“A Few Words about Simon Parkes” by Stefan – 5.13.21


Entry Submitted by Stefan at 1:44 AM EDT on May 13, 2021

Dear Dinarland community, dear patriots, nice of you to have time for me again!

Simon Parkes made a very good video, his May 9, 2021 update. Really good and on many points I agree with him and was also pleased to hear such good assessments. On one point he said something I can’t quite agree with when it comes to Germany. One of the things he said is that the alliance is waiting for the general public not to rely on being rescued by the military. Instead, it should put energy into the coming change itself, that is, first understand that evil has ruled us and then demand good. It should learn to appreciate the value of a constitution through action, otherwise evil could sneak back into power. Simon is right, you only really appreciate what you have either earned yourself or had to pay dearly for.

But, as far as Germany is concerned, the alliance would wait longer than it would like. Because we don’t have a constitution, we have a company’s terms and conditions. We have no national pride, because those who are still proud of our fatherland and say so are immediately labeled as right-wing radicals; so no one says it anymore. We do not have only one company as a government, no, all state governments, courts, administrations are companies. The military (Bundeswehr) is a company, the police is a company. With respect to Germany, the alliance would have to wait a long time, the whole world would have to wait a long time. And honestly, there is no more time for such delaying games! The only way here is the military, first the Allies’, then our own, which has been cooperating with the Allies for a long time. We will not get out of this disaster without the help, without a push from outside.

Many patriots have been hoping this for years and their patience is being tested very hard. In addition, most countries have different mentalities and it is very easy to reach a critical mass in these countries, that is, one that is enough for the alliance. I look at my home country, Germany, and I could despair many a time. In view of the long queues in front of the vaccination centers and the massive vaccination propaganda of the German MSM, it is no wonder. Head shaking and incomprehension in almost all alternative enlightenment channels, even if more and more readers or viewers are added there every day. Even good friends of mine have now been vaccinated, last year they were still against it. I hope it was a placebo! Seriously.

I don’t know of any other country in which the population has been deprived of a national consciousness, a national pride, so massively and so lastingly, first of all, and then secondly, it has been made so uncritical, so blind to a government simulation. Through indoctrination, through concealment of truths, through media and school brainwashing and left-green poisoned views. Which are emblazoned on posters and resound from loudspeakers. Racial ideological brainwashing and a gigantic guilt complex for decades. And the Allies of 1945 are to blame for this. They created the construct and allowed it to exist until now. It has grown, taken on a life of its own and even after the purge laws, most recently in 2010, after the dissolution of the FRG last year, they all continue as before. Any resistance is suppressed with mercenaries of a company and private persons playing judge. And it is lied that Baron Münchhausen would become pale with envy.

It can be still so curious and unbelievable, the German Michel swallows it. If tomorrow it would be said to wrap his head in toilet paper would protect against Corona, a day later we would have the streets full of toilet paper mummies. No kidding! Even if Merkel stood in front of the cameras tonight and said Corona was a hoax, tomorrow there would still be Germans running around with masks, in the open air and in stores. That’s how deep fear and indoctrination run.

If Simon is right, and the Alliance is waiting for the actions of ordinary people to finally end the whole Deep State disaster, why is it making it permanently and incessantly more difficult? Why must there still be victims, innocent or not? She’s not making it more difficult, you mean? Oh yes? Why then runs on German television, up and down, synchronized in all channels, 24/7, only Corona, vaccination, climate change, green to power? And fear, fear, fear! Reminds me of Josef Göbbels. He testified in Nuremberg that the Germans only let everything happen to them and only participated in everything because he kept them in fear. Fear eats brain and logical thinking. Fear turns every lie, especially the gigantic one, into truth. The real truth has less and less chances, especially in Germany!


Nevertheless, my hope is still the silent mass of my compatriots and the hope that the alliance is not waiting for us Germans. Folks, sorry, but then we wait a few more years. This nut is not so easy to crack. The only thing that helps is a very cold and very wet washcloth right in the face and also accepting psychological damage. Better that than to wait years longer, right? There are enough patriots ready to catch these people, to comfort them and to get them back on track, believe me! Or the alliance helps a little bit, because it has recognized the different mentality of the Germans and our much more massive indoctrination.

We patriots in Germany do enough, we give time, sweat, heart blood into never ending enlightenment, we give energy, love and confidence into the morphogenetic field. We visualize our new, beautiful future and put also that into the field, for the sleeping masses with. We support the struggle of the alliance in a way that is not openly visible, but immensely important. Most channels have a massive influx, the trolls and bots become less, and longer awakened help the new. From my point of view, even if it seems little compared to other countries, this is all a great success. Wouldn’t you agree?

So what else does the Alliance expect from us? Should we storm the TV stations and take them over? Are we supposed to knock down every Antifa guy? Are we supposed to stand up to the few police officers facing thousands of protesters? Should we send mayors, city councils , other politicians packing? Honestly, this cannot be the way, because this is what the Deep State wants here, so that it can carry away as many people as possible and destroy even more. According to the motto, if we can’t have it, nobody gets it. NO, the alliance should take advantage of a characteristic of the Germans, which currently still harms: The obedience to the authorities!

The Bundeswehr has improved its reputation by helping with the “pandemic”, so if the military took over now, it would reverse all measures taken by the corporate government, hold out the prospect of a return to the “old life”, gradually eliminate fears, gently but steadily educate through purged media. I am sure we would immediately have more than the critical mass in Germany. The positive side effect would be that the critical point towards the good would be reached in all other European countries as well. Germany would be the domino for Europe, it would be pushed, fall and from the center outwards, all other stones would fall. I don’t see any other way there, I’m sure the alliance basically knows it too.

I am firmly convinced that there is much we have not seen in the last 15 months, but the signs of change, of the fall of the first domino, are becoming more and more obvious. A sure sign is the behavior of our “government” with all its henchmen, they are just as persistent and are supported by the media just as the Nazi and the GDR regimes in 1945 and 1989, there was also believed until the last second in the final victory or victory, this is probably also a typical German characteristic, probably because of this many of my compatriots still believe that we live in the best country in the world and no one wants us anything bad. “Tell me, did I just see the Sandman or was it the Tooth Fairy?”

“Children who are not allowed to do anything
become adults who dare nothing!”

WWG1WGA! Mani wastete yo!


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