“CMKX Rumors” – MarkZ Q&A Intel Stream Highlights 5-13-21


MarkZ “Whiskey and Wisdom” Twitch stream Thursday Night

A few highlights by PDK

Member: Mark, I heard some CMKXers got spendable cash!!

MZ: Lots of rumors today of liquidity and paymasters….and most of this is coming from the CMKX side.

MZ: I have received a number of “rumors” about funding on CMKX and CMKM…..Some paymasters say CMKX deliveries are out as we speak..and that people have liquidity….I am trying to vet this information.

MZ: I am hearing that funds are being released for the last 3 hours….…… waiting to prove it

MZ: If settlements are moving….well….the original plan was for those to start and then our release within hours. If this is true…..and its still a big “IF” but the rumors are flying over the last 3 hours of funds being released.

MZ: I am still trying to prove it or disprove it. So don’t get to excited yet. If it’s true we may still hear about it tonight. I will be sure to tweet.

Member:  Mark i have confirmed over 12 people cmkx

MZ: If there are that many deliveries we should have lots of news by morning.

MZ: We have always been told when deliveries get to a certain percentage that is when they release everything

MZ: I am officially ready now (Mark holds up a t-shirt with a golden egg in a nest on it saying “The Golden Egg has landed” ) When it is time- you will see me wearing this shirt.

MZ: Tonight there are a massive amount of rumors that things are breaking loose and some paymasters are seeing funds. I firmly believe that when it goes….it goes…..remember this also could be one last sting to grab more nefarious actors out there.

MZ: I did speak with a Interpol contact this afternoon and things are heating up.

MZ: I had one great update from a “political figure” It will be weird sharing with you who this is when all of this is done. The comment was “We know what’s going on and they are cleaning house. The US Treasury is busy cleaning house of all the nefarious players involved….and things are moving” What this means I do not know…..

MZ: Based on all the rumors from the CMKX side I guess it means we are awfully close. I will leave it at that. Everyone cross your fingers and say your prayers. It does not mean its tonight….noone knows the exact timing…..but if these rumors are true..something could happen tonight ,

Member: When will you be under a NDA Mark?

MZ: On the currency side- the same time as all of you.   On the CMKX side….it will be different but as of this time. I am not under an NDA as I have not received any dollars yet. .

Member: When will Nesara/Gesara kick off?

MZ: I am told it will start at the moment of the reset along with debt forgiveness…but it will take time to implement it all

Member: Goodnight! I hope we all wake up to the golden Egg! Thanks for all you do!

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MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

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