Nick Fleming: RV/GCR Intel Update 5-9-21



Nicks Intel Update

Updates concerning the RV/GCR

05/09/2021 Update

. Our military intel contact is confirming Mr. Fleming’s sources and other sources saying that this week is STILL the week that the RV / GCR is finally being released in the shotgun start; our guy’s understanding is that they will be successful in keeping the schedule agreed upon in the RV team meetings on Mon 3 May to get payouts and exchanges started THIS WEEK before this Sat 5/15 after the top main bonds redemptions that have been in the process of getting done over the past 6 days are done and checked, rechecked, and audited over the next 24+ hours;

. ..He is confirming Texas Snake’s info from the exchange banker who is over redemption centers in TX and 4 other southwestern states in the USA:

. .. Texas Snake FRI NIGHT 7 MAY: “Not 100% confirmation as yet, but [Snake’s exchange banker is being told that] many things look very positive for a certain day next week [this week of Mon 10 May forward, •••our guy added any day from about mid-week to end of the week•••] so keep your phones charged over this weekend and watch for updates as they come across.”

. ..Snake Fri 7 May: “This will be a Shotgun start–I can only go on the information my banker tells me and in those states he is responsible for [redemption centers in 5 states in the southwest of the USA] he is staffing up so my guess it is nationwide.”

. ..Snake Fri 7 May: “Difference being they will go from skeleton crews this [past] week to fully staffed centers Monday 10 May [& forward this coming week]”

. ..Snake Fri 7 May: “For those who are unaware I have positive indications for this coming week and I say this for some of the other comments in other rooms who are very negative, so keep the faith. . . .”

[10:01 PM]

. ..He also said he is getting tired of hearing intel providers talk about the military as if they have not yet arrested any of the Deep State cabal rats: he highly respects Mr. Cottrell but he said that Mr. Cottrell is absolutely INCORRECT in claiming last Fri 5/7 that, “First the rats have to be cleaned up by the military all around the world…..we are talking several hundred thousand arrested and taken to Gitmo.” Our guy said that is PRECISELY WHAT TRUMP AND THE MILITARY HAVE ALREADY BEEN DOING BEHIND THE SCENES FOR THE LAST 15+ MONTHS!!

. ..Our guy said that as he reported in the last update of Fri 7 May to Mr. Fleming, GITMO is now FULL of cabal rats arrested over the past 15+ months and the Antarctic military base detention center is ALMOST FULL, and cabal rats have been “picked up” (arrested) FOR MONTHS and taken to detention centers all over the globe;

. ..Our guy reiterated the evidence that Trump and the military are still working on arrests–evidence that Monkey Werx, the 30+ year military aviator, pointed to over 3 months ago, back in early Feb 2021, showing that Trump is still being treated as the only true commander-in-chief rather than fraud president Biden—he is still confirming Monkey Werx’s evidence that military commanders are flying from Norfolk to Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence and that there are 866 active military personnel in a compound next the Trump Mar-a-Lago estate working for Trump and interim military govt in getting the RV out globally ( –our guy said this YouTube of Monkey Werx is no longer available, it was censored by YouTube, but he said see the Monkey Werx links below);

[10:02 PM]

. ..Our guy said that he is confirming the Real Raw News report ( ) and Simon Parkes’ sources (see his blog and report today Sun 9 May: ) confirming that 3.5 weeks ago on Wed 14 April, US Army Gen Mark Milley, the chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was cursing out the other Joint Chiefs for not supporting fake Biden & Harris, claiming with amazing incredulity that Biden-Harris were elected FAIRLY (you can laugh, our guy said) WITHOUT ANY ELECTION FRAUD (you can laugh again!. . . );

. ..He confirmed that Gen. Milley was confronted by Marine Commandant Gen. David Berger, Chief of Naval Operations, who told Milley that he, Gen Berger, and US Air Force Gen Hyten, and 4 more of the 8 other joint chiefs 4-star generals are NOT committed to a man, but are committed to the Constitution and to We-The-People of this country and THEREFORE are committed to Trump as the ONLY duly elected president, elected by 80% of the REAL NON-FRAUDULENT vote in the 3 Nov 2020 election; Gen Berger handed Milley an arrest warrant issued by the Navy Judge Advocates General Corps, which Milley ripped up, promptly followed by 12 armed Pentagon Force Protection police officers who came in to the room and immediately arrested and handcuffed Gen Milley and Gen Hokanson (chief of the National Guard Bureau and another unfortunate Biden supporter) and removed them both to a C-17 transport plane that took both to GITMO to face military tribunals for charges of treason.

[10:02 PM]

. ..Our guy confirmed Simon Parkes’ sources ( ) saying that 80% of DoD flag officers a couple of months ago voted in a binding vote to support bringing back Trump as the only duly elected president and removing the fake Biden-Harris administration, while only 20% of DoD flag officers voted against Trump and for the fake fraudulently elected Biden-Harris administration.

. ..Our guy confirmed Real Raw News and Simon Parkes that Generals Milley and Hokanson have been charged with treason and with cooperating with enemies of the Constitution and the people of the USA, foreign and domestic, including the CCP Chinese Communist Party campaign to subvert the Nov 2020 election through aiding and abetting the OBVIOUS VOTE SWITCHING FRAUD in the 6 swing states NV, AZ, WI, MI, PA, GA, that was PERPETRATED BY STUPID-HEAD DEEP STATE AGENTS foreign and domestic.

. ..Our guy also confirmed that President Trump was in the Pentagon meeting with Marine Corp Gen. Berger on Fri 16 April THE SAME DAY that the Pentagon Force Protection police officers TURNED AWAY the fake Biden from entering the Pentagon!! ( )

[10:03 PM]

. ..The point of this info above, our guy said, is to make it clear that ARRESTS HAVE BEEN ONGOING FOR MONTHS (!!), because the treasonous Gen. Milley IN HIS OWN WORDS claimed that 6 of the 8 joint chiefs 4-star generals had been “helping Trump do what [Gen. Milley] called ‘secret and illegal arrests’ of prominent active and retired politicians” ( –there it is out of one of the rats’ mouths–“arrests of prominent active and retired politicians” and these have been happening FOR MONTHS now!!

[10:04 PM]

. ..More Evidence of ARRESTS FOR MONTHS NOW–our guy pointed to evidence that arrests of cabal rats have been happening for months now, as our special forces contact Drew confirmed just 10 days ago–Monkey Werx Overwatch SITREP 2 Dec 2020, again who is a 30 military aviation expert ( ) AND read Mike Adam’s Thu 3 Dec Situation Update of “Trump just invoked the legal framework — and national security provisions — necessary to allow the Secretary of Defense (Chris Miller) to activate military processes that lead to a ••••tactical takedown of domestic enemies and active traitors.”••••) (our guy said also google “Tues. 1 Dec. Juan Q Savin Tweet: PANIC EVERYWHERE because General Flynn is arresting all the Traitors, Seditionists and Pedophiles around the world. “) (he said also see AND Monkey Werx on Deep State leaders behind the scenes being arrested & subject to military trials at GITMO–ARRESTEES WORKING FOR FOREIGN DEEP STATE GOVTS & AGENCIES have been taken to GITMO, Honduras XPL (Sato Kona Honduran military base detention center), Spain’s Santa Cruz Islands—US CITIZENS working for Rockefeller Deep State entities HAVE BEEN TAKEN TO US MILITARY PRISONS: Puerto Rico (San Juan Guaynabo military prison), Fort Worth Naval Base military prison —these arrests have included cabal rats charged with human & child trafficking, murders & assassinations, drug smuggling, RICO money laundering, etc— )





[10:05 PM]

. ..So our guy said again that the military arrest missions have been ongoing FOR MONTHS–he said remember that in the first week of Dec 2020, TRUMP HAD TO INVOKE the NDAA legal provisions (National Defense Activation Act) in his SPEECH on Wed 2 Dec DESCRIBING THE ELECTION FRAUD in order to COVER the increase of military mission arrests that DoD special forces were having to do THEN IN DEC 2020 and UP TO THE PRESENT MAY 2021.


. ..So our guy politely requested that Mr. Cottrell and MarkZ and other intel providers to kindly stop ignoring the evidence above and STOP CLAIMING ERRONEOUSLY THAT THERE IS NO EVIDENCE OF ARRESTS BEHIND THE SCENES!

. ..Our guy recommended ongoing prayers that Trump and the military can get this RV/GCR released this week and payouts and exchanges started as scheduled this week–and he said that as Snake’s banker suggested (above), keep your phones charged, watch your inboxes for 800# secure-link notifications, and watch this week.


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