“Why Still Division?” by Stefan – 5.15.21


Entry Submitted by Stefan at 1:22 AM EDT on May 15, 2021

Dear Dinarland community, dear patriots, nice that you have time for me again!

The question of the week, isn’t it? I mean with the question also certainly not the people in the USA or in Russia, here I am sure that the division for days, weeks and months is reduced, and/or there was hardly division of the population in Russia. Hardly anyone believes the MSM in America any more anyway, because they pull out a card for themselves every day from their house of cards made of lies. It will soon collapse and with it all the jobs, all the incomes, all the perks, basically the 30 pieces of silver for which the media workers betrayed their own countrymen. I can’t wait for the day, it will come!

If we can believe the information (I do) that all but a few of the DUMBS worldwide have been purged, destroyed, or are under Alliance control, it suddenly makes an awful lot of sense that we waited in vain last year for all the predictions and data we were being fed by alternative media, don’t you think? Imagine if we had gotten our exchange dates while monsters were still lurking below us. How long would we have been able to build a new world unscathed? Even though these were and still are difficult times for many of us, mitigating what was originally a deadly pandemic and using it as a curtain raiser for covert, military operations around the world clearly belongs in the history books as a brilliant stroke of genius. I don’t want to know what it took in terms of coordination, logistics, nerves, and lives. As I have said before, the victims, wherever they lost their lives, will be forever revered as true heroes and we will never forget them.

I also relate the title of this post more to Europe, or Germany. Although you can literally feel that something is happening for the better, divisions are becoming more and more. Just now everyone should come together and focus on commonalities instead of differences, right? No, the remaining dark energies have come up with something new: Corona believers against Corona deniers. Mask wearers against mask deniers and a more and more dwindling narrative of a worldwide pandemic, it is now called vaccinated against unvaccinated. And again all the dividers come out of their holes and do what they always do. I myself am really not sure, especially since I have been confronted with incidents in my personal environment that could justify or prove harm by vaccinated people. On the other hand, I recognize a new fear porn here, and I don’t like to fall into fears anymore. Fear eats logical thinking and paralyzes.

Is this a new test for patriots? Those who have so far more or less stayed out of all quarrels and disagreements, remained neutral, resisted attempts to divide, may now fall into a well-set, sophisticated trap. Insecurity is not a bad thing at first; it only becomes a danger for someone when it tips to the wrong side. Namely on the fear side. I’ve read and heard a lot in the last few days about this new “danger” to patriots, read a lot of advice on how to protect myself from this danger. You know what I have missed in all these posts and reports? Objectivity and a little foresight on the part of the authors! Could it really be that our Creator is allowing us to be endangered this time? After he has made sure that a “virus” is not as deadly as originally planned? He has already saved us several times from a nuclear apocalypse planned by the Deep State? If the vaccinated really die and infect all the unvaccinated as superspreaders beforehand, who will be left? Surely there are only these two parties.

I think we should stop playing this game, the game of division. Every normal thinking person and especially patriots recognize this from afar. And every single one of us has a responsibility first of all for himself, then for others. Why can’t we just trust in the Creator, the Alliance, the White Hats? It’s not easy after all that many of us have been through and are still going through, but why don’t we try something we haven’t done before? Trust and believe! Everything else we’ve done so far hasn’t worked, has it? Discuss? Clarify? Prove? It is a law of nature that if I do the same thing over and over again, I will get the same result. So why not put all doubts aside and trust in the creator? That is something different and will certainly be rewarded with a different result. Yes, rewarded!

The new world, the new age will compensate us for everything we have taken upon ourselves. More than compensate! Us and all generations before us. They watch over us anyway and sometimes they also interact with us, our ancestors. Certainly one or the other has already made experiences in this direction. Our ancestors are already proud of us, we make them even more proud. So please, let’s stop falling into doubts, fears, worries, panic, discouragement, mistrust, etc. over and over again. Let’s rather start every day from today with a smile and say to ourselves: “Today will be a good day, a beautiful day, I can already smell the positive!” Then we take one deep breath and exhale, and start the good day. And in the evening we thank our Creator for all the beautiful things we have experienced. Even if it was just a ray of sunshine or just a smile that was given to us. “Come on, man!” 🙂


“Once we become really aware that it is only
solely on our inner attitude, on our evaluations, lies,
how beautiful (or not beautiful) our life is.
When we realize that we unconsciously create our reality
ourselves with our thinking.
And when we realize that our thinking, our attitude,
our evaluation ~ that all this can be changed by us.
Then we have found the creative power within us!”

Excerpt from

WWG1WGA! Mani wastete yo!

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