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The deterioration of security is hampering Iraq’s investments

Iraqi MPs have warned of the impact of the security decline in the country on the government’s plans in the investment sector and attracting foreign and Arab companies, stressing that the threat is no longer limited to ISIS attacks only, but that armed militias impose their hegemony in a number of cities, especially Baghdad, northern and western Iraq. Compound investor fears.

Parliamentarian, Nada Shaker Jawdat, said, “Although Iraq is a promising country for investment, and it needs to advance in the health, educational and other sectors in all, the absence of the security aspect led to the reluctance of investors to work in it.” She explained in a statement to a local radio, that “the repeated targeting and lack of control over the internal situation, the violation of external sovereignty and military parades, in addition to the language of threat and intimidation (referring to the armed factions), represented clear messages that led to a decline in investment in Iraq.”

The MP was surprised that the government did not disclose the parties behind the missile strikes, stressing that “it is unreasonable that the government has not yet determined the perpetrator and the reasons for the continued firing of rockets at vital and important places. In addition to this, ISIS activity on the outskirts of a number of governorates”, considering that All these factors negatively impacted companies ’investment in Iraq.

The decline in investment is not only dependent on the security file, but the armed parties and factions also affect the file, through their interference in the work of companies and their extortion, in order to obtain financial gains.

In turn, a member of the Parliamentary Economic and Investment Committee, Ali Saadoun, confirmed to Al-Arabi Al-Jadeed that “the economic situation is directly related to the security file, while capital, investors and companies are not ready to enter Iraq if there is no appropriate security environment,” pointing out that “that” “It requires the government to create the appropriate conditions to protect companies and prevent bargaining and extortion, which is exposed to it by political parties and armed groups, as many companies left Iraq because of the harassment.”

He pointed out that “the retreat of the security file is not borne by the government alone, but by political forces and parties, and dealing with the failure of the security aspect, the lack of weapons, the judiciary, and the remnants of ISIS, needs everyone’s cooperation with the government.”

However, the “Fatah Alliance”, the political wing of the “Popular Mobilization Forces,” held the government responsible for this security retreat and its negative effects on the investment file in the country.

The deputy of the coalition, Abbas Al-Zamili, told Al-Arabi Al-Jadeed that “the impact of harassment against investment companies in Iraq is clear in the investment file. The government is supposed to provide a safe environment for investors and investment companies, and to support that, but unfortunately there is government neglect of this file.” “.




He added, “The security file is part of the harassment that investors are subjected to, and it is a lot of harassment, including corruption, extortion and murderous red tape, as many projects were delayed and disrupted because of that. link

Things going quiet is good I think. Something is about to happen. That’s what I remember as a kid growing up. When I messed up mom made me go to my room until dad got home from work. When I heard him enter the house I was drop dead quiet cause soon something is about to go down.

No one knows if EID is over with or when it ends! There is total silence!

I am just baffled that suddenly, in 2021, no one knows exactly when EID ends. LOL! Maybe it’s just up to whoever is celebrating, kind of like our Christmas season. Does it begin in October, November or December? Does it end after Christmas, after New Year’s Day or after epiphany?

Just to let everyone know EID is longer according to customs and culture! For example in the USA we celebrate for 1 or 3 days and some take a week! The Eid al Adha will be July 19, 2021 to July 23,2021

FYI, spent some time researching Eid al Fitr & Eid al Adha; Eid al Fitr is a 3-day celebration that started Fri, 5/14, at sundown & ended 5/17 at sundown; Eid al Adha is a 4-day celebration. Hopefully, we’ll get some wonderful news by the end of the week, if not sooner.

A bombing targets a logistical convoy of the international coalition in southern Iraq




 On Tuesday, an official security source said that there had been an explosion targeting a logistical support convoy of the international coalition in southern Iraq.

The source told Shafaq News Agency, that an explosive device exploded targeting a logistical support convoy for the coalition as it passed through the Nasiriyah highway.

According to the source, the explosion did not leave any casualties in the ranks of the convoy, and it continued its march towards its intended destination. link

High oil prices increase Kurdistan’s share of the budget

A member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee confirmed that the Kurdistan Region has not yet set a date for a delegation visit to the federal capital, Baghdad. 

The deputy of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Shirwan Mirza, said in a special statement to PUKmedia , today, Tuesday, that a technical delegation from the Kurdistan region will visit Baghdad to discuss the mechanism for implementing Article (11) of the Federal Budget Law, indicating that the date of the delegation’s visit has not yet been determined. 

On the other hand, MP Shirwan Mirza confirmed that the increase in oil prices in global markets will affect the calculation of the Kurdistan Region’s share of the federal budget and increase the quantities of oil calculated in the budget law, indicating that the technical delegation that will visit Baghdad will also discuss agreement on the price of a barrel of oil to calculate the region’s share Is it according to what is in the budget law or according to its price in the markets? 

It is noteworthy that oil prices in world markets recorded a rise today, Tuesday, not reported since last March, as Brent crude futures increased 19 cents, equivalent to 0.3 percent to 69.65 dollars a barrel, while West Texas Intermediate crude rose 18 cents, or 0.3 percent, to 66.45. Dollars per barrel.   link

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