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Samson » May 19th, 2021

Postponement of the visit of the Kurdish delegation to Baghdad

13:37 – 19/05/2021

A source in the Kurdistan Regional Government revealed, on Wednesday, the postponement of the visit of the regional government delegation to Baghdad, which was scheduled to take place tomorrow, Thursday.

The source said in a statement to “the information”, that “the Kurdistan Regional Government has postponed the visit of its technical delegation to Baghdad, in order to complete the discussions on the mechanism for delivering oil.”

He added that “there are differences with the oil companies operating in the Kurdistan region, and because of them, the implementation of the budget agreement has been postponed until now.”

The source pointed out that “the Kurdish delegation will visit Baghdad next week with a delegation that includes 3 ministers and officials in the regional government to implement the budget agreement.”  LINK

Kurdish delegation to visit Baghdad Wednesday

11:18 – 17/05/2021

Member of the Parliament of the Kurdistan Region, Othman Karim, confirmed, on Monday, that a Kurdish delegation will arrive in Baghdad  Wednesday, to discuss the latest technical developments regarding the budget agreement.


Karim said in a statement to “the information”, “The delegation is likely to arrive in Baghdad next Wednesday and include a group of ministers and will meet with specialists in the federal government to understand the issue of the budget and the delivery of oil to Baghdad.”

He added that “despite the vote on the region’s share in the budget, the Kurdistan’s share of the budget has not yet been sent due to lack of agreement on the technical points of the budget agreement, but overall, the issue is still complicated.”

The Parliamentary Finance Committee confirmed, yesterday, Sunday, that the Kurdish delegation, which will visit Baghdad soon, will end the technical dispute between Baghdad and Erbil regarding oil prices. 


MilitiaMan » May 19th, 2021

The mechanism is the exchange rate in my view. They want what everyone wants. The transformation digitally is on going with the Arab Summit taking place through tomorrow.

I suspect the Kurds got the cart before the camel and needed to hold off until now.

The industrialists are getting ready for the same thing. When Iraq has everyone on board and compliance ready, they’ll jump start the reforms and fast, imo.


Look at the articles about massive amounts of materials needed. Steel, cement, rice, container ships full of items at the Port of Faw.

They are adding additional phases to the port to be able to handle the build out that is on the way. On the way. As in now there is no stopping it..

 In total over 500 bankers and central bankers are aware of this now. The digital roll out is the level playing field. It is the mechanism that will trigger a massive global change. imo 

So be at peace, as change is coming. The same day the Arab Summit started the UST had a chat too!! Get ready!!!  ~ MM

Ross » May 19th, 2021

Thanks for the clarification and encouragement. 

This however was my favorite line:  Get ready!!!     

Lol the only way I could be more ready is to start sleeping at the front door of my bank.

MilitiaMan » May 19th, 2021

That might be a good idea.(ROTFL)

Samson » May 19th, 2021

Nechirvan Barzani discloses “significant” external support for Erbil and Baghdad to resolve their differences

19th May, 2021


The President of Kurdistan Region, Nechirvan Barzani said on Wednesday that there is “great” international support for Erbil and Baghdad in order to solve the differences and pending issues between them, stressing the need to achieve political stability in the country in order to eliminate ISIS in the disputed areas.

President Barzani said in a speech during the (Unity and Constitution) conference in Erbil, “We are going through a sensitive phase, which is the stage of the Iraqi elections, and all parties are trying to rearrange themselves.” To overcome all problems in Baghdad.

Regarding the differences between Erbil and Baghdad, Barzani said: There is great political support for Baghdad and the region in addition to external support towards dealing with our problems with Iraq within the framework of the constitution, and for this we will continue our efforts.

The head of the region confirmed that the (UNAMI) mission in Iraq has played a positive role so far. In a letter to the United Nations, I requested, as the Kurdistan Region, to increase the role of its mission in addressing the differences between Baghdad and Erbil, from which we ultimately aim for the political stability of the country and without addressing the problems there will be no political stability. 

President Barzani went on to say that “the organization of ISIS in the so-called disputed areas is currently very effective and if we want to eliminate it, there must be political stability in the country.”  


MilitiaMan » May 19th, 2021

Ya think? lol There is a Digital Summit going on through tomorrow. The mechanism that Baghdad and Erbil are to disclose is about to reshape the way they do things and in a big way.. imo

 The world is watching and reacting now. imo There would not be 500 global bankers and Central Bankers over a two to three week period discussing digital clearing and compliance. That does not get done with out massive logistics.. imo

We are in a good place.. By the way. The CBI didn’t notify the Gazette prior to the devaluation.. Some food for thought.. ~ imo ~ MM

Source: Dinar Recaps


Don961 » May 19th, 2021

Parliamentary Finance, via NRT, explains the change in the price of the dollar

The Parliamentary Finance Committee clarified, on Tuesday, the possibility of changing the exchange rate of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar.

The committee’s rapporteur, Ahmed Al-Saffar, said, in response to a question by NRT , today (May 18, 2021), about “raising the price of the dollar that may continue for another 4 years,” he said, “The issue of the dollar price is a matter of the monetary policy of the Central Bank.” link

Source: Dinar Recaps


Just think thru why ISX is closed for an extended period, and today, the currency traders stopped trading because they know what’s coming and don’t want to get stuck on the wrong side of the equation. It was in a Post today!!! IMO …

Here’s another question. Anybody see any gold prices this week???….. Traders not trading. Market not trading, Gold not in play. Auctions…not happening. Follow the crumbs. IMO. …

And what’s happening this week???… Digital summit ….All good…. Stay the course!!… PETRA

FROM MilitiaMan: 

 “”a large number of industrialists will start operating their factories when they are allowed to open credits with a subsidized dollar.”” ….


Think about that. … “Also, selling subsidized dollars to industrialists on the condition that documents are opened through banks will greatly encourage the stalled factories and speed up their start-up, which ultimately leads to alleviating the unemployment problem that has become constantly exacerbated.” ….

They are going to a market economy. …. “The “industrial dollar” contributes to reviving the national product” ...

They are saying a rate change is coming.

 They are giving those that have the ability to create jobs letters of credit.. …. IMO ….

To add on to Petra and Pompey Pete conversation yesterday. …. This statement is very telling. “in addition to that traders are afraid of any sudden decisions that may lead to a decrease in the price of the dollar during this period.””

“Iraq is open to everyone and seeks balanced relations with all countries of the world in accordance with constant common interests and respect for sovereignty.” ….

I have not seen data on that specifically yet. But, they have the means to do so imo. ….. “Mr. Ammar al-Hakim called for a “greater Swedish role in Iraq in the economic and developmental fields.”” ….

Global.. See the picture. lol imo …. 

“”The merchants did not buy the US dollar from the local market except in small quantities after the Central Bank stopped conducting the auction as a result of the Eid holiday and stopped working hours until the 22nd of this month, which led to the dollar price not rising during this period.””

The kurds are to show up next week. That starts Sunday.. imo …


I mentioned the other day with Frank about somethings I found about VN. I was unable to make the call. Frank updated everyone on that. So lets see what happens with them. Their country is exploding and they are digitally capable now imo.. They’ll need to be able to trade just like everyone else in the new system.

The playing field will require communication.. Everyone will need similar hardware to trade. Hence the meetings have been on going.

The digital transformation is looking to be upon us.

The cryptos are getting sold off. Why? They have new competition most likely. Think about it. Every country in the word lets say have their own digital currency and that may require the usage?

O man.. cryptos are going south right now may be the trigger for us.. interesting.. ….MilitiaMan

Source: Dinar Recaps


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