The Atlantis Report: How US Stimulus Created a Boom in China, will they Overtake the US?


The Atlantis Report
Premiered May 20, 2021

So Joe average American takes his 1,000 stimulus and buys a TV at Walmart. Walmart does not manufacture anything but resells TVs that they buy from China, that they mark up 25%, So 25% of the $1000 goes to Walmart ;and the balance $75, goes to China to pay Walmart’s cost for the TV. The stimulus is a great boom for China.

Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind.
Catch the wind.
Ride the Lightning.
Through the fire and the flames.

At -1% on the 10 yr TIPS, eventually China is going to send ALL THOSE dollars back to USA.

And that’s when we get a ‘boom’ in USA. A boom that ends in massive inflation.

Supply chains moved to China, because politics made it dangerous and almost impossible to operate in the USA. Thousands of laws, high taxes, lots of regulation make it impossible to navigate the economic landscape. Business is seen as evil. Better build it in China and import it.

With the woke idiots it has become even worse. These crusaders are completely useless for producing anything.

No company with brains will open or expand in the US with communists in control.


Joe’s policies of raising taxes and crushing regulation will only chase more business OUT of the US, as planned.

Corporate America is really corporate china , so don’t expect any loyalty from them at all.

The Americans in charge, including politicians, don’t care. They’re making lots of money. Everything they do is just for show to keep the people from realizing that the system doesn’t work.

China’s total GDP in 1980 was under $90 billion in current dollars. Today, it is over $12 trillion. The world has never seen such enormous economic growth in such a short time.

We made it easy for them. The US GAVE China a good part of our GDP by moving factories there in exchange for cheap labor. We HELPED China to build industry without borrowing. China got jobs for its dispossessed rural population, and technology exchanges with all those factories.

The Chinese think and plan on a time scale unknown in the west. Asked what he thought the effects were of the French Revolution (in 1789), a Chinese leader responded, ‘It’s too early to tell.’

World powers come and go. The US has had its turn and made a mess of it. We’ve squandered our advantages. We’ve spent trillions on pointless wars. Meanwhile, we’ve GIVEN China much of our industrial base in exchange for cheap labor. That destroyed our jobs base. At the same time, we’ve given them technology just so they would buy a few things from us.


China will be getting revenge on the west that treated it so badly.

We didn’t sell China the rope to hang us. We sent the rope factory to China so they could make it themselves.

The US has accelerated China’s rise by 50-100 years.


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