Nick Fleming: RV/GCR Telegram Call Partial Intel Notes 5-19-21



Nicks Intel Update

Updates concerning the RV/GCR

05/19/2021 Live Telegram Call


Mr Fleming will be doing a live broadcast at 8pm EST today Wednesday 19th May from the INTERNATIONAL FLEMING GROUP.

“Treasury Accounts”

It will be recorded and posted as usual

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05/19/2021 Podcast Partial Notes From Live Call




05/19/2021 Partial Notes From Live Call

The Role of US TREASURY in Our Redemption/Exchange Process

The UST has an integral role to play in our Redemption/Exchange Process which began in the early 70’s, with the dominance of the fiat USD, following Nixon’s shift in 1971. The UST stepped on to the world stage and took the position of “USD Peg” guaranteeing that when participating nations accepted foreign currencies that were qualified and pegged to the USD, they would never be at a loss. Prior to this commitment countries were unable to facilitate foreign trade due to the constant fluctuation of foreign currencies.
“Facilitating foreign trade” is the basic premise. But, the background goes much deeper. In order to manage this global safety net, the US Treasury had a brother/sister relationship with the owners of the GCA (Global Collateral Accounts) and used these assets to back their guarantee. The GCA actually back all international trade. This relationship was established through globally negotiated treaties–which have been renegotiated and altered through the years. Suffice to say, it’s this close hand-in-hand relationship which provides the confidence for participating nations to cooperate globally.

[7:00 PM]

The ZIMBABWE GOVERNMENT BONDS are a traded commodity, facilitated through negotiated treaty agreements, and with the oversight and control of the US Treasury. Along with these government bonds, the foreign currency that we hold, redeemed under a “contract rate” or a “negotiated rate” fall under the same description. The Redemption/Exchange Center Process, whether in a bank facility of military base, doesn’t matter; all participate in this same UST facilitated umbrella. This protects the global entities involved and protects the participants. Whether these participants are individual entities, or privately negotiated group, there’s no difference, the UST will facilitate this process.

Every wonder how the banks are able to “hold” these liquid, fully activated, private group and bond holder accounts? It’s done because the asset being accounted, is not actually in the hands of the bank, just a ghost of the account. It’s a mirror account – just to manage the closing process. Treasury will be stepping forward soon enough, we can know this is the case. Banks have zero money and the UST is the big dog in this hunt.

[7:00 PM]

We all have Treasury Direct Accounts, established at our birth, added to with each diploma, etc. These accounts have unique identifiers, first one given at the date of our birth and denoting the hospital and city/state where we were born and the date of our birth. These numbers always have meaning. The UST is designed to hold multiple accounts for each person. Across the board this will be the case, in every city, in every state, we’ll have a UST account established for this exchange. But for everyday business we’ll have an “everyday account” with a local bank. This is something that has been shared with those who have been involved in the development of this RV/GCR process and those who have already exchanged. Everyone has had UST involved from the beginning.

Bottom line, this Redemption/Exchange Process will be orchestrated like a fine-tuned-well-rehearsed production with players numbering in the thousands. It’s been years in the making.

[7:01 PM]

Our ability to participate as individuals (vs only private groups), is a great gift and a necessity. We’ll have the help to facilitate lifting this world out of poverty. We’ll have the numbers of people (100,000’s if not, millions) committed to cleaning this planet, rebuilding the world – and the people. It’s long past due.


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