“You are a Vibrational Body First, and a Human Instrument Second (Part 2)” by Jai Guru Dev – 5.17.21


Entry Submitted by Jai Guru Dev at 3:04 PM EDT on May 17, 2021

The old school of thought that matter creates the mind has finally been corrected by quantum physics. The opposite is more accurate, it is actually mind that creates matter. “The reality we observe is determined by our act of observation.” It is our observation (a mental process) that causes the ‘collapsing of the wave function’, turning virtual (non-physical) particles of pure potentiality into physical particles (matter). 

It is time to change our thinking, to change our focus from our current ego-consciousness based in materiality to a spirit-consciousness based in vibrational waves. We are more than the human identity existing only for seventy-two years (on average), in physical form. We are multifaceted interdimensional beings housed in a human instrument.  Our ‘act of observation’ has far more power if focused from a vibrational standpoint as opposed to a physical standpoint. 

Vibrational laws are indeed far more relevant than physical laws, yet we have been conditioned into a consciousness based on physical as opposed to vibrational thinking. So how do we shift to vibrational thinking? 

Seeker: “If I truly believe that I am a fragment of First Source imbued with Its capabilities yet I don’t seem to have Its capabilities. I can’t turn water into wine or even cause the bald patches on my head to regrow.” 

Guide: “You have only just begun the first step. Whilst it is well within your ability to turn water into wine or regrow your hair if you truly believed you could, you have been conditioned into believing it is impossible. On an unconscious level you still believe this to be improbable. The work you need to do is to change these subconscious beliefs until you truly believe these things are possible.” 

Seeker: “How do I do that?” 

Guide: “It appears that you have integrated the first step into your consciousness, that you realise that you have far more potential than is conceivable by your mind. It is now time to reframe your thinking process with a new paradigm. That in order to become more, you need to have a consciousness more in line with the creative forces of this universe.” 


Seeker: “And what is that?” 

Guide: “This universe was created through vibrations. Light, sound and indeed everything in this universe is a result of a vibrational construct.  

Seeker: “Is light or photons not the creative force behind reality?” 

Guide: “That is accurate in terms of the physical manifestation. The reality you observe is a construct of what is known in some circles as the Light Encoded Reality Matrix, or LERM. The physical manifestation is indeed a result of ‘collapsing the wave’ of virtual particles (photons at their subtlest measurable form), into physical matter. But even photons are vibrations of a more primordial energy source.
“And God said let there be light, and there was light.” 
Genesis 1:3 

‘In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” John 1:1.  

“The Word became flesh and made His dwelling among us.” John 1:14.  

“The Imperishable is AUM, and it is ‘all this’. All this, whatever is visible, whatever is cognisable, whatever can come within the purview of sense-perception, inference or verbal testimony, whatever can be comprehended under the single term, creation all this is AUM.” – Mandukya Upanishador  


This simply highlights the fact that vibrations are subtler than photons. First Source exists in a no vibrational state but created different dimensions of existence in order to become more. Each of those dimensions can be seen as different vibrational states.  

The further away from First Source, the slower the vibration. But still it is the ‘Word’ that created these states of existence. The ‘Word’ was the first vibration, a causal vibration that eventually slowed down in frequency until it created all dimensions of existence. Your human instrument perceives only the lowest state of creation through its five senses. 

The physicality we perceive is indeed a Light Encoded Reality Matrix. What is not generally known is that we do indeed have scientific experimentation that can measure the Light Encoded Reality Matrix. What our instrumentation cannot measure is the causal energy behind LERM. 

Fortunately, there are human instruments, both in the scientific as well as the mystic circles who have the ability to transcend the limitations of the five senses and the technology that our five senses have developed. They realise that beyond light is the ‘Word’ or sound, or vibrations. This is the causal energy of light (photons). 

In 2009 Researchers at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California successfully converted sound waves to light radiation. Your cell phone converts electricity into sound and the researchers reversed this process and were able to create light from sound.  

Pure light energy has no mass and is not part of this physical reality. This pure-state energy is segmented into octaves of vibration. The subtler the vibration (the higher the frequency), the purer it is. The grosser the vibration (the lower the frequency), the less pure.” 

Seeker: “I am not sure that I follow.” 

Guide: “Perhaps relating physical matter to vibrations will clarify. Mainstream physics will tell you that matter consists of at least three states.; solid, liquid, gaseous.  

If we take water (liquid), it exists in a malleable free flowing state. Freeze water and you slow its vibrational (frequency) state down. It becomes solid. The molecules in the water slow down to such an extent that they solidify. If you heat up water (increase the frequency), the molecules vibrate at a much faster level and it becomes steam (gas) and evaporates.  

A fourth state (plasma) is now becoming accepted as a verifiable state of existence. The manifestation of plasma is best depicted by lightening or static electricity. This is simply molecules vibrating much faster than the gaseous state.” 


Seeker: “Are you are saying that pure light is slowed down in vibration until it manifests into a physical state, our human instrument?” 

Guide: “Simply put, yes. But it is far more complex than solids, liquids, gases and plasma. These are only the known states of the physical reality we observe and can measure. It is interesting to note that plasma only became recognised after man’s sojourns into the realms of quantum physics. 

Quantum physics has discovered a new dimension of existence where the laws of reality are being redefined. In this dimension the mind, so to speak, effects matter. The three main bodies that exist in this hologram we call reality are the physical (human instrument), emotional (astral), and mental bodies.  

Quantum research has split the atom into smaller and smaller units of energy (increased its frequency), until they have discovered the next dimension of our existence, the emotional or astral plane. Plasma is simply the energy system that is the bridge between these two dimensions. 

Quantum physics is a necessary step in mankind’s evolution, but it is simply the next step. In the future (linear time), new laws will be discovered that will supersede the current quantum theories. 

What is known by mystics and speculated by a few scientists, is that there are other vibrational states of existence beyond plasma. In terms of the human instrument, we have solids, liquids, gases and plasma. In terms of the astral or emotional body we have Od, (plasma being the physical manifestation of Od; the interface between physical and non-physical), Prana and Ether. In terms of the mental body, we have Akasha, Vanna and Asa.  

Pure light energy vibrates like music. It is the harmonics that sing like an orchestral choir, creating the reality that we observe. In you pilgrimage through matter, you are the conductor, choosing relevant harmonies from each one of the abovementioned energy systems, creating an opera from the ‘music of the spheres’ that depicts your unique journey.” 

Seeker: “It seems as if I have a lot of work to do, to try and understand the laws of all these new energy systems you spoke about in order to master them before I can utilise them. I don’t even know where to start looking.” 

Guide: Chuckles. “Once again you are thinking with the logic of the human instrument. Many of these laws are not available in mainstream literature, only for the perusal of those with access to arcane archives. And even these doctrines are extremely limited in their greater understanding of their workings. The vast majority of these laws are not even understood, never mind recorded.  GESARA is the event string that will usher in a new set of laws, a new understanding of how the universe works with a higher degree of accuracy. This will give you a higher degree of competency to create the ‘reality’ that you desire.

Without the implementation of GESARA you can begin to access these laws by ‘looking within.’  


All the answers are within. Gaining knowledge through studying doctrines as written in current literature should simply be a trigger for you to go beyond such doctrines. That is evolution. Knowing that there is more than that which is known. Challenging that which is known, to come up with deeper insights. 

These deeper insights lie within you. Look within.  

Your bible says, ‘Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and you shall find; knock, and it shall be opened to you:’ Mathews7:7.  This is surely a vibrational and not a physical law. When you are sincere in your quest, the Universe will respond accordingly. This is the domain of the vibrational laws yet to mapped by science, the laws of Od, Prana, Ether, Akasha, Vanna and Asa. 

But I can make it easier for you. All the states of your being, from the lowest level, a solid state, to the highest level, that of Asa, a purely vibrational state; all of these states are within the domain of your human consciousness. and are controlled by a vibrational frequency. Your thinking must be vibrationally and not physically based.  

Our current mainstream instrumentation can measure solid, liquid, gaseous and plasma states, and are able to indicate the existence of the Odic (lowest level of astral) state. There is no mainstream technology yet available that can measure the Prana, Ether, Akasha, Vanna or Asa states. Although our human instrument has access to all of these states, we only focus on solids, liquids, gases and plasma as a source of energy.  The med-beds are focused on drawing plasma into your body to heal your physical state. And they are not yet available to the mainstream population.

Hence it is almost impossible to consciously access information regarding the laws of these higher states. However, all of these states are simply different vibrational frequencies. You need to focus on understanding the laws of vibration, as vibrations are the common denominator that power these different states of being.” 

Seeker: “So you are saying if I follow vibrationally laws, I can master the physical?” 

Guide: “In a manner of speaking Yes. Each kingdom or state of energy has specific laws assigned to that kingdom or state. But the under-pinning law of each energy state is a vibration.  Vibrations are the fuel of creation. By understanding vibrations, one has a greater understanding of the human instrument and the different bodies housed in the human instrument. 

However even the vibrational laws that are known to the genetic mind of man are simply a shadow of ‘All That Is’. Yet they are all we have as measured by the consciousness of all human instruments. They are however a rung on the ladder on which we must climb. It is only by mastering the rung we are standing on that we can begin to see the next rung in the mists above.  

Seeker: “As we are Divine Sparks housed in a human instrument. can we access any information thought or created by any human instrument at any time in any aspect of creation?” 


Guide: “Exactly. And in the physical manifestation of the known three bodies, your physical, emotional and mental, each one of these bodies are vibrational constructs. I put to you that even though these bodies are light encoded bodies, the light that encodes theses bodies is constructed of a subtler energy system far beyond all current measurement. Yet even this subtler energy system is a vibrational force. 

Mankind has reached a stage in its evolution where individuals are shifting their thinking patterns from a physical, to a vibrational understanding of the physical universe. This is ironically a result not of the mystics, but of the scientists, quantum logic to be more precise.  

For you to have more control of your journey through matter, it is imperative that your thinking is vibrationally and not purely physically orientated. You are a vibrationally body first, and a human instrument second. 

As vibrational energies are the creative force of matter, they have far more power of affecting matter than trying to affect matter with only physical means. It is an axiomatic truth reflected in the axiom that the ‘subtle affects the gross.’” 

Seeker: “If Prana or Asa, for example, are higher vibrational states, is there any way I can physically draw Prana or Asa into my human instrument. Surely by drawing these energies into my body my thinking and behaviour would be of a higher level?” 

Guide: “You are correct in your assumption. The simplest and most effective way of drawing prana into your body is to charge your food or drink (specifically water) with an instruction.” 

Seeker: “How do I do that?” 

Guide: “The effect is very similar to people who bless their food before they eat. A Kirlian camera measures the energy/aura around physical objects. When a plate of food was measured with the camera, there was a distinct aura around that plate food. If that plate of food was blessed, then the energy/aura around the food increased significantly. Whether Christians, Muslims, Jews or Buddhists blessed the food, the result was the same. The aura was bigger and brighter, suggesting more energy in that food. This is a case of energising that food with prana. 

The energy increase that was measured in the food is a direct result of the human instrument channelling prana into the physical through their focussed intent regardless of which belief system they have. 

I suggest that instead of just giving thanks for the food, you ‘bless’ the food with a specific instruction. Instruct the food/liquid to give you more energy, or cure a disease within your body, or to attract the right romantic or financial opportunities in your life. 


The moment your mind focuses intent and purpose into the food/liquid, you generate prana (which has to obey your free will), into the food or liquid. This vibrationally changes the energy/aura of the food/liquid. When you ingest the food/liquid, you absorb the energy of your instruction into your human instrument and immediately start radiating that specific energy, creating a magnetic force that pulls that energy into your reality. Your human instrument pulls in the relevant information that effects the required behavioural/thinking changes to assist you to achieve the outcome relevant to that specific instruction.” 

Seeker: “Once again I have much to reflect upon. Thank you for your insight.” 

Guide: “I am just the effect of your sincere enquiry.” 

Seeker: “One more question.” 

Guide: “Your sincerity/motive is pure. Ask and ye shall receive, if it is within my capability to answer.” 

Seeker: “What is the effect of drawing Asa into my human instrument?” 

Guide: “Your human instrument houses all the vibrational frequencies of the manifestation. Asa is the highest vibration your human instrument can house. It is not a consciously measurable force, but nevertheless a force that enhances all the other vibrational states of being. Increasing your amplitude and frequency. Simply put, it greatly enhances your ability to do, to become more in line with the Divine directive, 

Seeker: “Is there any physical way I can increase the Asa in my human instrument?” 

Guide: “Please wait.” 

After a moment in time the guide answers. 


Guide: “I am allowed to answer this question as it is so simple, that only those of the right vibrational frequency will hear and experiment with it. 

The answer to your question is you can draw extra Asa into your human instrument by drinking dew. Although you draw Asa into your body naturally, one average size cup of dew will give you an extra year’s supply of Asa.” 

Seeker: “Dew? Are you kidding me?” 

Guide: “No, I am sincere. But the dew must be harvested before the sun shines on it. The moment the sun shines on it, the dew changes its properties.” 

Seeker: “How can this be so?” 

Guide: “In terms of harvesting the dew before sunlight the answer is simple. The sun shines directly onto the earth. The moon reflects the sun at 90 degrees. Electricity is a 90-degree reflection of magnetism and vice versa. One attracts, the other repels. Both energies are different aspect of the same system with opposite polarities. Sunlight changes the properties of dew which only occurs at night time, when the moon is dominant.  

Dew is the result of hydrogen returning from the exosphere back into the earth’s atmosphere and falling to the ground. The exosphere is the highest realms of space that physical matter can travel to. It is a known fact that the exosphere is constituted mainly of hydrogen atoms. The exosphere is the realm of higher dimensional vibrations.

To explain this concept further, I will highlight the inter-connectedness of every particle or every system.  

 As all matter originated from the different gaseous states, I will draw an analogy to the gasses we breathe. It is truer to say that the individual’s potential to generate original thought (the greatest creative force in the manifestation), is directly related to our ability to process the different gasses that we breathe. There are 5 different levels of thinking related to our breath and the gases we breathe in. 

  1. 78% Nitrogen – Allomatic thinking. (Controlled by the energies of the external environment). Reacting to situations imposed upon you. Involuntary thought. 
  2. 20% Oxygen – Automatic thinking. (Picking up on an idea and continuing it beyond your frame of reference). Involuntary thought. 
  3. 1% Hot Hydrogen – Inspired thinking. (Downloaded into the human instrument from higher realms). Involuntary thought 
  4. 0.8% Noble gases – Creative thinking. (When we exceed the current system of knowledge, music or art. Beyond the Genetic Mind).) Voluntary thought. 
  5. 0.2% Higher gases – Individualised Divine Spark thinking. (True original thought. Where we take current systems of understanding beyond anything known before.  

Unfortunately, the majority of people on this planet are trapped into level 1 and level 2 thinking only. A few can access level 3 thinking, and fewer still access level 4. Almost nobody has accessed level 5, yet it can and has been accessed. 


 As the hydrogen atoms escape the exosphere {the realm of Asana vibration), towards earth, they combine with oxygen to form water. But this is hot hydrogen, highly charged with noble and higher gasses. These highest vibrational gas stores Asa in the hydrogen molecule. 

The hydrogen imbued with noble and higher gases (Asa) collects oxygen and forms dew which is heavy enough to return to the earths ground, palatable for human consumption.  

Research will tell you that dew is a powerful fluid condenser. It collects and stores energy. Dew consists of highly charged hydrogen atoms that contain the vibration of Asa. Your body then absorbs its vibration and this subtly causes a vibrational ripple effect on all your states of being. Remember the axiom ‘the subtle affects the gross’. The Asa contained in dew has a subtle but profound effect on increasing all your states of consciousness.  

When the sun shines on dew, it changes its properties, releasing the Asa back into the exosphere, which is why it is critical to drink the dew before sunlight affects it. 

Seeker: “Are you saying drinking dew can transform me into a ‘godlike’ being?” 

Guide: “You are already a ‘godlike’ being. Drinking dew gives you access to more of that being, dependent on your current state of consciousness. Think of it as an amplifier of your ego identity it, will enhance the characteristics of appreciation, compassion, forgiveness humility and valour. And perhaps greatest of all, understanding.” 

Seeker: “So dew has the propensity for the vibrational energy to effect the physical body.” 

Guide: “Exactly.  It is important to note that the above two examples of vibrational laws simply draw more of the higher vibrations into your body. Imagine you are a radio transmitter and receiver.  It has simply boosted your capacity to receive and send radio transmissions. You still need to use your free will to send and receive messages. What it does is increase your capacity to send and receive messages further into all dimensions, thereby receiving a greater amount of energy /information of which you still have to act upon.” 

Seeker: “This is a whole new paradigm in my outlook. Once again I must retire to reflect.” 

Guide: “A good idea. You may go and reflect.  I suggest you also read up on the properties of vibrations, in particular soundwaves. It will help you in your quest to use vibrational thinking to enhance your ability to conquer matter.”

(6) Good Vibrations the Lost Studio Footage – YouTube

Jai Guru Dev


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