“Protection Advice” by Tami Dickson – 5.14.21


Entry Submitted by Tami Dickson at 2:22 PM EDT on May 14, 2021

Brave friends, I wish to share some info that may help folks at this time. I recommend that when you get up in the morning you ask your spirit and body to shrink wrap your energetic field close to your skin, remaining there 24 hrs until you reinforce this request again the next morning. This will protect you from dark contaminants entering your field while at home or in public. I also recommend you ask

to help clear your body and energetic bodies for ascension. This ship worked directly with Jesus when he did his healings with them at that time of being on earth. Currently, our medical field uses the Dark ET reptilian symbol rather than the proper symbol presented on the CLS website.

Mother earth has been badly attacked with tunneling, dark portals and hy-jacked ley lines and chakra systems. This puts her out of balance which in turn puts us out of balance. This is also one reason why our live food is such low vibration. We Gaia Guardians and Galactic friends have volunteered to erect 100% light free healing and training centers around the world where Mother Gaia has given us permission to do so. This will help heal mother Gaia and humanity. The will oversee the integrity of 100% light healing & teaching in all centers. I have some locations on my website with accurate global locations coming on knew website soon. (my website has been hacked but top links work until transfer is complete). Free Advanced energetic medicine will be taught to all doctors, nurses and vets who desire this. Please network this as much as you can! We are moving into a Galactic society that is about service to others not service to self.

No one owns mother earth/Gaia contrary to the dark mind control programming on the fraudulent timelines we have been cycling through. No government, corporation, religion, indigenous group or person really owns mother Gaia. Everything on these timelines is fake. The government has been illegally cloning humans since the 1970’s. I have had that fact undermining me and my reputation since then personally. The crown and bar association are criminal organizations. Good people in these fields need to check out the law of one on my website and understand the changes that are coming in that corrupt field. We have gone back in time and set up Canadian Common Law Criminal Justice department that respects and supports the Law of One, authentic common law as well as Mother Earth”/Gaia code of conduct training lawyers plus judges on our authentic time line! No crown or bar association! We have developed a Galactic University with more to come to deprogram and instill truth into our educational system in all fields of study.

Our corrupt financial system is being changed to a fare gold & silver back currencies Under Nesara/Gesara system brave souls have been working on for over 30 years. The corrupt bankers loaning you your money from your slave account on the corrupt stock market and then making you pay interest on your money will stop! Due to this control of funds I set up a humanitarian Bank that gives people money from the world Saint Germaine trust see on website. This will take away financial coercion the dark like to play on people so no excuse to stay on the dark conformity bus going over the cliff shortly

Our Galactic friends and human based Gaia Guardians are battling on and of the planet to rid ourselves of these sick dark ET and human looking sociopaths. We are working with commander and chief president Trump, good military and police including Interpol. We need to clear each fake timeline until we can secure our authentic timeline with authentic mother Gaia without continued treachery. This is why I will not muddy the waters with public announcements until it is safe to do so for all concerned. The dark ET’s and their earthy minions are attempting a planetary hy-jack via there fake plandemic the creator and prime creator will not allow it so victory to the light!

Be Blessed,

Tami Dickson Global Galactic Ambassador and Leader of Planetary Gaia Guardians



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