Dinarland Highlights for May 13, 2021


Dinarland Highlights – 5.13.21

Bruce (The Big Call)

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I believe that we are ready to get started…sources are basically quiet – We have heard from a few banks in the last few days but it is kind of a situation where we know this is coming and now it’s time to be quiet – that is what I am getting – from various sources – and I hope that we are right there ready to receive notifications…it is amazing to think of how close we really are…

we did have an increase in rates – on the front screen…Remember when Dr Shabibi talked about the Dinar…what the dinar could support in dollars – remember??  It is way – well above that now – and the dong is right there with it – very close – I think within 5-6% – of the dinar…And we knew that was supposed to be the case because they were trading partners  and so that’s very good news…the rates are terrific – and far better than we thought they would be – far better… 



The government will provide all conditions for the success of investment in Iraq

What does that mean?  In order to have success with investment you have to have a tradable currency.  You’ve got to have mechanisms by which that currency can be tracked and traded internationally. i.e. BUNA.  We have the Prime Minister himself coming out and saying ALL CONDITIONS for the success of investment in Iraq.  That IMO was a huge statement…


Frank26 (KTFA)

The rate is not waiting for anything.  It is done…just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not occurring. But you can see the evidence of it.  Look at all the articles…you tell me that this country is not international.  Look at their banking structures…that is an international status for the banks of Iraq…

The Iraqi Stock Exchange and the Erbil Stock Exchange, oh my gosh they’ve been hot!  It’s been going on since right around December and January…IMO all of this ‘hotness’ really has been propped up.  Artificial.  It’s under the pretense that Iraq is about to raise the value of its currency…if they don’t go International.  If they don’t increase the rate of their currency, all this market activity with the ISX and ESX will just crash.  1930 has nothing on what can happen to Iraq if they don’t raise the value of their currency and go Article VIII.



The people in Iraq rising up going after the politician Maliki who is backed by Iran – that to me is good. The fact that oil prices are up is great.  The fact that the deficit is already taken care of this early into the year is awesome news.  Biden expending the declaration of emergency that’s not good.  That sends a really bad message...there’s a lot of good things going on but there’s also a lot of bad. You should be aware of all of them…we are super pumped about the oil prices going up…



MilitiaMan (KTFA)

More interest in the dinar in relationship to the stock exchange is very heavy.  I think that’s an indicator that investors around the world are getting excited and having to put money where their mouth is.  The country of Iraq knows that.



We must keep cool heads at all times as it is so frustrating if you let your emotions control you on this ride. Stay detached from the hype and expectations it’s happening “now”.  It will happen, it is happening just way slower than those out there keep saying…It’s a slow roll out.  Rest assured the process has started…  

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