mathematics, energy, et al…  

Enter Galileo. Galileo intuitively knew that Copernicus was right. He needed to prove his theory and helped develop the telescope with a magnification of 12x. Technology came into play to magnify the sense of sight. With the aid of technology, we can now see more. 


In 1632 Galileo published his “Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems,” reinforcing Copernicus’ theory. The church could not accept this. Josh 10:13 “And the sun stood still, and the moon stayed…” Chronicles 16:30 “tremble before him the world is firmly established; it shall never be moved.” As a result, he was excommunicated from the church and placed under house arrest for the rest of his life. 

Yet his theories inspired others to investigate and a new truth was born. 

Reality/Truth changes. Don’t tell the Pope he might excommunicate you. Ask Galileo. Oh, Hell here I come.  Don’t worry, in 1952 the church forgave Galileo. However, forgiving is not enough. According to the RC belief system you need to be pardoned not only forgiven in order to get into heaven. In a few centuries he might even be pardoned. Thank heaven. Here he comes. 

Science and technology continue to develop, discovering more of the natural laws and the quality of our lives improve.  

Enter Quantum Physics. A revolutionary understanding of the laws of the universe beyond any mainstream recorded historical measure.  Now is the time to open your mind, to read further without judgement based on your current belief system, because reality is about to take a quantum leap in into one of the most important phases of human consciousness yet.  

At this point quantum physics is the most mainstream advanced form of understanding of the natural laws of creation. It still has a long way to go before we realise that is simply the next step in our understanding of creation, the natural laws of the universe. It too is a fractal, a small aspect of ‘reality’. 

Until we learn more, it is enough of a leap beyond the archaic, draconian laws of physics that I was taught in my youth, to further mankind’s evolution. 

According to many Murry Gel Mann and many other Quantum Nobel laureates, the moon does not exist at all … unless you observe it. They postulate that all physical matter exists as a wave, a vibration (non-physical) and only becomes physical matter through your observation, your consciousness, your belief system or your ‘truth’.  (Described in quantum terminology as ‘The collapsing of the wave’ from virtual reality into physical reality, by your observation.) 

The world as you know it is changing, and it seems you have far more power than you realise in effecting the change. ‘5D reality’ is upon us.

Listen to your heart and your gut feel (photonic thinking). Then analyse with the brain. Differentiate between egologic and intuitive-logic. Then the world is your oyster. You will always be given what you ask for if you follow photonic thinking.


Jai Guru Dev


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