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05/13/2021 Podcast Questions From Yesterdays Call


05/13/2021 Questions From Yesterday’s Call

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Nick Fleming Answers to questions- Key Points 5/12/2021

  • If you have already sent out information on your currencies and /or ZIMs, yes, you can Cease & Desist. Cancel what you sent them in writing. Take the document you sent them also to your appointment as proof that you changed your mind, and you want to Cease and Desist. Yes, you separate your old currency that you sent them from the new one you have purchased.
  • If you do not want the default package, they will set another appointment for you to go and sit down with the Wealth Manager. They will show you a list of projects that you can select from if you do not have any.
  • If you do not use the ZIM you can request the contract rate for your currencies.
  • No taxes in the exchange because it’s currency, but if you have a high amount; they may require you to do a humanitarian project. We do not know what the rates are going to be nor when, it may be in the next 72 hours to get the Safe Links. You can pass the link to the 800 # to the rest of the family and they can set an appointment one after another.
  • Prosperity Packages, CMKX, etc. are being handle separate from the exchanges. You can take it and they can help you how to handle them.
  • Non-NDA rate would the international rate. 5T do not need an NDA.
  • They would do an investigation to all claims brought up. They would not just take their word for it.
  • Humanitarian Projects can be done in your country (UK) or somewhere else. Some projects are approved by the UN that you can participate in.
  • They can communicate the Safe Links notifications through email, WF, BoA, etc. Some I have heard may not be an 800 #, if you are in the same area, zip code where the center is at you may get a local # area code where the center is at. A few zip codes may be grouped together.
  • The email and the Safe Link are all the same info from Bruce, MarkZ and Fleming…what you do after is up to you.
  • Your kids can go together when you call the 800# ask for a Supervisor and set it up.
  • No one knows when this will go (it was supposed to go 20 years ago as I remember)..LOL. When the links come out you cannot buy any more ZIM nor currency, they stop selling them. T4B can take advantage of ZIM, not the T5.
  • If you did not send out any of your currency, they cannot exchange your currency. Someone got their ZIM exchanged because they had given them their serial #s and denominations; platform members can figure this out and take advantage of that.
  • Yes, ZIM 2008 20T A series are good, they are ok.
  • Links for notifications will be posted in all rooms here. MarkZ, Bruce, etc. you do not have to register, Dinar Recaps, Intel Chronicles will have them also; for Bruce site all you must do is give them your email and they will send you an email when the links/ or numbers come out.
  • Yes, all we are waiting now is for the emails with the link.
  • U.S. and overseas countries will have projects.
  • You can buy currency in places where they sell them, assure they are a legit Agency or banks where you can purchase Dinar, Dongs, and others.
  • Dongs and Dinars (currencies) are tax free, and you will have access to your money right then. Huge amounts may require a project with structured payouts. ZIM is the one they will have certain restrictions because of the high value of redemption and may require structure payouts.
  • Private banking will take care of these transactions not regular banks and may need a Wealth Manager.
  • ZIM 6 zeros may be taken off for the default package. Rumors are 11, 33, even 150 million…they will just tell you…we offer this much money for it. If you want to go to higher rate pick a project from their list or bring your own. If you have no project, you can just walk in and out with the default rate. 1:1 is a sliding scale even if they sell dollar for dollar. Chinese and Treasury agreed that there will be:

No trillionaires in U.S. (May go down in other countries also)
Few billionaires
Many millionaires
Leverage for interests will provide for many projects you may do.
US bankers got into the picture and decided that we had to have projects.

  • Depending on your presentation of what you are going to do with this money may end up to be an 80/20 split.
  • The Leverage payout at the end of the Structured Payout period will be returned to you.
  • These giving people may be given 90% for humanitarian projects but at the end may not necessarily be so because many others may have already been doing that, so you may be tagged with another similar project as yours that you may end not having to give such a high amount of money.
  • Page presentation of 3- 4 pages vs.1 they would rather see. You leave that with them, and they set a meeting for you with the Wealth Manager to help you get a higher rate.
  • They will not know what the rates will be until we get there. International rates are high enough that even with the ZIM you do not have to go for contract rates.
  • T5 will go with the street rate.
  • They will use the Public data to verify who you are, sometimes it does not have the latest information and not accept your inputs, you may have to wait an hour and try again. They will ask new questions, if you do not know the answers you can go back and start again since you did not get an 800#. You can do that until you get another set of questions.
  • They stopped on placing the 800#’s because of fraud, calling themselves a bank, and asking detailed questions, reason why they decided to go thru secure safe web link to get the #’s and answers to the questions. Then put you in contact with the people of the 800#’s. Lesser of 2 evils.
  • If you can bring a person that you trust to take you to the bank but wants to stay in the car. You can be transparent and inform that, so they know. A person can come along to assist others in their exchange but need to sign an NDA. There is nothing against that if they do not talk about it, like also an accountant or lawyer, etc.

The Main purpose of this chat was to remind you not to give your currency out, serial #’s etc. If you gave it out already write then a Cease and Desist, cancel, DONT DO IT! Tell them you were being rushed or did not know, etc. Have your paperwork ready in case you need it with you at the appointment. it will get investigated if you make the claim if you gave it to them. Keep your currency, don’t give it, don’t give out xerox copies, photocopies, Serial #”s etc.

If we get more information, we will let you know. Good evening, Bye.


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