Nick Fleming: Late Night RV/GCR Intel Update 5-10-21


Nicks Intel Update

Updates concerning the RV/GCR

05/10/2021 Late Night Update

Our military intel contact said that tonight Mon 10 May the problem in Singapore with the QFS interface with cryptocurrency values that are constantly fluctuating began to be fixed as of 7:05 pm EST tonight; The RV teams are calling the reset the great digital reset: They were working on integrating into the QFS new types of transactions and new categories of transaction protocols for investments including cryptocurrencies, forex and new digital currencies.

. ..He is that things still look great for T4B notifications from midweek to later this week, aiming for Thu 13 May (he said no guarantees).

. ..He asked for prayers that the bond money scheduled to move each day starting tomorrow Tue 11 May SO THAT value day can come THIS WEEK STILL and T4B exchanges and the shotgun start liquidity release and payouts can start THIS WEEK STILL; he is confirming Mr. Fleming’s sources saying that there are 300,000+ transactions spread over 27 categories of RV payouts for bonds, currencies, adjudicated settlements and T1-4B that have to be SUCCESSFULLY STARTED THIS WEEK, so please keep prayers going he said.

[9:19 PM]

. ..He said that the incredulity is way over the top in the comments made to Mr. Fleming today Mon 10 May claiming–with NO PROOF WHATSOEVER demonstrating the claims–that because the person commenting and “people who live next door to the President” in Mar-a-Lago DO NOT SEE (REALLY??) (1) military flights over Palm Beach, (2) ships dropping off traitors at GITMO, or (3) camps on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago property, that Mr. Fleming’s military source must be putting out “provable fibs” and “falsehoods”:
–He said these claims are delusional and are NOT tied to reality at the ground-level:

. ..(A) He said this person GIVES NO PROOF WHATSOEVER for claim (1), (2), and (3) above–THEY HAVE OBVIOUSLY NOT DONE THEIR HOMEWORK and these baseless claims are EASY TO REFUTE below; he said it is obvious this person failed to learn to do careful research and writing in high school and college, because our guy taught graduate level courses for years, and these kind of unsupported claims would get an instant “F” if such unproven, unsupported claims were made in a research paper!


[9:20 PM]

. ..(C) Our guy said it is EVIDENT that this person has NOT READ CAREFULLY OUR GUY’S UPDATES to Mr. Fleming AT ALL … PERIOD. BECAUSE There was PLENTY OF EVIDENCE (SOME OF IT REPEATED BELOW!!) for (1) military flights for the past 7+ months over Palm Beach and southeast Florida, PLENTY OF EVIDENCE for (2) traitor enemy combatants foreign and domestic being renditioned by military special forces to GITMO, and PLENTY OF EVIDENCE for (3) military personnel meeting with Trump at Mar-a-Lago:


. ..He invites this person making the “unprovable fib”/”falsehoods” claims to •••••PROVE THIS EVIDENCE BELOW IS WRONG,••••• which of course they will be unable to do, because [α] this person and the next door neighbors DO NOT HAVE SECURITY CLEARANCES to the Trump estate TO PROVE THEIR ERRONEOUS CLAIMS ABOUT THE TRUMP ESTATE and the military working under Trump there, [β] they have NO WAY OF DISPROVING THE ABUNDANT EVIDENCE from MULTIPLE CREDIBLE SOURCES BELOW PROVING EXACTLY (1) military flights for the past 7+ months over Palm Beach and southeast Florida, (2) traitor enemy combatants–foreign and domestic–being renditioned by military special forces to GITMO, and (3) military personnel meeting with Trump at Mar-a-Lago:

[9:20 PM]

. ..He invites this person to disprove Mike Adam’s evidence from CREDIBLE GOVERNMENT INTEL SOURCES, 26 Nov 2020 “CONFIRMED: Trump pardoned Flynn to put him back in play at the DoD with Chris Miller and Ezra Cohen-Watnick in preparation for mass ARRESTS of treasonous deep state actors”:

. ..”As this pardon [of Gen Michael Flynn] was under way [26 Nov 2020] I [Mike Adams] was in the process of conducting two interviews today 26 Nov 2020with extraordinarily well-connected sources, one being a DARPA-linked engineer who monitors military rendition flights to GITMO and other locations, and the other source is a former DIA intelligence analyst and psychological operations specialist with decades of experience in the federal government. . . . “

. ..”Rendition flights” are continuing right now [late Nov 2020] at a very rapid pace, indicating many potential traitors are being interrogated either during flights or at black sites services by those flights.”

. ..[These govt sources confirmed that] the •••••pattern of increased military traffic••••• is largely focused on the East Coast (•••••D.C., GITMO,••••• Florida, Virginia, etc.)

[9:21 PM]

DC to Mar-a-Lago given REPEATEDLY OVER THE PAST 8 MONTHS by Monkey Werx, a 31+ year military aerospace engineer veteran who specializes in tracking military flights via OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) in order to determine what’s happening geopolitically–DOES THE “provable fib” person have BETTER INTEL THAN MONKEY WERX???? HARDLY!… :

. ..”Rendition flights” are taking place right now [late Nov 2020] in America, as •••••deep state traitors are being extracted•••••, put onto covert flights, and interrogated about their roles in the Nov. 3rd cyber warfare attack against the United States.
. ..”In the days following the Nov. 3rd 2020 election, he noticed a •••••huge spike in military air traffic•••••, including flights of “black ops” charter planes •••••in an around GITMO•••••. His analysis concludes that many of these flights are “rendition flights” where deep state traitors are interrogated for their roles in the cyber warfare election rigging attack that the United States just endured. . . . This information is •••••consistent with what several other key sources are telling us•••••

[9:22 PM]

. ..He invites this person to disprove Mike Adam’s military sources who said on Dec 3 2020 (6 WHOLE MONTHS AGO!!!), : “We now know with absolute certainty is that Trump, Miller, Cohen-Watnick and other key players put the cyber warfare infrastructure in place in 2018 that would allow them to •••••unleash a domestic military response to arrest, detain and prosecute all those who were complicit in the attack on America.•••••”

. ..”The patriots, in other words, really are in charge. And they planned all this since 2018, putting in place the framework to trigger the appropriate national security resources once the Democrats took the bait and tried to steal the 2020 election.”

. ..”•••••GITMO must be getting close to full capacity at this point, with lots more detainees on their way.•••••”

[9:22 PM]

. ..He invites this person to disprove the evidence that Trump team insider Juan O Savin points to here: 24 Jan 2021 :


. .. “Juan O’Savin is very much part of the heart of the Alliance. He’s as knowing as POTUS.

. ..”[Juan O Savin said that] Tons and tons of BIG doings are happening right now [24 Jan 2021] Global Military Ops, •••••arrests•••••, •••••flights to Gitmo•••••, [military tribunal] executions, you name it, as well as the ongoing rescue of children that are still being held.”

[9:23 PM]

. .. HE INVITES THIS PERSON TO DISPROVE THE EVIDENCE PROVIDED BY THE MILITARY SOURCES OF DR. JIM WILLIE Ph.D. (Statistician, Market Analyst, and Gold, Silver, Bonds Expert and Commentator)—Thurs. 4 Feb.

. ..Dr. Willie’s military sources said that Joint Base Andrews Air Force Base, 13 miles southeast of DC, has become a new venue for mass military tribunals of all the arrestees from DC going on RIGHT NOW behind the scenes. Andrews AF Base is going to be very busy going forward.

. ..Dr. Willie’s military sources said that “GITMO is full with 10,000+ elite Deep State arrestees there; so that Washington DC has been turned into a GITMO #2.”

[9:23 PM]

. ..HE INVITES THIS PERSON TO DISPROVE THE INTEL GIVEN to us JUST 11 DAYS AGO from our special forces soldier contact Drew, who said (γ) he is regularly DEPLOYED ON BLACKHAWK helicopters as part of the MILITARY FLIGHTS OVER AND PATROLLING from DC, NORFOLK VA, AND DOWN THE COAST TO PALM BEACH / MAR-A-LAGO, (δ) Drew confirmed that there were hundreds of active military personnel at Mar-a-Lago meeting with Trump and working under him to defeat the Deep State [IF TRUMP’S NEIGHBORS CANNOT SEE THIS, IT IS •••OBVIOUSLY••• BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO SEE IT!!!], (ε) Drew confirmed that GITMO was FULL of Deep State traitors arrested and taken there over the past 15 months!!– this person above has NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER to DISPROVE this info from Drew which corroborates the CREDIBLE INTEL SOURCES ABOVE!!!

. ..Our guy said he could go on and on but CASE CLOSED!!! He will not waste his time or Mr. Fleming’s time any more with such nonsense!


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