“Re: Supposed Revelations Regarding the Freemason Fraternity” by DW in SC – 5.12.21


Entry Submitted by DW in SC at 11:29 AM EDT on May 12, 2021

“Supposed Revelations Regarding the Freemason Fraternity” by T.B. – 5.11.21

My first exposure to the real purpose of the Masonic Temples and their group was in 1985.  I’d moved to central Kansas to work for the US Treasury and became friends with another young single lady in my church.  Her brother had just graduated from the Lutheran Seminary in Calif. and he’d accepted a position as the Choir Director in a church in central CA. The area Masons in that city tried their best to get him to join their group.  He went to one meeting and felt extremely uncomfortable there – an overwhelming sense of pure evil. He was able to obtain a copy of their book of “secrets” reserved only for their highest ranking members. He would never tell his sister/my friend how he was able to get a hold of this book, for it would mean death for him and the person who shared it with him.  (Forgive me that I don’t recall the document’s official Masonic name after 36 years.)  After he learned that the Mason’s worship satan (I capitalize God and Jesus out of respect, but never satan) and the reason there is a Masonic Temple in nearly all towns of a substantial size, is that the building’s purpose is to serve as satan’s headquarters for when according to Revelations satan reigns during the period of trials and tribulations following Christ’s second coming.  Using the word “temple” to describe a building constructed for the sole purpose of being a civic/community group’s meeting place – should be the first sign to everyone that something is not quite right about what that place, and the group’s obsessive need for complete secrecy should be your second clue!  T.B. – ask your family members the reason why there are gargoyles on every Masonic Temple. Do they even know what the gargoyles are a symbol of?  Once I knew about some of the things that go on inside those buildings, I could not drive by the Masonic Temple in that KS town without getting the chills.  I soon avoided that street altogether. 

While still working in KS, I was able to attend a church revival because my out-of-town assignment was mysterious canceled late Friday evening (I worked out of town nearly every week). The guest minister was to speak beginning Monday evening for several nights. The guest minister told us that he had not planned to share the topic he was going to address each night until he was driving in from Joplin, MO. God told him our community needed to be aware of all the devil worshipers infiltrating the midwest and to be aware of signs that satanic rituals were being performed – so that we could pray to guard against it infiltrating our town. Our medium size community had 2 small colleges and these students were the ones the devil preyed upon for witchcraft and sorcery, and to recruit vulnerable high school aged students. But he also made sure to tell us how the devil uses various community groups, like the Masons, to do his work for him – always in secrecy and under the cover of darkness.  What he described was pure evil!  Every night following his stories of horror, I was almost scared to walk the one block to my home!  

Several months later I knew why I was allowed to attend those church services. I was on assignment for the week in a small community in NW Kansas, so small the restaurant was opened only for breakfast and lunch (I ordered take out for dinner at lunchtime) and there was only one every old motel.  On the second night I was staying there, upon coming out of the shower the mirror had steamed over and there was a pentagram traced by a finger in the steam on the mirror!  Since it was NOT there on the first night, I knew it could not have been a film on the mirror left by the prior occupant.  Needless to say, I grabbed the Gideon Bible and began praying!  I prayed for protection for the motel owner and everyone in that town to be protected from the satanic cult follower who was working at that motel.  Also prayed for my protection and slept with a light on the rest of the week.  If I had not attended that revival meeting, I’d not have known what an upside down star in a circle represented. 

Since that time I’ve heard many stories and read MANY articles about the Masons, their origin and the purpose of their “temples”. All of it has agreed with what I first learning as a young woman in Kansas.  

T.B. – You are only a 3rd Degree Mason member. By design, you have no idea what the Mason elders are doing.  satan hides under the cover of complete deception and lies. The satanic rituals we read about that Hillary did are very real. The devil is laughing at you and any of your family who are members of the Masons for contributing your dues to pay for his works – ‘for you know not what you do’! 


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