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Entry Submitted by Stefan at 1:28 AM EDT on May 12, 2021

Dear Dinarland community, dear patriots, nice that you have time for me again!

Last night I watched the movie “Wall Street 1” for the first time in a long time. When I saw it for the first time years ago, many things seemed different to me and I also either missed or took important sentences differently. Maybe I was distracted by Daryl Hannah, who knows. At the time, I imagined what it would be like to have so much money, to live such a life, to enjoy such respect in society.

Yesterday I didn’t think of it that way anymore, and strangely enough, I didn’t wonder about it. I bet you already know what I’m getting at.

Exactly. To the change in my thinking. Today, if I imagine myself walking around in $1,000 suits from dawn to dusk in a giant office, umpteen phones to my ear, surrounded by stooges just waiting for me to give them an order, shouting “sell” into one phone, “buy” into the other, I get sick. Honestly, I’m going to be sick! I can’t believe that in years past I even had the beginnings of a thought that I would consider something like this normal or desirable. The people that the actors portray have completely lost all connection to what is really important in life. I hope you see it that way, too, don’t you?

At a party, one dolled-up chick complains to the other about the kind of massage she got. The other complains about the hairdresser. And the main thing is that there is staff and servants for everything, so that you don’t have to do anything yourself. What kind of a host is he who has not put his heart and joy into the dish he offers his guests? It is, as with many people still up to the last year: They spend money for things, which they do not really need, in order to present these then to humans, whom they do not like at all.

If the rich 1 percent, who own 99 percent of the wealth, had started earlier to give to the poor 99 percent, who own 1 percent of the wealth, that is, to redistribute the wealth, we would not have to wait for the RV today. Wait, stop, I forgot, there is also selfishness and greed. The latter is the worst, because it leads one to always have more, even if it would be long enough for two or three lives.

Bud Fox certainly shared his inside information with colleagues, certainly helped some people to small or large fortunes. I call that a guilty conscience today. He knew he was acting selfishly, that he was thinking only of his own personal gain, no matter how supposedly “noble” he was in sharing his knowledge. He has to take the consequences because he rebelled against the system, a system which makes people go over corpses, the main thing is to have more. An important sentence of Bud’ s father at the end of the movie: “Create something, instead of making money with it, when others buy or sell something!”


This brings me to the “profession” of realtors. Haven’t you ever wondered why realtors have to exist at all? With real estates one can see still a certain sense behind it, however if one goes also here into the depth, doubts come nevertheless, is it correct? If I have a house to sell, I would do everything to find a buyer, right? I take pictures, as many as possible, I describe the surroundings, I have everything on what I have done in terms of renovations and modernizations, plain and simple, I present my object for sale as well and as honestly as possible. I also design the sales price so that I and the buyer can live with it. So why do I need a real estate agent? Doesn’t he just increase the price by his commission?

Now it comes with me aggravatingly in addition that I made very bad experiences with brokers. Because the greed for commission leads to the fact that the broker likes to “forget” decisive things. And who is made responsible afterwards for a “forgotten” damage? The salesman! Although he may not even have been present at a viewing appointment. The broker has his commission and is fine. He knew nothing. So far to real estates, for which one can find also without brokers a buyer. With securities the sense does not open itself for me after brokers all the more, because also they increase the purchase price. And it becomes bad, if the brokers earn both at the loss, and at the profit of a customer. They get money by the damage of others, because how many people have lost all their savings by such people. The movie “The Wolf of Wall Street” is a good example of the machinations.

This will all stop and there will be none of this anymore. No more trading and speculation in securities, stocks and foreign exchange, so no more brokers. For real estate there will still be brokers, but they will do it because they love the job, because they like to offer great and beautiful properties. Paid they will be, they will earn enough, so they don’t have to have greed anymore. Those who are artistic, and also love this activity, will receive their reward in the form of smiles, admiration, recognition and gratitude, in addition to a sufficient supply of money. Even if the character Gordon Gekko seems to have a heart in the second part, the new world simply cannot use such people anymore. They will notice and they will have to change.

Those who create something that will be necessary with their actions, be it old crafts or creating with new technologies, will receive their reward in the form of something that does not seem important now, but will soon become very important, in addition to money. Service to the community, for the community will be the goal of each individual, because this service will bear the only important fruit. Our entire community will change and much of what the rich currently find important will disappear. Much of what even some of us here still find important will no longer exist. We will all soon come to this realization. Not overnight, but little by little. But the result in the end will always be the same: a peaceful world that everyone has built together, where everyone is equal and everyone respects each other.

Let’s create something! Already now! In our thoughts, hey, you know, not only from me, how important our thoughts are. How powerful they are. How they can shape and form our future. Our contribution to change is our thoughts. The thoughts that revolve around our personal and everyone’s future. The law of attraction, we should use it. As our contribution, which the Alliance expects, hopes for. So that we can finally, finally start building the new world! Ladies and gentlemen, start your thought engines! Let’s create!!!

“Don’t give up at the first obstacle that blocks your way.
Your navigation system will also immediately calculate a new route,
if you have lost your way.
Believe in yourself, there is not only one way to your destination!”

WWG1WGA! Mani wastete yo!


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