Nick Fleming: Late Night RV/GCR Intel Update 5-18-21


Nicks Intel Update

Updates concerning the RV/GCR

05/18/2021 Late Night Update

Our military intel contact is confirming Mr. Fleming’s sources and Bruce’s sources reporting that THIS WEEK is still Trump and the military’s planned timing to initiate the shotgun start, the lower level T3-4A bond holders getting their initial 1% payouts by this Thu 20 May, and T4A/B notifications and start are planned for this Thu-Fri 20-21 May; T4B currency holders will receive 2% of their redemption-exchange proceeds on a debit card that already works in the QFS as of yesterday Mon 17 May;

. ..He confirmed Mr. Fleming’s sources that higher level bonds led by German bonds are set to start paying out from tonight Tue 18 May onward;

. ..He confirmed that the military interim govt is saying EVERYTHING NEEDS TO BE OUT THIS WEEK; and they are saying there will be no more interference allowed from DC Deep State politicians or bureaucrats because the RV/GCR release and NESARA roll out is officially in the hands of the military (DoD);

. ..He confirmed that everything is converging this Thu 20 May when lower level T3-4A bond holders have been told they would be paid their initial 1% payouts, when T4A/B are planned to be started with notifications & payouts & exchanges, and F&P & PP deliveries and payouts will be going out EN-MASSE at the same time–he said his info is the same as Bruce’s sources that Trump and the military want this started STILL THIS WEEK, SO PRAYERS FOR SUCCESSFUL START THIS WEEK ARE APPRECIATED!

[10:01 PM]

. ..He said that the QFS has been integrated with banks & financial institutions globally, and also with stocks and commodities exchanges, and as Bruce said, just under 4 million businesses that use credit card POS transactions have already been uplinked globally with the QFS–it’s ready to go;

. ..He confirmed that CMKX payouts and package deliveries were legally started 6 days ago on Thu 13 May to initiate the T3 adjudicated settlement payouts required legally to start all other F&P and PP (Farm Claims, Omega, etc, etc) payouts and deliveries still coming this week–he confirmed Mr. Fleming’s sources that as of yesterday Mon 17 May 226,000 CMKX payouts and package deliveries had been completed, and as MarkZ and Sheila (Al Hodges’ close friend and accd to MarkZ one of the most knowledgeable sources on CMKX and the GCR/RV release) said, all recipients are under TIGHT NDAs gag orders, so no one is talking about their receiving CMKX payouts;

. ..Our guy also had the same info that Bruce’s sources have that by tomorrow Wed 19 May 50% of CMKX deliveries and payouts are expected to be done, at which point T4A/B can be started by this Thu-Fri 20-21 May;

[10:01 PM]

. ..Our guy is confirming Mr. Fleming’s sources reporting that the release codes and authorization codes have already been entered into the QFS to start the shotgun start and exchanges by this Thu 20 May and that DoD is directing that the security codes be entered by Thu 20 May to start everything;

. ..Our guy said that the reasons that the shotgun start has not been initiated yet is that (1) legally CMKX payouts and deliveries of the last 6 days have had to reach 50% completion expected by tomorrow Wed 19 May and (2) there were 16,000+ global arrests of Deep State bad actors carried out today Tue 18 May to greatly weaken the Deep State before the shotgun start is initiated this week–from 10:13 pm EST last night Mon 17 May and early in the morning in the greatest global hotspot, in Israel and Gaza, bad actors were being taken out by white hat security forces; the Deep State had stirred up the Israel-Gaza conflict of the past 10 days because the Deep State could not get WW III going in Ukraine or Taiwan being beaten badly in those regions, so they had to attack Palestinians and Israelis through planned violence and rocket attacks (1300+ rockets so far) and Israeli retaliatory fire–all told the conflict has killed 213 Palestinians (including 58 children and 34 women!) and rockets have killed 10+ Israelis including 2 children–all this violence was completely avoidable.

[10:02 PM]

. ..So our guy said that the Deep State Rothschild-Rockefeller psychopaths in Israel who started the violence on both sides 10 days ago were given till 10:13 EST last night Mon 17 May (= 5:13 am Israel local time) by Trump, the DoD, and the Alliance to cease the killing, and these psychopaths were told that they would NOT be allowed to start a world war in Israel & Gaza to stave of the RV/GCR and GESARA, as they wanted to do; at 5:13 am local time today Tue 18 May these Deep State Freemason pedo-satanist psychopaths mainly on the Israeli side started getting arrested and taken out by special forces operators (including Mossad white hats–yes, there are also white hats in Mossad alongside black hat leaders, and they worked alongside other special forces operators to arrest and take out the Deep State psychopaths).

. ..Our guy confirmed Mr. Fleming’s sources that some time between now and August 2021 the military and Trump will implement a False Flag as the pretext to take down the fake Biden administration and remove it as a belligerent foreign (Deep State) power from USA soil–this source said, “The White House and or Capitol Building is where the false flag will occur. I’m just guessing but an event like that would activate the military and grab Biden, Harris, Pelosi and Members of the Congress before the dust settles. They could also use excuses about what happened to them.

[10:02 PM]

. .”The Military has been preparing secret something [a secret FF event] at both The White House and Capitol since January 2021. An event like that would literally bring the house down on all the criminals nationwide. We’ve seen pics and videos day and especially night [Citizen Journalists recording strange happenings at the Capitol Bldg and at the White House]. There’s no denying something’s up.”

. ..So our guy said keep the PLANNED SHOTGUN START THIS WEEK in prayer, and thank God the Deep State psychopaths are being violently PUSHED BACK, ARRESTED, and TAKEN OUT RIGHT NOW so that they CAN NO LONGER STOP OR DELAY THE RV/GCR and they CANNOT STEAL FROM YOUR ACCOUNTS POST-RV.


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