Willie’s Truth Call “Stay Informed Q&A” Tonight at 9 PM EDT 5-17-21


This may be our last week of posting on IDC. We suggest that if you haven’t already written Willie’s Truth Call numbers and schedule out posted below, you do so this week in case our schedule is no longer listed here. Conference calls will continue until the official announcement and then brother Willie will take a 2 week break as we all will need to get organized during the disclosure period. The next following Monday after the break we will meet again briefly so brother Willie can update us. Following the update hopefully that next Monday brother Willie will have a special guest to educate us on asset protection and security using a Common Law Irrevocable Living Business Trust which will be needed for ALL with the wealth that will be returned and given to us. You do NOT want to use any trusts under the old system statutory laws after we come under the new QFS. Brother Willie will explain more. We suggest in order to stay informed please keep active on our evening calls throughout this period ask your questions and we will do our best to keep you informed.

“THIS WILL SOON BE OVER…just hang on a bit longer”

If you open your heart and let the LIGHT in, LOVE will conquer everything! Even in your darkest days there is a way to turn everything around. SHARE THE TRUTH…It is your ONLY survival next to LOVE! TRUTH and LOVE conquers ALL!

“What is taking place right now is unfolding just like brother Willie has told us over the years. A bit slower then we all anticipated but it was needed. NO ONE knew the depth of this evil and their corruption. Be patient…it is coming!”

The TRUTH will fill your heart! Come gather with us TONIGHT for a LIVE Q & A!


This call is like NO OTHER out there! Even our participants tell us that. You’ve said over and over you are tired of the lies from the gurus. Then why not listen to some TRUTH TONIGHT from a well respected gentleman that wears his honesty and integrity on his sleeve and has 25+ years knowledge with The Plan! Ask your questions and get the FACTS. Most that make the attempt to try us for their 1st time get hooked because there is no BS running thru this platform and they now are part of our TRUTH family!!We will continue with this message as there is nothing more that needs said…BUT your questions NEED to be answered!! It is being said our time has come and this COULD roll out any second, any minute, hour or days…NO ONE except our CREATOR and his selected few trusted individuals knows the timing.

Let’s get ALL your questions answered TONIGHT!!Time is of the essence! Many new callers are stepping out and being brave to share. There is nothing to be scared about. Of ALL the calls THIS call is Divinely protected and so are YOU. Brother Willie doesn’t bite. He is fair and honest and wears his integrity on his sleeve. Some very high placed individuals are monitoring each and every call. You are in the RIGHT place to get your questions answered.

Our days are getting numbered to get your questions answered! Be brave and know that there is no dumb question as long as it is respectable to brother Willie and our listening audience.

It is DONE and it is in Our Creator Crexlan’s hands when the perfect time to reveal ALL to us. This is about LOVE. LIGHT is LOVE! TRUTH is LOVE! There is a love wave (flash) coming that will help each of us accept what will be shown to us without fear and chaos. Remember he wants LOVE in our heart. Think of it this way…we are watching the trailers to the movie right now to prepare us dribble by dribble. The movie has not started yet but when it does and the curtain opens…the fireworks will begin!! It will seem like a fiction movie to some but to us that know MOST of the TRUTH we need to be there to comfort those and help then in this time of change.

In HIS perfect time HE will show ALL!

Glory, Glory Hallelujah His TRUTH is Marching

If we are able to gather tonight it will be necessary for you to get in EARLY TO ASK YOUR QUESTIONS! Don’t be shy. Get in and get your questions answered!! Time is the essence!! No question is off limits as long as it is respectful to our listening audience and brother Willie. *6 will put you in the queue to ask your questions.”

Soon our chains will be gone and we will be set free with UNENDING LOVE and AMAZING GRACE”

All praise to our CREATOR!!!

At this time we ask you to focus your prayers and meditation on our President and ALL Alliances and Forces on all levels battling this evil for us. IT IS CRITICAL brothers and sisters. We thank you ALL for saving us and our beautiful planet. Your continued commitment and service will never be forgotten.

NO ONE WILL KNOW THE EXACT DAY OR HOUR except Our Creator Crexlan and a few trusted high sources and they will NOT reveal this to anyone prior to a release. It will be on HIS time which is the perfect time for us! THIS IS CLASSIFIED PLAN and you are given the bread crumbs so to speak.

SEE YOU MONDAY – Friday at 9 PM EDT/ 8 PM Central

(If for any reason particular websites are down or you can’t get an update and the public announcement has been made via emergency broadcast, brother Willie will take two weeks off because we all will need this time to organize after disclosure. He will be with us the following Monday after the blackout on Willie’s Truth Call regular schedule to update us all. He will not leave us without informing us!)


Willie’s Truth Call
Monday thru Friday 9 PM EDT/8 PM Central
Dial in Conference Call #: 605-313-5152 access code 814068#
Replay #: 605-313-5153 access code 814068#
》》NEW BACKUP # 978-910-2640 and follow the prompts
Archive call link:

Come gather with us this week Monday – Friday 9 PM EDT/8 PM Central

*******Where TRUTH and LOVE Prevails*******


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