Dinarland Highlights for May 19, 2021


Dinarland Highlights – 5.19.21

Mountain Goat


“…setting up a schedule for four years to normalize the exchange rates of the dollar is illogical and contains many inaccuracies…”

…They are not saying that the devalued rate of the dinar will remain for 4 years. The finance committee is apposing this move and says it will be subjected to “annual” evaluation…



[via PDK]

Bank rates are bouncing all over…Some rates disappeared altogether…not showing at all…Dong is still moving around on bank screens…I have seen screen shots from banking folks…rates are all over the place…this makes sense…they do not want us to know what is real and what is smoke…I believe these rates are “place holders”…they are doing a lot of testing…  I am hearing that contract rates on the dong may be close to $4.00 now…around the $3.80 rate? …remember…it’s all a rumor until we get to the banks…

I am hearing of lots of success moving money between different banking centers…and  with just a few small glitches they are now willing to move forward…and just deal with stuff as it comes up…I hope this is true…The game is afoot.

[How much farther has the rv gone this time compared to the past]

We have never been this far before….


Frank26 (KTFA)

[Community member bank story.]

Frank – About a month ago I told you IMO you should start asking your bank friends about the Iraqi dinar…I feel banks are now in the position where they are well advised/informed of what’s going on.  “W” lives in Jacksonville, Fl [Here’s his bank story]  I went to one of the managers  [Chase Bank] and went into the office…I closed the door behind me…I said I don’t want anyone to hear this conversation…I said I have some currency to later on exchange.  He said, ‘ok, what kind of currency…?’  I have dinars.  He looked at me with eyes open big.  I said, everything alright?  He said ‘yeah, yeah.‘  He starts typing on the computer…he said, ‘oh, we’ve been waiting for something to happen.  When something happens we will be ready for you.’  Frank – So he said they have been waiting for something to happen with the Iraqi dinar!? W – Yes.  Frank – Ok, continue.

[Bank Story Continued]

I asked what is the process?  He said, ‘the process is you come in, we go to the conference room and count the money and then we go to the teller and put the money in the bank and you got the money. Simple.’  Frank – So he gave you the procedure.  So when you are ready you bring your currency in, they take you to…the conference room, sit down with you, count it out and then they do the exchange?  W – they walk you to the teller, explain the situation and put in the money and you walk away.

[Bank Story Continued]

Frank – Not every bank in the Untied States of America is going to be involved in the exchange.  And for that matter not every bank that is going to be involved in the exchange knows everything right now. Most of the executive levels do know but it’s up to them on how much they allow to trickle down.  Question for W – Did you say [You have] ‘Iraqi dinars’ or did you just say ‘dinars’?  I told him ‘dinars’ but after told him ‘Iraqi dinars’ because remember out there there are different ‘dinars’.  Frank – That was Chase Bank in Jacksonville Florida…



Per my sources they are all saying we are in the window this week for the final release

Frank26 said…many people called and went to banks to order Dong and it’s no longer available. The Governor of the Central Bank of Vietnam has recalled the currency back to Vietnam. They’re recalling it for a reason.  Many countries are not ready but Vietnam is way ahead of the rest. I have heard from others the banks have stopped selling Vietnamese Dong.



Walkingstick (KTFA)

[via Guru Frank26]

[Everyone but Mustafa the governor [CBI] is talking about the exchange rate staying that way for the next 4 years?]

Liars!…you think I care about this “garbage”? These guys who have nothing to do with the monetary reform…these Iranian influence jerks that are trying to change stuff up you know very well they have no idea of what’s going on.  If you get Mustafa and he talks to you then it’s something for you to consider.


MilitiaMan (KTFA)

The mechanism is the exchange rate in my view. They want what everyone wants. The transformation digitally is on going with the Arab Summit taking place through tomorrow…When Iraq has everyone on board and compliance ready, they’ll jump start the reforms and f ast, imo…The digital roll out is the level playing field.  It is the mechanism that will trigger a massive global change. imo So be at peace, as change is coming….Get ready!!!

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