Nick Fleming: Late Night RV/GCR Intel Update and Podcast Replay 5-12-21



Nicks Intel Update

Updates concerning the RV/GCR

05/11-12/2021 Late Night Update

. Our military intel contact is confirming Mr. Fleming’s sources and other sources saying that as of today Tue 11 May, while the processing of the main top level bonds was finished 48 hours ago, the payouts of 1% to bond holders (sellers) were able to continue today Tue 11 May at 1:37 pm EST when the hardware and software fixes in the global banking centers, especially Singapore to fix cryptocurrency challenges, were implemented to get the QFS interfaced effectively; the changes were to get some of the old out-dated global financial computer systems effectively interfacing with the QFS;

. ..He confirmed that when the QFS interface issues were resolved, bond payouts and money movement began to go through effectively after 1:37 pm EST today Tue 11 May, and this was and is VERY IMPORTANT to initiating T4B this week still;

. ..He is confirming Bruce’s info that by this afternoon Tue 11 May, UST began to initiate the process of entering release codes and authorization codes;

[11:11 PM]

. ..He is confirming Mr. Fleming’s info from Reno that Mr. Fleming should be under NDA “soon” this week, and he is confirming Bruce’s info that bankers have said that ALL OF US IN T4B should be under NDAs this week, the first brief NDA to be signed electronically and generated by the Safe Link Website from which we will get our T4B 800#s to make our exchange-redemption appointments, and the second NDA which we will sign in hard-copy at the exchange-redemption appointment.

. ..He is confirming Mr. Fleming’s source who sent the following intel corroborating the above info:

[Forwarded from Lambarios] Green Lantern (With permission) .

. ..Washington DC indicated that the Department of Defense in the US is responsible for the activation of the [QFS] system anytime which is the final step for the GCR /Rv God willing.

. ..Washington DC indicated on the latest information with regards to the system roll out on the RV/ GCR:.

. 1) All the currencies are now gold-backed which was done for Dubai 1 & 2 [accounts] & all the Tiers [T1-4 accounts].

. 2) Our guy in the US had entered his code as mentioned this morning [Tue 11 May].

. 3) The shotgun release is now in the hands of Department of Defense which is expected anytime between today [Tue 11 May] up to tomorrow [Wed 12 May].




. .Everything is set to go & all issues have been resolved.

May GOD Guide & Bless our transaction. Amen.

. ..(edited)

[11:15 PM]

. ..Our guy is confirming Mr. Fleming’s sources reporting that all power went out in Iraq and there were no lights today Tue 11 May; our guy said this was the Space Force assets (under the command of Gen John “Jay” Raymond on the Joint Chiefs) shutting down power grids so that special forces and Iraqi security forces could take out Deep State (Mossad and Iranian) militias firing rockets into Baghdad and US bases in Iraq.

. ..He is confirming that TOMORROW WED 12 MAY the Iraqi govt is shutting the country down for 10 days till SAT 22 MAY using COVID-19 as the excuse, while the RV release and beginning of exchanges in Iraq is planned for the Eid-al-Fitr gift giving holiday THU 13 May to SAT 15 MAY–this should be AN EXCITING FEW DAYS THE REST OF THIS WEEK!!

. ..He confirmed that the Iraqi lockdown is like lockdowns in other countries (like that reported to Mr. Fleming from Canadians in Manitoba and other provinces of Canada that started last Sun 9 May)–lockdowns that are blamed on COVID-19 but are really for the RV shotgun start and the exchanges to start in multiple countries.

. ..He confirmed Mr. Fleming’s info that EBS is supposed to be fully functional and ready to deploy by Trump and the military as of tonight Tue 11 May midnight PST.(edited)

[11:16 PM]

. ..He recommends ongoing prayers that the main bond payouts continue smoothly and that the shotgun start, the downstreaming of funds into lower level accounts alongside T4B notifications going out can be initiated when the DoD (in consultation with UST and Homeland Security) decides to initiate it, if all goes as planned, any time over the next 48 hours.

05/11-12/2021 Podcast Late Night Update



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